How the COVID-19 Pandemic Has Reshaped the Future of Home Design

dining room with plant decoration

Home sweet home. During the pandemic, our home has had to adapt to the new circumstances we have found ourselves in. It's a gym, office, restaurant, the cinema, school and more.

As many facilities were closed, most of us had to adjust our places to work from home, exercise in the garden, and organize our own BBQ evenings instead of going out.

Those shifts in our lifestyles might have created some new habits in our routine. Many people have made improvements to their houses, making them multi-purpose and safe.

Research shows that 70% of Americans have done small renovations in their household, with more planned for 2021 during the continuing pandemic.

Here are three ways how Covid-19 reshaped the future of home design.

Easy to Clean Surfaces

Covid-19 made us choose antimicrobial and easy to clean materials over the ones which fit our personal style. The most popular types with boosted popularity during the pandemic are copper and brass.

As they are the proud owners of antimicrobial properties, they are frequently used on kitchen cabinet handles and doorknobs.

We cannot forget that technology also helps us limit touching various knobs, handles, and more. Nowadays, we can install automated lights and voice-controlled smart devices, which will allow us to control everything from our smartphones.

People used the increased time spent at home to paint their walls with more nontoxic and eco-friendly solutions for lung health and changed their flooring to freshen up the interior.

As we might be a little bit hesitant when it comes to arranging a meeting with an installer during a worldwide pandemic, there are some brands that offer easy-to-install floor panels, which can be applied on your own.

If you are planning this type of renovation, you might want to check Integra Direct for some compelling options.

Multi-Purpose Spaces

Now rooms have more purposes than ever. While the dining area once might have been an area just to enjoy our meals now, it's also a virtual learning center or an office.

For some of us, the basement is not only a place to store things but also an at-home gym. People try to use the space they own as efficiently as possible.

That is why furniture with multiple functions is a real trend right now, and those are likely to gain even more popularity.

Many of us worked remotely during the pandemic, making desks and workspaces worth their weight in gold. Owners of home offices are lucky enough to have their own place of seclusion in their household during the day.

However, we could also see design ideas to incorporate desks into other rooms, which gained traction throughout the pandemic.

For those who decided on substantial house renovations during the pandemic, kitchens were also designed to incorporate more islands with built-in seating for additional working places.

Home Office Setups

multifunctional loft apartment

If you haven't worked at home before the covid-19 outbreak, this was probably a  shocker. A whole day in front of the screen, using a typical dining table and chair to work from, is not ideal.

Back pain and low concentration levels are two of the main complaints likely to be commented upon for those who weren’t prepared. Not to mention how challenging it is working remotely while taking care of your kids where silence is all we want.

These circumstances made some of us do a little bit of refurbishing to incorporate a desk into the design of our bedrooms, living rooms, or even basements. We would also try compelling desk variations to limit back pain and improve posture.

Standing desks or even desk cycles will be one of the biggest trends caused by Covid-19.

For sitting options, we definitely don't want to spend hours on a hard and unadjusted chair. This is why gaming chairs and armchair-like options have been at their prime since we had to start working remotely.

The Bottom Line

The Coronavirus pandemic has completely changed the way we perceive our personal space. Suddenly our bedroom is not just a room where we get some rest but also an office or even an at-home cinema.

We strive for multi-purpose furniture and plan our interiors smart to use every inch of it efficiently.

We might want to treat our homes as a safe fortress that protects us from all the scary gems. This is why investing in good quality material is key for creating healthy surroundings to live in.

Those might demand some in-depth renovations, but we all have some spare hours during the day as we no longer need to spend hours commuting to work while working remotely.

Why not spend this time and improve something about your home? Undoubtedly even small changes will ultimately improve your mood up and make these challenging times more enjoyable.

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