What Toys Should My Baby & Toddler Have?


As a baby comes into this world, she begins to explore her surroundings. The best way to encourage her to interact is through toys! It’s probably the easiest of the ways.

But not every toy will be effective. She will begin to grow and her ability to perceive the environment will change and with that the nature, color and functionalities of the toys will also change.

You can also read the full toddler toy buying guide here in detail.

For now, we listed a few toys based on age that will help your child develop in a better and fun way.

Toys for Babies 0-12 Months


The early months of a baby’s life isn’t too active!

But she will get attracted to bright and vivid colors. She will try to suck, touch and move her body in all ways. Noise is also a top factor in toys for this age. A bit of squeaking or crinkling will get her interested.

Toys That Fit Best

  • Rattles are the most common and highly effective for their noises
  • Vibrant stuffed dolls or animals
  • Pictures of people, animals
  • Unbreakable mirrors
  • Squishy toys
  • Baby teethers for sucking and meeting the urge to bite
  • Pull toys (after 7 months)
  • Vehicles and cars with wheels (after 7 months)

Toys for 1-2 Year Old Toddlers


At this stage, your toddler will understand the cause and effect of things. He understands that when he throws a ball, it goes away.

They now have a nag to experiment with different things and see how they work. You can introduce more interactive and motion based toys to keep their fascination going.

Toys that fit best

  • Paper and crayons to draw their imagination
  • Toys that talk or make noises when they press a button
  • Small balls to throw or large balls to kick
  • Building blocks to make something new
  • Low climbing blocks or stairs
  • Themed toys resembling animals or human

Toys for 2-3 Year Old Toddlers


This is the time when your child will no longer stay satisfied with just handling a toy. She will want more. Oftentimes that ends up in imitating the actions of other people or even calling the sounds of certain animals she grew up watching. She will become a powerhouse of activity.

Toys That Fit Best

  • Stuffed dolls that make sounds (for girls specially)
  • Trucks and cars that runs on batteries (for boys specially)
  • More interactive puzzles
  • Construction toys like building blocks or railway tracks
  • Toys that resembles real life things like mobile, telephone, walkie talkie, TV and even computer

Toys for 3-6 Year Old Kids


Your child will have developed a tremendous learning ability by now. They are just on the verge to cross their toddler age and will no longer have fun in their old toys.

To make most of their learning skills, you should expose them to educational toys and things that will require a bit more brain power to interact.

Toys That Fit Best

  • Various forms of art supplies including crayons, Paint brushes, different types of paper and chalkboard
  • Complex building blocks
  • Toys with moveable parts like action figures or puppets
  • Small basketballs
  • Kids musical instruments like xylophones and keyboard
  • Remote control cars and trucks
  • Simple game boards

Toddler Outdoor Toys

Between 2-3 years mark, your toddler will become ready to play outdoors. And there are tons of toys that can meet their needs.

You can head over to Parentloves to find toddler outdoor toys and other essential baby items. Just make sure to match the age of the kid with the toy you are buying.

List of Outdoor Toys

  • Playhouse
  • Sandbox
  • Gardening toys sets to implant early love towards nature
  • Play tent
  • Tricycles for 3 year olds to learn biking skills
  • Trampoline to have fun together with the whole family
  • Water guns and water slide
  • Bikes and kid wagons

Final Words…

Toys are one of the most essential elements of a toddler’s life. You might think just about anything will do. But if you choose those toys wisely, your child’s mental development will have a massive boost. You never know what toy can really impact your baby in what ways.

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