Top 5 Best Space Heaters for Baby Rooms

If you live in a cold climate or an old house, you’re likely to be considering a space heater for your nursery. However, you read that space heaters account for many fires in US homes, and you're unsure whether you should get one.

I hope to give you the right advice without pushing you to buy a heater. Manufacturers are making heaters safer than ever, but if you decide to buy one, you'll need to be extra careful both with choosing and using the model.

I'll provide you with some good, secure models, and explain the technology behind them to help you find the best for your home.

Best Space Heaters for Baby Rooms: My Picks

Let's start with some solid suggestions. Below, you'll find five tried and tested models to keep your baby's room warm and safe.

1. Vornadobaby Tempa Nursery Heater

Vornadobaby Tempa Nursery Heater, White

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The design of this space heater caters to nurseries and keeps babies in mind. So, it provides a gentle heat flow to make the environment warm and cozy.


Vornadobaby's heater has several safety features to keep the unit secure for usage in nurseries. The surface stays cool to the touch, and the unit shuts down automatically if it falls or becomes too hot.

Also, the shape is great for toddlers – you won't find any sharp edges, and there's a cavity to place the cord in when you're not using it. Finally, there's a child lock, not allowing your toddler to change the settings you chose.

The unit features two heat settings, as well as a fan-only option to circulate the air around the room. Plus, there's a built-in thermostat to keep track of room temperature.

Customer Feedback

Parents love this lightweight nursery heater, which gives them a sense of safety and allows for a lot of flexibility in usage. When you take in the 5-year guarantee, they say it's worth buying.

The only issue was the loud click that the unit makes when you turn it on – if your baby is asleep, it will disturb the slumber.


  • Small, lightweight, portable
  • Many safety features
  • Excellent warranty
  • Silent
  • Has several handy options


  • No temperature guide with the unit
  • The audible click is inconvenient

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This ceramic heating element is a child-friendly unit designed to keep your baby's room in the perfect conditions while not disturbing the sleep.


Lasko's heater comes with two quiet settings and an automatic option to change its function once it reaches the ideal temperature. It also oscillates, circulating the air even more evenly through the room.

You'll also find an adjustable thermostat on the unit, as well as a digital display. Add the remote controller and built-in timer, and this heater becomes the prime example of efficiency.

When it comes to safety, the heater comes with overheating protection, shutting off if it becomes too hot. The ceramic surface keeps it cool to the touch, though.

Customer Feedback

The modern design of Lasko's unit is a joy to its users. They say that the thermostat is accurate and responsive, and love how convenient the usage is. Even the installation is super straightforward, with no assembly required.

However, the device lacks an automatic shut-off feature if it tips over, which is stressful.


  • Super quiet
  • Oscillating for even heat distribution
  • Small, portable, and space-saving
  • Remote control and timer


  • No tip-over automatic shut-off function
  • Prone to tipping over due to a tall shape

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3. DeLonghi Full Room Radiant Heater

De'Longhi DeLonghi TRD40615E Full Room Radiant Heater, 27.20 x 15.80 x 9.20, White

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This model by DeLonghi is another excellent option with safety in mind. As a bonus, it's an energy-efficient unit with a comfort temp technology.


The device will warm up any room effectively while saving money on electricity bills. All you need to do is choose the ComforTemp function, and it will maintain optimal temperature of the room. The unit produces radiant heat and ensures a low surface temperature.

Setting up and controlling the device is simple, using a panel with an adjustable thermostat and three heat settings. You won't need to pay much attention to maintenance, as the oil system comes with a permanent seal, requiring no refilling whatsoever.

When it comes to safety, the device will shut down if it gets tipped over or gets too hot. Plus, the design features no sharp edges, which is great for curious toddlers.

Customer Feedback

The main selling point of this device is its ease of usage. You won't need to think about changing the settings, and the assembly is super simple. It also saves energy and asks for no maintenance, making it the ideal device for keeping your mind at ease.

However, the radiator can get hot to touch before it shuts off, and as with the previous model, there's a loud click when it starts working.


  • Straightforward, safe usage
  • Energy-efficiency
  • Excellent design
  • No pre-assembly required
  • Low noise levels


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4. Dyson's Hot & Cool Jet Focus

Dyson (61874-01) Hot + Cool Jet Focus AM09 Fan Heater White/Silver

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This option brought by Dyson doubles as a cooler, making it usable all year round and one of the best options on the market.


Not only is this unit multi-functional, but its design moves the air through the room with ease. By doing so, it creates an even, comfy area for the baby. The head oscillates, distributing the effect equally all around the room.

The model also comes with a thermostat, allowing you to monitor the room temperature and keep the energy usage as low as possible.

Safety is another of Dyson's prominent features. No heating elements are exposed in the design, and there's no traditional bladed-fan. The automatic shutdown feature ensures it will shut down if it falls.

Customer Feedback

Parents find this device invaluable for keeping both their babies and themselves comfortable. Many say they haven't looked back since they started using it – the portable, easy to use unit is fantastic.

However, if you lose the remote, you'll need to get a new one, as there are no buttons on the device itself. It's also quite noisy compared to the alternatives.


  • Multi-purpose unit
  • Safe design
  • The thermostat and remote control
  • Equal heat distribution
  • Compact, space-saving


  • Only operable by remote
  • Noisy

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5. Dr. Infrared Space Heater

Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater, 1500-Watt

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The design of this unit makes it feel more like a piece of furniture than a heating device. As such, it's excellent for all around the house – including the nursery.


The assembly is quite powerful and comes with a thermostat and a programmable element, allowing you to set your preferred temperature and the unit to do the rest of the work. So, it's energy-efficient and makes you have to think and stress less about it.

You can change the desired setting using the remote control, but for added safety, this is only possible when the device is already on. There's an automatic shut off feature if it falls over or has been operating for more than 12 hours.

Customer Feedback

The customers who used this device love its looks and ease of usage. It becomes a part of your home rather than a tool you need to think about all the time.

The chief complaint was its weight – it's not as easy to move around, making it less flexible than the other models I mentioned.


  • Beautiful, unobtrusive design
  • Heats evenly and quickly
  • Comes with a remote
  • Safe to use


  • Cumbersome and challenging to move
  • Doesn't oscillate

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Features to Look for in a Space Heater

Space heaters have existed and been in use for over 50 years now. There used to be problems with how they worked, though. It’s mostly their fault that people are afraid to use these devices nowadays, although those of today are much safer.

Besides your baby room, over the winter, your bathroom may also get cold. You might be tempted to turn on your central heating just to keep you warm in a small room or single area such as your basement. Instead of using power and resources to heat up the whole home, you can buy a small heater that can heat your bathroom efficiently. Please visit to find the best space heater for your bathroom.

So, let's take a look at the essential features of modern space heaters to help you choose the best model.


When it comes to the technology used in the space heater, convection heating is the most common type.

Ceramic and electric heaters are of this kind. They take more time to warm up space, but they distribute heat more evenly than radiant heaters, which are great for spot warming. Finally, there's the micathermic variety, combining the two.


Depending on your needs, you will look for different design features in your device. Some are space-saving, noise-reducing, and easy to install. The best kind combines all these features.

Floor heaters are the best for small rooms. They don't take up a lot of space, and you can carry them around. The most important thing to consider is that the design doesn't allow the device to tip over in your baby's room.

Size and Heating Capacity

The bigger a heater you choose, the more considerable its heating capacity will be. If you need to warm up big rooms, try to find a bigger model, but remember that it will impact your energy bills.


Heaters that come with fans make noise while they're on, while fanless kinds come with the silent option. The micathermic type I mentioned is the quietest type, which will serve you if you keep the device on while putting your baby to bed.


Of course, the comfort and safety of your baby have no price tag. Still, the price can be the deciding factor if you're looking at equal options.

Remember that the cost of the heater doesn't end with its price tag. Life expectancy, how much energy it uses, and installation charges all count in the final price.

FAQs About Space Heaters for Babies

Finally, let's answer some common questions about space heaters in the context of using them in nurseries.

1. Why Use Room Heaters in Nurseries?

Keeping the nursery warm is a matter of health and comfort when you have a newborn or a toddler. Babies can't regulate their body heat as well as adults and lose heat quickly. They also have very little body fat to insulate their bodies.

Dressing them up and wrapping them in blankets does the job, but it's easy to overdo it and make it cumbersome and uncomfortable for your baby.

Using a space heater helps you ensure the room stays in the right zone of warmth without cranking up the house heater. Ultimately, it adds to the comfort and saves money on bills while keeping your baby cozy and healthy.

2. Are Space Heaters Safe for Nurseries?

If you use them properly, most models of space heaters will be safe for nurseries. It's vital to choose a heater analyzed and checked by the ETL, though. Moreover, for extra security, switch it off when you're not in the room.

If you're using it to warm the room for bedtime, do so before you put your baby to sleep. Don't leave it on during the night, but instead close the door, shut the windows, and add blackout curtains to block the cold air from coming in the room.

3. How to Pick a Safe Space Heater?

Once you find several models of space heaters you like, check them against the following criteria to pick the right one:

  • Make sure there's an Underwriter's Laboratory label on the model.
  • Ideally, the device will have an automatic shut-off feature to turn itself off if it tips over.
  • If the heater comes with a plug for ground fault circuit interrupting, it's a bonus, as it will shut off in case of any electric failures.
  • The electric cord must be sturdy and of the right length.
  • Even while working, the device must be cold or lukewarm to the touch, so your baby doesn't get burned on it.
  • The device must come with a sturdy base.

Even if the model ticks all these boxes, never leave it on unsupervised. Even the manufacturer will warn against doing so.

4. Are Wall Heaters a Good Option?

In theory, yes. Wall heaters don't get tipped over as quickly as those you place on the floor, and your toddler won't be able to reach them.

However, wall heaters tend to warm up the walls, which could burn your baby if it gets too hot. So, check whether your heater does so and, if yes, add safety barriers around it.

5. When are Room Heaters Fire Hazards?

If you go for a low-quality heater model or you don't ensure you're using it correctly, it can become a real fire hazard.

To avoid doing so, be sure it has an auto turn-off mode if somebody tips it over. Keep the device in a combustible-free zone of 3 feet and out of reach of children.

Never leave them unsupervised, especially when there are children around, and make sure you perform regular check-ups on the heater.

By doing all this, you'll take advantage of the device without putting yourself and those you love at any risk.


Both the comfort and safety of your baby are of utmost importance. With the development of space heater technology, you no longer need to trade one for the other. Find the right product and put your little one to sleep with ease.

If you're still insecure about the device you chose, contact a tech. A professional will point you in the right direction and ensure that you made the right choice.


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