10 Ways to Dramatically Boost the Appearance of Your Yard

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Any garden space has the potential to be turned into an oasis. There is this modern notion that a garden needs to be as little and as simple as possible to keep down maintenance.

But little doesn’t have to mean plain. There are all sorts of things that you can do to a small garden to really elevate the space and make it somewhere you and your guests would love to be. Here are a few small garden ideas that might interest you.

Use Your View

If you have a small yard that has a view of a mountain, wood, city-line, s specific spot where there is a beautiful sunset, anything, capitalize on that view. Turn it into a feature focal point. Place plants and furniture in such a way that they complement this unique feature of your garden.

Take Advantage of Your Trees

If you are fortunate enough to have a nice tree in your yard that offers shade, why not incorporate it into your décor and create some seating nearby.

Consider adding a few raised beds nearby to create more space and additional seating. This also makes the surrounding area easier to maintain, as the ground will be easier to clean if plants are raised and not scattered on the ground.

Add Mood Lighting

With the addition of a few hanging lights, small gardens can be transformed into stunning features at night. Trees can be decorated with your choice of lighting, be it fairy lights, exposed bulbs, or lanterns.

You can either wrap them around your trees or suspend them from the branches, creating a canopy of light. You can do a simple thing to give your little garden more character and create a focal point.

Create a Water Garden

Water can be a welcoming and soothing element to any yard. An entire collection of Water Gardens (see these!) might be a bit too big for a little garden, but making a little pond or miniature feature and incorporating elements into space can create a unique garden experience. You don’t need a lot of water to grow water lilies and other aquatic plants. Add a little fountain and maybe even a few fish, and you are good to go.

Discover Succulents

Many people like the idea of a countryside green garden but are extremely put off by the maintenance. If you are not interested in gardening or really don’t have the time for maintenance, succulents could be what you need. They are a hardy group of plants that don’t need too much attention. They don’t require a lot of water; they don’t need to be pruned; they don’t even make much mess.

If left to grow freely, they will overlap and grow into each other, creating an intricate canvas of succulents.

They even smother out weeds! Some have lovely little flowers, but you are not guaranteed a show in the spring and summer months, but don’t let this dissuade you.

The beautiful mix of colors and variation in their fleshy leaves more than makes up for it.

Add a Gazebo

A gazebo is a fun feature that can elevate your tiny garden experience. You can either have a delicate wooden frame that makes you want to bring out those little cucumber sandwiches or a metal frame covered in a creeper (like a passionfruit) that makes you feel like you have disappeared into the garden.

A bench often feels like it is just a decoration, but a gazebo invites you to relax inside your garden and to truly appreciate the effort that has gone into it.

Pot up a Tree

If you are concerned about trees growing too big and potentially ruining your foundation as well as the feel of your garden, why not put up a tree.

This way, you are able to control the size of the tree and still have a tree as a feature of interest within the space.

A few potted trees can add some serious drama and dimension to a garden that would be completely flat without them.

Add a Pathway

A path is a great way to make a little garden seem more interesting and like it had more depth.

They create additional spaces and make you pause to have a look around, even if it’s just to see where the path is leading to in such a small space.

Create a few bends for a real impact. You can choose to make your path with stones, brick, a different type of plant, anything your heart desires.

Consider Ditching the Lawn

rebuilding your small garden

A green lawn is not the be-all and end-all of a backyard. If you find that you are spending more money than you would like to on the upkeep of your lawn, get rid of it.

You can create some beautiful, intricate outdoor areas with bricks, stones, and other paving materials.

You can create areas with some plants to keep your yard green, but consider a fire pit with a few outdoor pieces adding a few statement plants around the area.

Put Your Own Twist on A Living Wall

Living walls are all the rage, but they are complicated and can be tricky to keep alive and maintain. A simple alternative is securing a few plants to the wall outside with some planters; this gives you the freedom to move plants around and to give each plant individual water attention. If you can’t or do not want to attach something to your walls, another option is to create an intricate design along your wall with plant stands. Look for plant stands that will stand plush against your wall.

There are many different materials to choose from, ranging from wood to plastic to metal. What you decide on will ultimately be determined by your budget as well as your general aesthetic.

If you leave your plants in their nursery pots and place them in the stand, you give yourself the freedom to switch plants out seasonally, which means you can customize your garden year-round.


We hope some of these ideas inspired you to go out into your yard and to see the potential you could before.

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