Moving Motivation for 2020: Are You Relocating For The Right Reasons?

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Moving abroad is one of those weighty life decisions that can make or break your life. Relocate for the right reasons, and you could live out your years in the perfect destination. Get it wrong, and you could soon slip into misery until you move back home. Even then, you’ll be pretty wounded by the time and expense the effort cost you. Either way; the decision to do this or not is sure to change the course of your life forever. 

When you break it down, though, we all have different reasons for taking this plunge. And, while it isn’t useful to say anyone’s quest to live abroad is less valid, there are wrong reasons for making the decision. You can find out what those are in-depth on sites like if you’re worried. Needless to say this list often includes –

  • Running away
  • Chasing the ‘perfect’ life
  • A general desire for change
  • Moving for a relationship (in most cases)

Relocating for the right reasons - woman looking out the window of the airplane when moving abroadThese aren’t the only wrong reasons for relocation, but they are the most pressing ones. And, they all have one thing in common – they hold the promise of a better life. That promise can only 

lead to disappointment. After all, moving abroad isn’t a quick fix. As such, if you fear any of the above may be the motivation behind your move, you may want to reconsider. 

But, as there are bad reasons, there are also right ones. And, those are what we’re going to focus on here. You may be dying to head to sites like to start your house hunt. But, hold fire for a moment, and ask yourself whether these right reasons are behind you.

You love the country

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It’s hard to imagine better motivation for moving abroad than love for a country. If you’ve visited a few times and can’t get enough, you stand a much better chance of being onto a winner. Admittedly, you can never know a country until you’ve lived there. There is still a risk of the glamour fading when this becomes your everyday. But, that firm foundation means there’s a good chance you’ll settle in. What’s more, choosing a country you know and love can lessen the culture shock. Visiting a few times should already have given you an understanding of local traditions. With a bit of luck, it’ll also help you develop a general understanding of the language. As such, you won’t be in for quite a change when you arrive, and that’ll make a huge difference to settling in. The main thing, though, is that you love that country enough to picture yourself living there. If you can imagine nothing better than waking up to those sights, there’s a good chance you’re onto a definite winner.

You have a job lined up

A lot of the problem with moving abroad is disillusionment. As mentioned above, people expect this to be the life changer they’ve been after. They think everything will be better once they move. In truth, though, it rarely is. The everyday grind is still in place, no matter your location. And, if you move without a job, worries about money and job seeking won’t take long to set in. That can certainly destroy the idealistic idea you had when you first moved. Nothing kills dreams faster than worries about money, after all. Let’s get real; life in this new country won’t look half as appealing when you can’t afford to eat. Equally, having to take a job you hate so that you can pay the bills will fast leave you missing your career back home. As such, the next RIGHT reason for relocation is having a job lined up. Of course, moving for work doesn’t suit everyone. There are no rules which say you have to accept a relocation you aren’t comfortable with. But, as can be seen from sites like, doing so can be fantastic for your career. What’s more, there’s a higher chance of success when you know you have something to move for. Rather than settling into the boredom which often creeps in, you’ll have a start date for your job before you proceed. That in itself will keep momentum of your move going. You’ll also then be able to walk into a ready-made set of friends and acquaintances who can keep loneliness at bay. And, as if that weren’t enough, you’ll still be doing a job you know and are comfortable with. Having that familiarity can be a tremendous comfort when everything else has changed so drastically.

You want to move closer to friends or family

More often than not, we move away from friends and family when we move abroad. That’s one of the main reasons why loneliness creeps in so fast. Even if you think it’s what you want, there’s no preparing for how bad it can feel when loved ones carry on without you. You won't be able to help but feel a little jealous at all those piccies of nights out without you. Hence why our last right relocation reason is moving closer to family and friends. It may be, for instance, that your parents and siblings moved abroad without you the moment you came of age. Or, perhaps your central friendship groups have been gained during travels. Either way, moving overseas so you can be closer to these people is a sure recipe for success. Much like with walking into a job, this will go a long way towards keeping that infamous loneliness at bay. Having loved ones already in the community can also help you to settle in. They can introduce you to local groups. They can help you integrate into friendship groups. They can even give you the lowdown on any cultural quirks you might not know about. And, all this can ensure this transition takes you half the time it would otherwise. So, if your family has been begging you to move closer, it might not be a bad idea to take their advice.