10 Great Ideas to Make Your Rental Apartment Feel More Cozy


Spending your early 20s and 30s in a rental apartment is somewhat of a rite of passage.

More and more people are choosing to rent than buy simply because it gives them the liberty to move out on short notice.

For fear of losing the deposit, a lot of renters refrain from decorating their apartments.

But do you want to spend time in a place that doesn’t feel like your own? There are several ways you can decorate your rental home without upsetting your landlord.

Let’s get started.

1. Brighten Up with Wallpapers

Many landlords aren’t too keen on renters painting the apartment. And even if they do allow, they would probably want you to restore the original color when your lease is up.

And understandably, that sounds like a lot of work.

Rather than leaving the walls beige, you can brighten up the space with stick-on wallpaper. Wallpapers are back and better than ever.

They are available in a myriad of textures and colours, and you can easily peel them off when it’s time to leave.

2. Give Countertops Some Love

If you love cooking, then your studio apartment kitchen isn’t going to make you very happy. But don’t give up just yet.

You can make your kitchen countertops look fancier than they are. Similar to wallpaper, you can get peel and stick marble decals for the countertops.

3. Get Some Flora Friends

Nothing infuses life and freshness into a place better than live plants. And don’t worry if you’re not blessed with green fingers.

There are several indoor plants like Pothos, Aloe, and Snake plants that are really easy to keep alive. You can also hang up plants for an extra touch of charm.

4. Upgrade Outdated Lighting


Not to be dramatic, but the lighting fixtures in rental homes are often an abomination. They are outdated, damaged, and dirty.

You can do better than that. Swapping lighting fixtures is not as difficult as you might think. Find and install some that match your taste.

If new lighting fixtures are going to increase your electricity usage, it’s a good idea to compare electricity providers at this resource and switch to a better-suited energy plan.

5. Heard of Spackle?

Other than paint, tenants are never on board with hammering nails into the wall. But your apartment will look more personable with artwork and pictures.

Most times, landlords are okay with nails in the wall as long as you fix it afterward. And that’s where spackle comes in. You can easily fix any holes or cracks with this compound.

6. Command Strips Are Your BFFs

Whether you don’t trust yourself with a hammer or your strict landlord won’t allow any nails in the walls, you can still hang frames with command strips.

And the best part? They come off cleanly without leaving any residue behind.

7. Hang Up New Drapes

A lot of rental homes have those awful motel-esque vertical blinds. Carefully take down such blinds and replace them with new curtains or blinds to give your interiors an instant boost.

8. Introduce Textures with Rugs

Is the floor damaged or stained? While you won’t obviously replace the flooring, you can easily hide it with a vibrant rug.

Rugs are also a great way to introduce colour and textures in a room.

9. Replace Hardware

From furniture to cabinets, you can spruce anything up with new hardware.

10. Use Art To Your Advantage

If there are any ugly switchboards or any other eyesore fixtures on the walls, you can cover them up with strategically placed artwork.

Final Words

Interior decor is often considered frivolous, but it is beneficial in several ways other than just enhancing the aesthetic value of a space.

Decorating your home, even if it’s a rental apartment, can make you feel relaxed, grounded, and connected. And if you’re a social person, then it gives you an excellent opportunity to host dinner parties!

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