3 Ways to Make Moving House a Whole Lot Easier

Moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do. It is tiring, frustrating and always takes a bit longer than you would like. But, at the end of the long slog to being settled in, you know that moving will be worth the effort and pain you have to endure.

Luckily, though the stress of moving won’t go away completely, there are plenty of ways to make it a lot easier. This is your chance to live your best life, starting with the fundamentals of creating a home that speaks to your personality and lifestyle so grab it with both hands!

Ask for Help – From Everyone

If you have a good strong group of friends and family, rope them in to help you with the move. It might be that someone can’t lift boxes but can watch the kids or someone else might happen to have a van you can fill up. Friends and family are great for painting and decorating too so if you just want to get in there and give every wall a quick coat of paint before you move in, it will probably only take a few beers and a barbecue to persuade people over.

Professional help is also a great way to make things easier. You could hire a cleaning company to give your new (and old) properties a deep clean so that you can move into a fresh space. You could also hire furniture removalists in Sydney and Melbourne to help you pack, move and unpack as well.

Plan, Organize and Colour-Code

It is easy to throw things into boxes and then hope for the best. But, when it comes to unpacking, you will be cursing as you open box after box in search of a glass so you can have a quick drink. This is where thorough planning comes in handy. Taking photos might sound a bit excessive, but this is a great way to start your packing/unpacking journey.

Every box you pack should be fully labelled with the contents and colour-coded according to room. For example, you might use a blue sticker for the bathroom, an orange sticker for the living room etc. Packing this way, you should be able to find things quickly and make sure that the right boxes end up in the right room in the new house. You should also plan and pack so that you pack the things you use least go in first and the things you use right up to the last moment end up in the first box you unpack.

Take Your Time

Impatience is not your friend when it comes to moving house. You need to realise that you will probably be eating sandwiches and take away for a week while you get sorted and that this is okay. You cannot achieve the perfect interior within a couple of hours and you can’t achieve the perfect house in much less than a week either if you want to stay sane.  

Take your time and everything will get easier.

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