Top 5 Best Baby Monitors for Twins Reviewed for 2020

Keeping track of your twins can be double the trouble. Moms need a spare eye for each of them. The amount of baby monitor options available online is overwhelming, so we’ve taken the trouble of finding the best ones and listing them here with a low-down on features, price points, ratings, and customers’ sentiments.

These baby monitors will make it easy to keep an eye on both twins even when they’re not in the same room.

Best Baby Monitor for Twins Reviewed: Top Picks

1. Infant Optics Dxr-8 Video Baby Monitor

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens

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This baby monitor comes with a camera and a hand-held, light-weight parent unit, from which the camera feeds can be viewed. The screen can fit into a back pocket, has a noise activated LED bar, and can be used with up to 4 cameras simultaneously.

The camera has full viewing control; it can be panned, tilted, and zoomed to adjust the baby monitors view to all angles. It also has an interchangeable lens with three lens options – zoom, standard, and a wide-angle lens. Just plug and play, the baby monitor sets up in seconds.

This unit has a range of 700ft, and it transmits without an internet connection. All data is transmitted securely and is safe from hackers. It also has real-time audio and video playback without any lag.


  • The camera is viewed through the parent unit, not a phone application, so mom can use her phone separately without losing sight of the baby.
  • It doesn’t need wifi or any additional hardware or software to work, which means it can be used anywhere (at a friend’s house, on holiday, when there is no wifi or electricity), it’s operational in seconds. It won’t time out during the night due to losing wifi connection.
  • The screen on the parent unit can be switched off while the audio is still playing.


  • The 3.5” screen is a bit on the small side.
  • The USB and charger cord are not as durable as the unit and camera.

Customer Sentiments

Most customers felt that this was an excellent product, especially when compared to the products they had used before. They felt satisfied that Infant Optics had listened to customer feedback after the production of earlier models, and improved their newer models based on this. They were delighted with the customer service.

This baby monitor is a more expensive option, but most customers felt it was good value for money.

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2. Heimvision Hm136 Video Baby Monitor

HeimVision HM136 Video Baby Monitor, 5' LCD Display, 720P HD, Two-Way Audio, Temperature & Sound Alarm, Security Camera with 110° Wide Angle, Night Vision, Up to 1000ft of Range

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This baby monitor set includes a 5” LCD 720P HD display parent unit with 1000ft range, and a camera with clear night vision and pan, tilt, and zoom functions for a full view of the room.

It operates without wifi or the use of a phone application. The unit can be used to set a feeding reminder or play a lullaby. It has two-way audio, sound and motion detection, and a temperature alarm. The parent unit can support up to 4 cameras.


  • The parent unit screen is large and clear.
  • It works without access to wifi, leaving mom and dad free to use their phone while watching the baby.
  • The display is very clear.


  • Only one camera image can be viewed at a time on the parent unit when it’s connected to multiple cameras. The parent unit will be set to see each camera feed on a rotating basis.
  • There are issues with the sound being too loud or too soft, resulting in either the sound alert being easily triggered or the parent being unable to hear their baby over other sounds in the house.

Customer Sentiments

Most customers were very impressed by this unit. The screen size and display were a top favorite feature. They felt it compared very well to other baby monitors in the same price range.

This baby monitor is a more expensive option, it’s slightly less costly than the previous baby monitor mentioned, but customers felt that it was worth the money spent on it and rated it highly.

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3. Vava 720p 5

Baby Monitor, VAVA 720P 5' HD Display Video Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio, IPS Screen, 900ft Range, 4500 mAh Battery, Two-Way Audio, One-Click Zoom, Night Vision and Thermal Monitor

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This baby monitor set is similar to the ones already mentioned, except it connects over wifi and is slightly less expensive.

It includes a camera and parent unit with a 5” 720P HD display screen to view baby. It has a range of 900ft and features a thermal monitor, night vision, two-way audio, one-click zoom, the capability to pair with up to four cameras, and panning of the camera.


  • It has a sleek, modern design.
  • The screen and image are a good size and resolution, allowing mom to see the baby clearly.
  • Easy to set up because it has an auto-pair function built into the screen.


  • The camera has a blinking light on it that cannot be covered.
  • The camera feed cannot be viewed through another device when the parents are not at home, and someone else is watching the baby even though this monitor does work through wifi signal.

Customer Sentiments

Most customers were very satisfied with this baby monitor for the price point. It had all the features they were looking for while also having a sleek, modern design.

This baby monitor is within a similar price range of the previous monitor mentioned.

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4. Goodbaby Video Baby Monitor

Video Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio - Auto Night Vision,Two-Way Talk, Temperature Monitor, VOX Mode, Lullabies, 960ft Range and Long Battery Life

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A baby monitor set with a parent unit and a camera. It has a range of 960ft, a 2.4” screen to view baby, 360 free rotation, 2x zoom, infrared night vision, temperature monitoring, eight programmed lullabies, two-way talk, pairing with up to 4 cameras, and has a wake-up mode and feeding alarm. This monitor pairs without using wifi or an app, making it safe from hackers.


  • This monitor is a budget-friendly option. It’s more affordable than the previous options mentioned.
  • The parent unit is compact and has a long battery life, due in part to having a smaller display screen.
  • This unit was rated higher than some units that cost twice as much.


  • The music button protrudes, making it easy to press it by accident and play loud music that wakes up baby.
  • There’s only an alert for sound detection, not motion; meaning baby could be awake for a while without the monitor alerting you until they start crying.

Customer Sentiments

This unit was highly rated by most customers while coming in at a very satisfying price for what it offers. They loved its compact design and the two-way audio feature.

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5. Victure 1080p Fhd Baby Monitor

Indoor Camera, [2021 Upgraded] Victure 1080P Home Wi-Fi Security Camera, Pan/Tilt, Motion Detection, Motion Tracking, Night Vision, Two-Way Audio, Cloud Storage, SD Card Storage, APP Remote Control

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This baby monitor is a camera-only set that can be paired with a smartphone via wifi. It’s compatible with iOS and Android. The camera has a 120°wide-angle lens,1920×1080P display, and invisible infrared LEDs so it will not disturb baby with unnecessary lights during the night.

It also has motion detection and alarms, two-way audio, and stores video footage locally on an SD card as well as on the cloud. This camera is very affordable compared to others mentioned. One account can also support up to 20 cameras.


  • Mom and Dad can view what’s happening with baby and communicate with the babysitter or with baby even when they are not at home. The account can also be shared with extended family so they can see what’s happening.
  • It’s a very affordable unit.
  • It has better display quality than other monitors mentioned.


  • The wifi signal and cloud storage put your data at risk of hacking.
  • The camera cannot pan. It has a set angle.

Customer Sentiments

Most customers were really satisfied with this product, and it rated highly amongst competitors. They felt it was very affordable and great value for its price point.

Customers were pleased with the picture and sound quality. It was rated as highly as some monitor sets that cost four times as much.

Baby Monitor for Twin Babies: Buying Guide

Parents planning to keep their twins in the same room should find one monitor more than sufficient. Buying a monitor that can pair with more than one camera is important with twins. It can come in handy if they have separate rooms, or if they sleep in separate cots at angles that make it difficult for one camera to view both babies clearly.

It's also important if they’ll be separated later on, and there’s then a need to add extra cameras without buying a new baby monitor.

Here are some essential features to consider when buying a baby monitor:

  • Display size and quality – can the baby be clearly seen breathing and moving without having to squint or waiting for the display lag to catch up to real-time?
  • Audio quality – can the baby easily be heard over other sounds in the house, does the unit feature a good range of sound adjustment so the baby can be heard even when the environment changes – the kettle or washing machine are on, or mom goes out onto the porch, and there’s additional noise from traffic to hear the baby over?
  • Camera pan and zoom – Can the camera angle be easily adjusted from the parent unit or display unit?
  • Night vision – does the camera have the capability to see in the dark and give a clear view of the twins as they sleep, move, or wake up at night.
  • Battery charge – does the unit have a good battery life that allows it to function throughout the night without powering off while everyone is asleep?
  • Signal strength and range – can the caregiver easily accomplish their tasks all while moving all over the household without losing connection to the camera?
  • Manufacturing quality – can the unit take a few bumps and knocks without having to be replaced?
  • Price point – Is the unit and additional cameras within the allotted price range?
  • Useful bonus features – monitors on the market come with a wide range of additional features, though this often makes the price point higher. These added features can include feeding alarms, lullabies, temperature monitors, and other alarms and alerts. Does it have all the features necessary to benefit the situation of the caretaker specifically?

FAQs About Twin Baby Monitors

Do You Need 2 Baby Monitors for Twins?

No, there are monitors available that can link to two or more cameras while displaying both of their feeds on the screen on a static or rotating basis.

What Is the Best Baby Monitor for Two Rooms?

A monitor that links to two or more cameras that can pan and zoom to view both of your babies. More than one camera can be linked if the pan and angle offered on one is not sufficient to view both of the twins, whether they are in the same room or separate rooms.

What Is the Best Baby Breathing Monitor?

Baby breathing monitors track the breathing and heart rate of your baby and will sound an alert if baby stops breathing or suffers irregular breathing patterns or apnea.

SIDS is a rare condition where a baby may die of an unknown cause. Doctors don’t yet understand why this happens. Due to concern over this, many parents want to monitor their babies’ breathing.

Premature babies are more prone to suffering from apnea and SIDS. Most babies do grow out of suffering from apnea within the first six months. Breathing monitors can be useful to help alert parents if anything is wrong so they can take immediate and fast action.

Baby breathing monitors can only monitor a baby, not prevent them from stopping breathing. Some monitors will vibrate to try and wake the baby. If a baby has serious breathing issues or needs oxygen, baby breathing monitors are a must.

When looking for a baby breathing monitor to buy here are some important features to consider:

  • It should have a perfect signal with no losses of connection.
  • It should be very accurate and have a high rate of sensitivity.
  • It should have a mechanism that clearly indicates to you that the battery charge level is low.
  • It should meet ASTM International F2951 safety standards.
  • It can come with added extras like a vibrate to wake function.

Do I Need a Wifi-connect Monitor?

No, there are many available that connect without a wifi signal. These monitors are considered safer as they cannot be hacked or viewed by anonymous third parties.

The baby monitors that don’t connect via wifi can also be used at times when there isn’t a wifi signal available when you go on holiday, go to a friend's house, or there are issues with electricity supply or wifi signal.


There are plenty of baby monitors on the market with price ranges and added features to suit everyone. Make sure to check customer reviews, select one that fits into the budget, and have the added features that are most important. Make sure the warranty is satisfactory, and you can claim it where you are buying from.

Electrical appliances are prone to bugs and malfunctions, not because the design is at fault, but simply because that particular device was not manufactured correctly or suffered damage during transit or storage.

Take care of your appliances and keep them away from water, children, pets, and faulty electrical supply. We hope this guide helped to orientate and inform you of what to look for in choosing the best baby monitor for twins.

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