How to Get Scratches Out of Your Wood Floors

Get Scratches Out of Your Wood Floors

Wood floors add value and beauty to a home if they are well maintained. However, natural wood is at risk of watermarks, surface wear, and more profound damage.

You can limit the damage to your wood floors by using area rugs or not wearing shoes around the house. Unfortunately, despite your best efforts, scratches are almost always inevitable.

You can repair shallow scratches on your wood floor by using various do-it-yourself methods. Keep in mind that these at-home remedies only work best for surface scratches.

If a scratch mark has formed a deep indentation in the wood, consult a professional company like Relative Space for potential solutions.

Here are eight home remedies on how you can remove scratches from your beautiful wood floors:

1. Use Olive Oil and Lemon Juice

You can rehabilitate scratched or scuffed wood by polishing it using olive oil and lemon juice. This method is helpful for minor scratches, which haven't punctured the wood finish.

You can feel such scratches with your finger, but you won't notice any discoloration on the surface.

In a small dish, mix equal parts of olive oil and lemon juice. Dip a lint-free cloth in the mixture and rub it over the scratched area until you can't notice it anymore.

2. Color the Scratches

Sometimes, you may be dealing with scratches that have resulted in discoloration of your wood, but you can't feel a groove with your fingertip.

For such scratches, color them in with a shade that blends in with the wood. You can use colored pencils or markers. Wait for the coloring agent to dry, then cover the spot using varnish or wax.

3. Walnuts

Yes, one can use walnuts as a remedy for getting scratches out of wood floors. To use it, start by cracking the walnut, then rub the nut's meat in a circular motion over the scratch.

The aim is to get the oil to soak into the wood. For best results, warm the area using friction from your fingers, and go over it from different angles.

Give the scratched area some time for the oil to seep into the wood to darken the wood and heal the marks. Using a soft cloth, wipe down the wood. Your floor will look as good as new.

4. Black Tea Bag

Black tea is not only a tasty beverage, but you can use it for other purposes around the house as well. You can use it for cleaning. It is excellent for disguising scratches.

Bring water to a rolling boil on the stove and then steep seven black tea bags for 10-15 minutes. Let the water cool to room temperature.

Next, grab a cloth, deep it into the black tea and then apply a small amount over the scratched area. The tea contains Tannins, which enhance the wood's warm color and hide minor scratches.

To ensure you get the result you're looking for, start testing it on an inconspicuous spot.

5. Coffee Grounds

Using coffee grounds to get rid of scratches is best for darker wood. Mix used coffee grounds with ¼ cup vinegar and ¼ cup warm water to make a stain, which naturally fixes scratches.

Shake the mixture and let it steep for about one hour before using it.

When ready, rub it into the scratched area using a cloth and apply as often as you see fit. The result is a naturally fixed floor. For lighter woods, apply a quick coat.

On dark-wood scratches, let the coffee stain sit for an hour before wiping the excess away.

6. Use Iodine

For a mahogany finish, soak a cotton swab with iodine and apply it to the scratched area. For woods such as cherry or maple, which are light-coloured, mix 50-percent iodine with 50-percent denatured alcohol.

Dip a cotton swab inside the mixture and apply to the scratch using a fine brush and leave it to dry. You can buy iodine online or at your local drug stores.

7. Olive Oil & Baking Soda

Use a combination of olive oil and baking soda to remove scratches from wood floors. Start by vacuuming the floor to ensure the surface is free from dust particles.

Next, apply baking soda to the marred areas, and then moisten with a few drops of olive oil.

Give it five minutes to soak into the wood before using a soft sponge to buff gently. Finally, clean the area thoroughly using a damp cloth. Let it dry.

8. Use a Wood Stain

Use a Wood Stain

There are water-based, oil-based, gel, and other combinations of wood stains. You can use them to get rid of deep scratches. Oil-based stains are challenging to work with because they dry slowly, providing rich, enduring color.

Water-based stains come in a variety of shades. They are easy to apply and clean up. Gels don't penetrate, making them useful for previously painted wood. Combination stains are best suited for polyurethane finishes.

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