Latest Trends in Bedroom Design for the Best Comfort and Style

modern bedroom style

When it comes to furnishing a bedroom, we tend to simply place a bed against a wall and put cabinets either side.

That’s boring, so why not look at alternative ways to add something special to a bedroom?

Interior design is about combining great looks with practicality and, as the bedroom is a room in which you spend a large amount of your life, you want it to be comfortable, usable and great to be in.

We have taken a look at some of the trends in bedroom interior design that are in vogue right now, so let’s see if we can give you some inspiration that will help you devise a bedroom that will be timeless, chic and beautiful.

Make the Bed the Centerpiece

The bed: it’s against the wall every time, right? But why? Why not make the bed the centrepiece of the room, and build the rest of the furnishings around it?

Of course, it may not work in a small room, but if you have the space, use it! Furthermore, the bed design is worthy of consideration too.

What material do you prefer – a metal frame or a wood frame, for example? And what style, modern or traditional, or something else?

Take a look at this link – – for some inspiration on modern bed design.

You can do anything you want with your bedroom if you think about it in advance, and an upholstered bed is a luxurious and exciting choice for a beautiful bedroom that is comfortable and usable.

Get your inspiration from the link above and check out design magazines for ideas, and pick and choose what you like – and don’t be afraid to be brave.

Go Big with Wall Hangings

Traditionally bedroom walls are decorated sparsely. The idea is a relaxing environment with few distractions is the best place for a good night’s sleep.

We agree, but we also think that now is the time to give your bedroom décor a lift with large, colourful wall hangings that offset the plain walls they adorn.

You may have your own preference in terms of wall art, but rather than traditional pictures we’re thinking of the likes of Rothko with his great swathes of single colour, contrasting markedly with another.

It’s a modern look that adds a sense of style, and one that will never age.

Search online for large wall hangings and you’ll find plenty of choice with a range of colours and ideas that should give you inspiration to work from, and take it from there.

Among 2021 bedroom design trends is a move towards this type of added colour, so you’ll be right with it if you follow this tip.

Get the Best from Your Lighting

bedroom with great lights

Lighting is a favourite of interior design specialists but is often overlooked by DIY designers as it is taken for granted.

Look at modern LED lights – complete with the ability to change the brightness and often the colour – for more usable and versatile lighting that can be placed in many different locations.

Energy efficient, long lasting and producing no heat, LED is the way to go for beautiful, soft and comfortable bedroom lighting that you will appreciate and enjoy.

That’s a few tips that we came up with when researching bedroom design ideas, and we haven’t touched the floor covering, the furnishings or the fixtures and fittings.

However, we hope that we have given you plenty of inspiration give your bedroom a revamp, a redesign and make it a place you want to be that is entirely to your own personal taste.

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