Are You a Workaholic? Here Are Some Tricks to Help You Sleep Better

tricks to sleep better

It is not very pleasant when you can’t sleep. Unfortunately, other than thinking about your future daily prospects, not falling asleep adds to the stress. Try using the following hacks for a peaceful night’s sleep:

Be Excited for Tomorrow

It’s not just you. After a long tiring day at work full of meetings and uncooperative bosses, you do not wish to wake up in the morning from a comfortable slumber.

Everyone feels that way! Waking up early in the morning is a challenge, so being excited about the morning routine will motivate you to leave the bed.

These motivations can be in any form:

  • It can be your favorite breakfast, such as pancakes or waffles from your favorite restaurant.
  • Either a new breakfast drink you read on the internet.
  • A new button-down you are excited to wear over a zoom call.

You know what motivates you, so don’t leave sight of it.

Meditate Before Bed

Go to bed feeling relaxed and not wrapped up in worldly or professional matters. You have done what you could through the day.

The newfound bedtime routine can incorporate meditation or breathing exercises. Moreover, you can use diffused natural oils to lower your blood pressure and heart rate to prepare your mind for a good night’s sleep.

You can listen to the blues, calming music, or do anything that relaxes you. Consider having a cup of chamomile or passionflower tea.

Whatever you do, stay away from blue light present in the numerous screens such as phones, tablets, computers, or television.

Avoid Caffeine

A caffeinated drink is a God-sent after a long day of work. Tea and coffee lovers may find it especially difficult to practice this step.

However, if you wish to regulate your sleep cycle, consider switching to a decaffeinated version of your favorite drink.

Moreover, you can eliminate coffee drinks. You can drink herbal teas filled with apigenin. This hormone carries antioxidant properties that will help you sleep.

While we are on the topic of food avoid,always avoid late-night snacks. Sugary foods will make you thirsty, and salty foods will make you gassy during the night. Therefore, eat on time and eat right.

Power Nap

Consider napping for 20 minutes before a meeting or during the day if your schedule allows it. Twenty minutes is the perfect time to energize your body and rejuvenate your brain to take on the world once more.

It works so well because 20 minutes cover the entire step 2 of the sleep before entering the deep sleep stage.

Whenever a deep sleep cycle is disturbed, you will feel confused and experience brain fog after waking up. Some may experience an elevated heart rate or headache, which takes a few minutes to go away.

If you want to avoid these situations, take a power nap before lunch.

Exercise Early in the Morning

Exercise is the key to a regular sleep cycle. Not just any time in the day, but exercising in the morning can make you refreshed and motivated for the day ahead.

Early morning exercises regulate your heart rhythm, which ensures proper blood supply to all the organs.

When you begin exercising regularly in the morning, your brain gets accustomed to it. Creating a routine will motivate you to wake up at the same time to exercise.

It will also put your mind in the correct headspace so you can soar professionally.

Use Smart Technology

You must stay away from any smart screens that emit blue light. However, other technologies can help you improve sleep. These tools include sleeping wristbands and wearables.

Use a sleep calculator if you wish to sleep peacefully without a care in the world. Just exercising regularly and eating right is the perfect combination many of us have started to ignore.

You can also use sleeping applications and meditation applications to relax before bedtime. These applications will monitor your sleeping patterns, REM sleep cycle, and heart rate for a detailed sleeping log.

Avoid Blue Light

Let’s discuss blue light in detail. Blue light is emitted from technology screens. It can be from your smartphone you are browsing late into the night, tablets while you are watching YouTube videos or even the television screen.

Blue light can significantly impact your sleep schedule if you are working late as it keeps the brain awake. Therefore, wear blue light blocking glasses or lower the brightness in the settings, so your eyes and brain are limited to harmful exposure.

Do Not Work From the Bed

Because of the pandemic, many of us have been introduced to remote work. This means working from the couch, dining table, and even from bed. However, the last workplace may not be as cooperative as you think.

A bed is meant to be a comfortable place to sleep. The body does not register comfortability with the stress of work. This polar combination may result in lethargic body language and agitation.

It can also give rise to anxiety and make it even more challenging to sleep on time. Therefore, whenever you need to work, pick a place other than your bedroom to improve productivity and finish on time.

A To-Do List

to do list

Many of us fall into a bottomless pit of future stresses and tasks to do before bedtime. The stressful thinking results in constant tossing and turning, fixing the pillows, and an active mind that makes it very difficult to sleep. You can avoid this agitation with a simple, neat trick.

Lay down the tasks you need to do tomorrow in a to-do list. Doing so will put your mind at ease by translating the tasks onto a paper or mobile application.

However, we would advise paper to avoid any interaction with blue light. Consider it journaling but for what you need to do the next day.

Final Thought

If you wish to increase your productivity at work or home, improving your sleep quality is an excellent way to stay proactive during the day. Go ahead and try the tricks mentioned above to figure out which work for you and which don’t.

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