What Kind of Dog You Should Get Based on Your Personality

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They say dogs are like their owners – or maybe it is that the owners are like their dogs? Let's agree it works both ways. You have probably already taken several which-dog-should-I-get quizzes (thank you, Buzzfeed), but we shouldn’t put too much trust in them.

However, the whole process of getting a dog needs a much more reliable, thoughtful, and conscious approach. A dog's appearance in the house should not be treated as a purchase of another toy for a child or a tool to entertain yourself.

As soon as the puppy crosses the threshold, it will become a full-fledged member of your family.

How do you know which one of these adorable fluffy lumps of happiness you should get?

Choose Wisely

To become one with your pet, you should choose a puppy, taking into account your temperament and personality traits alongside the dog breed's character. We've used Four Temperament theory and dog info from https://www.europuppy.com/ to determine your perfect companion.


You are energetic and explosive, an active recreation enthusiast who wants to subdue everything around them.

You need a dog just as lively as you are, who will always be ready to run after your bike, be happy to accompany you on a hike, and have enough energy for all the games with children.

Choleric dogs quickly memorize commands, are incredibly loyal to their owners, and are always ready to protect them from strangers.

Almost all small and medium dog breeds belong to this type of temperament: Jack Russel Terrier, Fox Terrier, Toy Terrier, Poodle, Spitz, Pug, and most hunting dogs.

Sanguine People

You are an active person with a positive outlook on life. You love to travel and cannot live without communicating with other people. A dog with a balanced character will suit you most.

Sanguine dogs are moderately active. They will always be close to their owners but differ in the unpredictability of behavior. They often tend to be overcome by laziness.

Sanguine dogs include Labradors, Airedale Terriers, Great Danes, Bull Terriers, Dachshunds, Shih Tzu, Chihuahuas, and Shepherds.


You are a calm person, but you frequently tend to doubt your own actions. Your dog will be a terrible slacker, but you will love it for that.

Nevertheless, dogs with melancholic personalities are learning reluctantly and sometimes are too lazy to get up from the couch to walk.

You need to keep that in mind if you want to train your dog and teach it some commands – it will take some time and patience. Mostly these are large “folded” breeds: Mastiff, Saint Bernard, Cane Corso, Chinese Shar-Pei.


You live according to a plan, following established rules and patterns. Your decisions are always reasonable and risk-free. You are unlikely to get in a conflict with others while being determined to do great things.

Your dog needs to be motivated to do the actions, a confident and reliable companion. Consider a dog breed with a good memory, more or less calm, constant mood. These are the big Newfoundlands and the little Pekingese.

Consider Other Facts

Although it is very tempting to find a dog that will be your most faithful spirit animal and share all your moods, it is crucial to remember the factors that will ensure the dog's well-being, safety, and happiness.

So, if you think you found the right one, make sure to check out all the requirements and conditions of care for a specific dog breed.

Those factors include your living arrangements (not all dogs are suitable for apartments or houses), your financial situation, amount of free time, feeding, and specifics for the breed.

For example, it will be short-sighted to get a Husky (even if it perfectly matches your personality) if you live in an area when it is hot nearly the whole year, as they struggle to be in high temperatures for a long time.

Besides, one of the most important questions to answer yourself is, “Why do I need a new friend?”. Will it be a companion, a watchdog, a hunter, or a small sofa dog? Are all family members ready for a new tenant?

It would be best if you had these answers in advance, as the dog will demand everyone's respect and attention, and more importantly – your pet should not become a toy or a burden.


The experience of getting yourself a dog can be hardly compared to any other thing in life. Its whole path from a tiny puppy to an adult living being, with its own habits, food preferences, and moods, is so fascinating. It will amaze you every day of your life together!

Nevertheless, choosing a dog breed depending only on how beautiful it is would be a mistake. You should consider its temperament and how it will (or will not) put up with your personality.

Different dogs require different walks' durations and intensity, living conditions, frequency of bathing, etc.

You have to be aware of all of them and make sure you can provide your pet with responsible, proper care. Remember, you will not just get a dog. You will get a new friend that is happy to be around you.

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