How Do You Care for a ‘Mother of Thousands’ Plant?

mother of thousands plant care

Houseplants make a big difference to a room. They look great and are a talking point, and many of them actively filter the air in the room as they take in carbon dioxide and expel oxygen.

Most houseplants are easy to grow – hence their popularity indoors – and among the most commonly seen are the various succulents.

The plant we are talking about here is a popular succulent that goes by the common name Mother of Thousands. Let’s have a look at it in more detail, and then talk about some tips on how to grow this pleasing and charming plant.

What is Mother of Thousands?

Mother of Thousands is a plant classified in the Bryophyllum genus. This classification also includes a plant called Mother of Millions.

They are similar in looks and colour and are closely related, but you can see the differences if you click that link and they are quite profound.

Mother of Thousands is one of the more popular succulents as not only is it easy to grow but it is an attractive plant that looks good in any setting.

Mother of Thousands is loved for its broad leaves, which grow in pairs and at 90 degrees from the next set thus enabling maximum light for all parts of the plant.

The edges of the leaves are characterised by the ridges, which are the part from which new plants emerge. These plantlets lend the plant itself a rather charming and unusual look as they form right around the edge of the leaf.

This is a plant you can grow in a variety of settings, and one that in its native Madagascar grows absolutely anywhere.

Why would you choose to grow succulents and, in particular why would you opt to cultivate Mother of Thousands? Different people have different reasons so let’s look at some benefits that people get from growing this enjoyable plant.

Why Grow Succulents?

newly planted mother of thousands

Succulents are different to your usual garden and household plants. This type of plant grows naturally in arid climates where rain is scarce. They store water in their leaves, and they use it when required.

There are many tips for growing succulents that can help you understand how these fascinating plants survive in conditions where others would find life simply impossible.

Mother of Thousands – like most succulents – enjoys bright sunlight but will also grow in places where there is lesser light. Perhaps move it into the light when you can to give it the best access to sunlight.

Where watering is concerned, succulents require water only when the soil is dry. The soil – and the container in which the plant is grown – needs to be of the type that drains easily as the plant does not like to sit in wet soil too long because it will rot the roots.

That’s really all there is to growing succulents, and in addition to the simplicity there’s the benefit of them being clean air plants which – although only minutely – help purify the air in the room.

Enjoy Your Houseplants

The medical evidence that growing plants is good for your health is overwhelming, and this applies to having houseplants around you as well as tending a garden.

Plants are satisfying to grow – especially when you start with a seed or a small plant – and it is rewarding when you see your Mother of Thousands start bearing those baby plants along the edge of the leaves.

Low maintenance and suited to any home, if you’re looking for a starter houseplant you can’t go wrong with Mother of Thousands, so start by getting your first plants now and see how you get on.

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