Adding a Luxe Feel to Your Home in 2020

Many people love the idea of having a home that gives that luxe impression. An interior that appears expensive but yet didn’t cost you the earth. There will, of course, be times when your home costs you a little more than you would like. That might be down to investing in certain pieces of furniture or taking on different renovation projects, but actually, there are certain aspects you can focus your attention on that can give your home that luxe feel. I thought I would share with you what some of them are.

Think about the furniture and statement pieces

One of the first things to think about would be the furniture you have in your home and the impression that it will give. Often, with some of the bigger pieces of furniture you need, it is worth investing in designer and luxury brands and companies like Palazzo Collezioni is a great place to consider. Think about the look you are after in the whole room, not every piece of furniture needs to be designer or expensive, but mixing invested pieces with other amazing finds from the high street will give you that overall luxe feel to your home and specific rooms.

The lighting could be a feature

The lighting can be a great way to draw attention, and if you have a larger room then you may want to think about making a feature out of it. There are some fantastic luxury chandeliers that can make any room feel grand and elegant. You can choose something modern or consider a more traditional look, but either way, larger light fittings tend to make a room feel thought out and expensive.

Consider the colour choices

Colour is a tough one to master, as you may want to inject your personality into your home, which is absolutely fine, but you might also need to think about how it looks and appears. Darker colours don’t always appear great on walls, and brighter more neutral tones can make a room feel larger. However, a feature wall of colour can make a big difference to a room and be quite eye catching. When considering the colours, especially when using more than one, ensure that they are colours that have the same tone, for example matching warmer tones together and likewise the same with cooler tones.

A minimal home looks expensive and chic

Finally, a minimal home can appear to look and feel more luxe than a room that is full of items and accessories. No matter where they come from. There is something about the clean crisp lines, and the bright interior that just oozes sophistication. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can't have anything on display, but try and consider a less is more approach to give off a real chic finish. For inspiration on minimal homes then check out Pinterest for some ideas on displaying items and storage solutions.

I hope that these tips help you add a luxe feel to your home.

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