Everything Your Bedroom Needs to Be More Comfy and Relaxed

cozy and comfortable bedroom

Your bedroom should be the place where you feel cozy and chilled, and able to enjoy a refreshing night's sleep. While there are many different elements to the room, they should all contribute to this ultimate goal.

If anything is old, not working or out of place it will look and feel wrong. If you're in need of some guidance, this article will help you know how to make your bedroom more comfy and relaxed.

Get A New Bed Base And Mattress

Bed Base

Your current bed base may not be sturdy, and be uncomfortable to sleep on. If you don't replace it, you could develop unnecessary neck and back problems. They can be purchased in different sizes and styles, to suit your room's dimensions and decor.

The luxury versions are adjustable and feature wireless remotes for elevation.


There are many different types of mattresses: foam, pocket sprung or memory foam. Each one will provide a different degree of support depending on the type of sleeper you are (side/back/face down).

Memory foam mattress toppers (learn more) can help people with back problems or other medical issues. Pocket sprung versions are cheap and great for kids, whilst memory foam can heat up overnight.

Purchase Some New Bedding

Bedding is everything that you sleep on, including your pillows, duvet covers and sheets. It's purpose is to look stylish, keep you warm and allow you to get a good night's rest.

It's amazing how such simple purchases can utterly change the appearance of your bedroom.

If your pillows are flat, perhaps it is time to replace them. They range from feather or down to polyester filled (synthetic fiber), and from synthetic-filled to memory foam and cotton/bamboo.

Don't be afraid to try out the pillows in the shop before you buy – you'll need them to be firm enough for your personal needs and preferences.

Add A Rug Or Carpet To Your Wooden Floor


It may be you have a hard wooden floor that is cold to your feet at night. Rugs can be a great option because they are easy to remove and clean. It's also a cheaper option than buying a wall-to-wall carpet.

If you have a rug, make sure that it lays flat on the floor. If not, it could cause a tripping hazard – especially in the dark or if your eyesight is poor.

Make sure the rug ends at least 12 inches away from any furniture legs so there isn't any chance of tipping over chairs or tables too.


If you have an old bedroom carpet that is stained and worn, this could be your time to buy a new one. There are a wide variety of colors, designs and styles available.

This will help you either preserve the current look of the room or change it to match your most recent furniture and decorations.

Carpeting absorbs sound, keeping noise levels low within a room. This makes it perfect when babies are sleeping or if there are thin walls in the house.

Keep It Clean And Organized

Look online for cleaning guides, regularly dust your bedroom and hoover the floor. Try not to leave cups or plates lying around, or other items such as books, computer games or magazines.

Rather than leaving dirty clothes on the floor, keep them in a linen basket. Having an unmade bed is not only a bad look, but it can make the room feel messy too.

If you declutter the room it will feel more peaceful. Think about what makes up your bedroom – how much stuff do you have? Are there things in here that don't even belong?

It's all too easy to accumulate ‘stuff' that you never use, so try not to let this happen by decluttering regularly.


If you have a large room, partitioning can be a good way to create separate areas (e.g. for changing or a home office). You might achieve this using screens or drapes, and in turn the room will feel cozier than being an open space.

Block Out The Light And Noise

windows in the bedroom


Your bedroom may be facing the light or has light coming through the window, even in the winter months. If your room is too bright (especially early mornings) it will be sending the wrong message to your brain (i.e.”Wake up!”).

If you have young children who are light sleepers, this may not be the best idea for your bedroom.

A cheap solution would be to wear an eye mask each night, but blackout blinds are better still. If you only have bright lights in your bedroom, add some bedside lamps to make the room dimmer and more restful each evening.


It's very hard to relax when you can hear every noise from outside and inside your home. Perhaps you should buy some new UPVC windows if the seals are broken on the old ones.

If you have shutters fitted they could keep out both the light and some of the noise. The cheapest option is to wear earplugs, and you could alternatively purchase a white noise machine.

Improve The Air Quality

If you buy a humidifier, your bedroom will be more humid, which is great for your skin and hair. This also improves the air quality in your room as it reduces dust mites and relieves respiratory issues such as asthma or allergies.

Lavender oil not only helps you relax but it's known as being one of the best cures for insomnia. Just add five or six drops into some water next time you go to bed and enjoy its calming effects.

You now have the necessary tips to help you improve your bedroom. Once you've made some changes, you'll enjoy being there even more, and will enjoy peaceful sleep night after night.

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