Top 5 Best Rock and Play Sleepers: Help Your Baby Sleep

Being a parent is a beautiful thing; in fact more beautiful when you have an infant. We always want them by our side, but at times, we get a bit tired. Babies demand the most attention, and as such, they won’t let us do a lot of things.

One thing in particular that we tend not to get most of is SLEEP. This is as a result of how much babies love to be rocked to sleep (or use the shush path method). So, we stay awake in order for our babies to get enough sleep. Sometimes, however, we might decide to make them sleep on their own, but we’ll still have to consider their safety.

Thankfully, there are many rock and play sleepers for babies that would help them sleep well, as well as you. This is because the vibrations of a bouncy seat are very calming and comforting to a baby. Below is a list of the best rock and play sleepers around that would help you make the best choice for your baby.

Best Rock and Play Sleepers: Top Picks

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The Fisher-Price Infant-to-toddler Rocker is a good solid rocker with bright colors and patterns. It provides your baby with a soothing place to sit and/or play. If you want a rock and play sleeper that will become a comfortable toddler seat as your kid grows up, then the Fisher-price Infant-to-toddler rocker is the best for you.


This rocker comes with a seat that rocks back and forth with just a gentle nudge. Quite beautifully, the rocker vibrates and plays music to keep your baby entertained all the time, which would significantly reduce the number of times your baby cries. The accessories on the toy bar are easy for your baby to play with, as the toy bar is positioned close to be baby’s face. Another amazing feature of the Fisher Price Infant-to-toddler is the removable toy bar, although this is because it has to be removed to get the baby in and out of the chair. It has a fold-out kickstand that stabilizes the chair for feeding. Its reposing seat, as earlier stated, grows with the baby from infant to toddler, which is basically up to 40lbs.


  • Removable toy bar
  • Portable and multi-functional
  • Stationery mode which is great for feeding and sleep
  • Rocking motion and lulling vibrations for comforting baby
  • Grows with child up to 40 pounds
  • Washable cover


  • The removable toy bar might seem inconvenient

Customer Sentiments

Unsurprisingly, many customers have given good reviews of this product on its ability to keep their babies safe and equally put them to sleep because of the comfort it offers.

However, there are other people who share the notion that their babies tend to lose the toys easily.

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2. Fisher-Price Rock and Play Bassinet

Fisher-Price Rock with Me Bassinet

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The Fisher-Price Rock and Play Bassinet is a cheap and easy option for a newborn bassinet. It is designed as a portable sleep environment for your baby, aged zero to six months, and it comes at a very affordable price.


This rock and play bassinet possesses a seat that rocks gently with a gentle push. Also, this product can be used in rocker mode, when the feet are unlocked, and stationary mode, when the feet are locked. Another amazing feature of this bassinet is its mirror and its soft removable toy which serves to entertain the baby.

Apart from all these, the Fisher-Price Rock and Play Bassinet has a mesh, breathable siding. Two features that will tickle your fancy are this product’s portability and easy storage. This is made possible because it can be folded flat.


  • Folds flat for portability
  • Rocks easily with a gentle push
  • Twist and lock feet for stationer use
  • See-through, breathable, mesh side panels
  • Machine washable pad
  • Mirror to entertain the baby
  • Soft and removable toy
  • It is convenient for travel


  • The mirror can be a distraction for the baby
  • Sometimes it shrinks when washed

Customer Sentiments

Most of the reviews on this product are good ones. Some customers say it is sturdy and compact, and it comes at a great price and great height.

Some other customers claim that the pad shrinks after washing, which is not god because it can lead to suffocation.

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3. Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing

Graco Simple Sway Swing

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The Graco Simple Sway Swing is built specifically to comfort your baby. This is evident in the fact that it comes with a lot of amazing features that are added with the baby’s comfort in mind.

Quite amazingly, all of its beautiful features come in a package that does not take up too much space. The recommended weight for this swing is for babies from 5.5 pounds to 30 pounds. Although it does not rock from back to forth, its side to side motion equally soothes your baby. The swing operates quietly, which helps your baby sleep soundly, without any fear that he would be awoken by the noise.


The Graco Simple Sway Swing weighs 17 pounds and has a dimension of 30×31×38 inches. It comes with a stationery seat that is 8 inches high above the ground. This product comes with a control panel that is situated right at the top of the cradle, and the control panel can be used to regulate the swings in six levels. It has two modes of vibrations: lightly and vehemently.

These vibration modes help to keep your baby at the best comfort. One entertaining feature of the Graco Simple Sway Swing is the songs, each of which is about 15 minutes.


  • easy to clean
  • swings in a side-by-side direction
  • can be used with both power outlets and batteries
  • possesses 3 toys and 15 songs
  • small frame which saves space
  • 6 swing speeds
  • Gentle vibration


  • It can only swing from side to side
  • The frame doesn’t fold

Customer Sentiments

A lot of reviews on this product are positive ones. Some customers love the compact frame as this helps them to easily store the product. Some others say that the product is user-friendly and can be easily assembled.

However, some customers are unhappy with the fact that the frame doesn’t fold and it has just one swing motion.

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4. Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet

Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet, Windmill

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The Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet has everything that is needed to give your baby the comfort that is needed. In fact, it does not just help to comfort your baby, but also helps in your baby’s brain development. Its swaying motion, calming vibrations, and variety of soft texture all help to stimulate the baby’s senses. All of its amazing features come in a package that is relatively inexpensive.


The Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet weighs about 20lbs and has a metal frame. This product comes with a very comfortable sleeping pad that comforts the baby. While on the comfortable pad, babies can look up at the dangling overhead stars, which captivate them and serves as a play thing for them. One other captivating thing about this product is its light feature, which includes the overhead projection.

The Fisher-Price Soothing Motions can be cozy enough for your baby if you activate the 30 minutes of calming vibrations and serene songs. Apart from this product’s dimension of 48.032’’H × 37’’W × 27’’D, it has a maximum weight capacity of 25lbs.


  • Soothing sways to calm the baby
  • Entertaining music and sounds
  • Convenient night light soft textures for comfortable sleep
  • Mesh sides for breathability
  • Optional lock-out for minimizing swaying motion
  • Overhead mobile with stars
  • A flat sleeping surface


  • None

Customer Sentiments

It would take forever to get just one bad review on this product. A lot of customers love the multiple features this product has to offer. Some say that the vibrations, along with the music, immediately calm their babies down.

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5. Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet

Fisher-Price Moonlight Meadow Deluxe Bouncer, portable plush infant seat with music, sounds, and vibrations

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Rock and Play Sleeper Buying Guide

Even with all the benefits that Rock and Play sleepers possess, it is important to know the type to purchase. In doing this, various things have to be considered. These things to look out for are listed below:

Safety Standards

You need to evaluate a rock and play sleeper the same way you would evaluate a crib. Does it have decorative posts sticking up from the sides that could catch on a baby's clothing? Do the removable toys pose any threat to your baby? Can the overhead decorations fall off and hit the baby? Are there decorative cutouts in the seat or frame that could entrap a baby?

Weight and Age limit

Most rock and play sleepers have a weight limit of 20 to 40 pounds. Some may be able to hold a heavier baby but it should be noted that weight is not the only way babies outgrow their rock and play sleepers. In fact, some babies could outgrow the sleeper even before they get to the weight limit. Check the instructions for the weight limit to get accurate information about when to discontinue its use.


It's always better if your rock and play can be folded or disassembled quickly for storage or travel. The rock and play sleeper must be small in size, making it easy to move around the house so your baby can always be near you. A sturdy set of wheels makes moving it even easier. However, the wheels should have locks that will prevent the baby from being moved around by curious siblings.

Mesh Walls

Ensure you pick a rock and play sleeper with mesh sides in order to allow your baby breathe in case they roll on the side. The mesh wall will also help to keep your baby cool, so they have a peaceful sleep even during the hot seasons of the year.

FAQs about Rock and Play Sleepers

Are Rock and Play Sleepers Safe for Newborns?

Pediatricians believe that rock and play infant sleepers would be safer for babies if there is a change in the design, but the manufacturers of this product assert that the products are safe enough, and parents need to read, understand, and follow the instructions of use to ensure a safe environment for their babies.

Why is Rock and Play Dangerous?

The American Academy of Pediatrics warns customers that these inclined sleepers are not safe for babies as they increase the risk of suffocation and strangulation. However, the manufacturers of Rock and Play sleepers maintain their position that death will only occur when parents do not follow the necessary instructions.


As parents go shopping for baby gear, it is expected that the products on store shelves would be as safe as possible. However, it is important to have an idea what the safety instructions are for each product that they plan to purchase for their babies.

As regards to Rock and Play Sleepers, pediatricians have their reservations for them. They claim that they are not safe enough for babies especially the ones who have developed roll over abilities. On the other hand, manufacturers believe that safety measures for the products are clearly stated and they come with each product, but the challenge is for the parents of infants to read and understand these instructions and follow them to the latter. These instructions state that parents should always use the built-in restraint system and never use a pillow, comforter, or padding with the sleeper.

The objective of purchasing a rock and roll sleeper is to make your baby sleep comfortably, and to keep them entertained when it is play time. With these in mind, the products above made it to our top picks.

Having selected some of the best rock and play sleepers in the market, we have made it easy for you to make your pick from the best. In other words, your search has been narrowed down to the best options, and what is left for you to do is to purchase the one that appeals to you best.

Although your babies might seem very comfortable in the rock and roll sleepers, it is important to note that they should not be left unattended to for long. Keep an eye on your children and follow all the safety guidelines of the product you chose to buy.

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