Top 5 Best Baby Crib Soother Reviews

The Top 5 Best Baby Crib Soother ReviewsGetting a baby to sleep is a major goal in any new parent’s life. After a day of constant noise, attention-giving, and care, the magic of a silently sleeping baby is priceless. So what’s the trick to achieving this quickly and with the least amount of stress?

A baby crib soother might be the answer. These are gadgets that can play white noise, music, move, and project images in all sorts of combinations. They are designed to distract, soothe, and ultimately send your baby into a peaceful sleep.

If you’re not sure whether a baby crib soother is right for you, you can check out some crib safety facts in our FAQ section below.  If you think you’re ready to purchase, then check out our top 5 best baby crib soother choices below.

Best Baby Crib Soother Review: Our Top 5 Picks

There are many different types of baby crib soothers out there, but we think these five are some of the best on the market. All these soothers are in a very reasonable price range.

Here are our top picks:

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1. SOAIY Aurora Night Light Projector

Aurora Light Projector with White Noise Sound Machine, Bluetooth Speaker/Timer/Remote, LED Moving Psychedelic Northern Ceiling Night Light Gift for Adults, Teenger, Baby, Kids Relax Therapy

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This night time soother has been designed to soothe everyone to sleep, from babies to adults. Its combination of sound, light, and movement will capture your baby's attention and calm them as they drift off to sleep. The projector is small enough to pack when traveling and is easily charged via a power bank. It is also one of the more technologically advanced soothers.


This soother plays six nature sounds, (ocean waves, summer nights, thunder, running water, rain, and white noise). Its multi-setting light show can be set to one of four colors, (red, green, blue, and yellow). You can also opt for a stationary or rotating display.

The projector comes with an easy-to-use remote control. Through this, you can adjust the brightness (30%, 60%, or 100%) as well as the volume and even change the sound. The timer option can be selected to play for 1, 2, or 4 hours.

You can also connect this soother to your phone via Bluetooth and use it to play lullabies and stories as your child grows older. Put the cover over the projector, and it will act as a solid night light for future use too.


  • One of the longest timers available
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Multi-option light show


  • It needs a flat surface, will not attach to a crib
  • The remote control needs line of sight to work

Customer Sentiments

Customers that have bought this say they and their babies love the shifting patterns of the aurora light show.  Many users also praise the long timer period as this doesn’t disturb a baby who might be dropping off to sleep.

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2. VTech Myla The Monkey Baby Sleep Soother

VTech BC8211 Myla The Monkey Baby Sleep Soother with a White Noise Sound Machine Featuring 5 Soft Ambient Sounds, 5 Calming Melodies & Soft-Glow Night Light

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This cute soother is one of the smallest on the market; just about hand-sized. It is easily portable and can be attached to any bag or stroller via two velcro tabs. Take this monkey anywhere and quickly soothe your baby, whether in the car, stroller, or crib.


This soother comes with five melodies, and five natural sounds, including a stream, and white noise. The volume is easily controlled by buttons on the monkey’s belly. The auto-timer can be set to turn off after 60 minutes.

The monkey’s cheeks give off a gentle glow. This can be dimmed or brightened so you can set the perfect sleeping atmosphere for your baby.

The soother can be hung on a crib, hook, or even door handle for easy use. A rechargeable battery means you’re never looking for a battery at sleep time.


  • Very portable
  • Can be used anywhere to keep your baby’s routine the same
  • Can be hung in view of baby


  • The timer is limited to one hour, then must be manually reset
  • There is no visual movement display

Customer Sentiments

Users often praise how compact and easy to use this soother is. They love the ability to hang the monkey anywhere and even attach it to a stroller for those long days out.

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This is a super soft plush toy with a hidden soundbox. Your child will soon learn to love this cuddly sheep. It comes complete with a storybook and even an adoption certificate, making him a true member of the family.

This soother has won several industry awards, including the iParenting Media Award and the National Parenting Council’s Seal of Approval.


The Sleep Sheep has eight melodies and soothing sounds, including a mother’s heartbeat, sounds of the ocean, whale songs, white noise, and Spring showers. The volume of the chosen sound can be easily adjusted. There are two timer options of 23 and 45 minutes, after which the sounds automatically end.

The soundbox can be easily removed, allowing the sheep to be machine washed and the plastic mechanism wiped clean. The soother is battery operated.


  • This plushy can be used as a regular plaything, moving seamlessly from play to sleep time.
  • One of the few to include a heartbeat setting to soothe baby


  • The two preset timer settings are rather short
  • There is only sound, no light or movement
  • Non-rechargeable battery operated

Customer Sentiments

Users have described this product as something their kids use for several years. They love the fact that this soother can go from the playroom into the nursery and then ultimately into the bedroom. For the children, the Sleep Sheep swiftly becomes a member of the family and a treasured toy.

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4. Lumipets Baby Shusher Lamb

Lumipets Baby Sound Soother, Baby Sound Machine, Baby Shusher, Baby White Noise Machine, Kid Projector Night Light, Rechargeable, Portable, Baby Sleep Sound Stuffed Animal, Travel Easy, Lullaby Lamb

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This soft and cuddly lamb is able to soothe via sound, light, and movement. It is one of the few on the market to incorporate cry sensor technology.  It has been designed to provide parents with a way to quickly calm a waking baby, encouraging it to go back to sleep without interference.


The Baby Shusher Lamb has ten lullabies and sounds, including white noise, ocean waves, and rainforest. These can be set to play in sequence or simply choose one to play on repeat. There are volume settings to choose from to make a comfortable environment for the baby.

The soother has two timer settings of 15 and 30 minutes, after which it automatically turns off.  By using the cry sensor setting, it will monitor the baby’s activity. Once it detects crying for 5 seconds, the soothing sound will automatically be turned back on.

The Baby Shusher Lamb has a night light projection system that displays stars and moon onto the crib headboard, ceiling, or walls. The stars rotate to create a soothing atmosphere to calm and relax your baby.

The lamb has two adjustable straps so you can attach it to the crib, and it can be recharged via USB. It can be washed in cold water when required.


  • Cry sensor technology allows for quick calming of a waking baby
  • Light and sound soothing effects
  • Small and portable


  • Must be placed near baby for cry sensor technology to work

Customer Sentiments

Customers say that they love the cry sensor technology as it gives them peace of mind if the baby starts to cry in the night. Their babies and toddlers love the soft plush feel of the lamb and use it as a play toy, so it is a familiar presence in the crib.

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5. Tiny Love Soothe ‘n’ Groove Baby Mobile

Tiny Love Meadow Days Soothe 'n Groove Baby Mobile

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One of the more traditional looking crib soothers, this mobile is designed to engage and enchant your baby as it drifts off to sleep. This crib soother is designed to engage your child from baby to toddler.


This soother has six sound options and offers a staggering 18 different melodies. These range from classic lullabies to sounds of nature. It also has a white noise setting. You can choose a specific melody or use the shuffle option to give variety every time.

Attached to the crib, this musical mobile moves in a calming motion for 40 minutes. It also incorporates a soothing night light to comfort your baby during sleep time.

As your baby grows, the mobile section can be removed, turning it into a music box. This box is constructed from durable plastic to withstand knocks. It also has large, brightly colored, and easy to use buttons to attract a growing mind.


  • A simple product
  • Provides sound and movement to soothe
  • It grows with your child


  • Not portable
  • Must be fixed above the baby’s head, so it is visible

Customer Sentiments

Customers love the colorful animals and the way they keep their babies’ attention as they come and go from their line of sight. They say it is easy to use, and the timer is just about right while they do something or for their baby to fall asleep. Users also like the way the mobile can detach, and the music box can be operated by their growing toddlers. They feel this makes it a value for money purchase.

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What to Look for in Baby Crib Soothers?

Choosing the right crib soother for you and your baby will depend on different factors. Babies will react to a variety of physical soothers of touch, light, movement, and sound.

Some babies will be calmed faster if they have something visual to catch their attention, in which case choose one with a moving light display or mobile. If you live in a more noisy environment, a white noise soother is a good idea as it will mask any external sounds.

If you travel a lot or have a routine that means your baby sleeps in different places, then a portable soother is a good idea. This will allow your baby to have something familiar in his or her sleep routine, no matter where you are.

Remember, your baby will grow fast. If cost is a consideration in your choice, you should consider how a soother will function as the baby turns into a toddler.

FAQs About Babies in Cribs

As new parents, ensuring safe sleep for our babies is a number one concern.  Here, we answer some of the most common questions.

1. Can I Use an Old Crib?

Yes, with some simple safety measures, an old crib is fine. Make sure you check the crib is structurally sound, with no loose parts. Pay attention to slats. They should be close fitting to prevent your baby from getting anything stuck between them.

2. Can I Use an Old Mattress?

No. It is recommended that you purchase a new mattress. Make sure it fits snugly. There should be no gaps larger than two fingers between the crib and the mattress.

3. How Should My Baby Lie in the Crib?

Babies should always be put down on their back or side. Never put a baby to sleep on its front.

4. Should I Cover My Baby in the Crib?

No. Babies can slip under any covers you put in. It is best to put your baby in a sleeper to keep them warm and safe.

5. Is a Crib Soother Safe for My Baby?

Absolutely, crib soothers are designed with baby safety and comfort in mind.

6. From What Age Can I Use a Crib Soother?

You can use a crib soother from any age.

7. When Should I Stop Using a Crib Soother?

There is no set age. It is likely that your baby will simply outgrow the need to be soothed to sleep. For some, this will be quick, and for some, they may still like the sound for many years.


To our minds, we prefer the Lumipets Baby Shusher Lambl. It falls in the middle of our price range. We feel it has the right balance of choice in terms of sound, movement, and light. It also incorporates the cry sensor technology, which we like.

As a plush toy, we also like that our children can play with it as they grow older. They can still retain the comfort of its soothing aspects at sleep time.

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