When Can a Baby Start Using a Bouncer?


If you’re a parent, you already know that parenthood can be extremely exhausting. From nappy changes to feeding time, you’re hands on for the entire day and sometimes taking a breather is what you really need.

That’s why bouncers are so popular. You can leave your baby safe in the bouncer and take a break while your child keeps busy bouncing. However, how do you know what is the right age for your child to use a bouncer? Is it safe and are there any benefits to using one?

If these are some of the questions in your mind, then you’re in luck.

In this article, you’ll learn when you should get a new bouncer for your child, some safety measures, the benefits of using a bouncer, and how to choose a good bouncer for your child.

When Can A Baby Go In A Bouncer?

Baby bouncers are designed to ensure the baby is safely seated and securely strapped in the bouncer seat.

All bouncers provide neck support and since the straps of the bouncer are much longer than their hands, even a newborn baby can be placed in a bouncer.

However, a newborn baby should only be put in the bouncer for a short while and under parental vigilance. It’s important to read the instructions on the packaging to ensure that you’re using the bouncer correctly.

It’s also crucial to know when your baby should stop using a bouncer. Ideally, once your baby starts to sit up on their own, you can stop the use of bouncers.

Once the baby starts to sit up in the bouncer seat, the bouncer can tip over. Consider this as a sign that your child has overgrown the bouncer. This usually happens around the age of six months.

Safety Tips For Using A Bouncer


To ensure that your little one is safe on the bouncer, it's important that you place the bouncer in a safe area.

The bouncer should ideally be placed on the floor because when your baby rocks the bouncer, its likely to shift a bit.

If it’s placed on a higher surface, there are chances it may fall. You should also keep the bouncer away from electrical cords, heat vents or busy areas. Never lift the bouncer when the baby is sitting in it, there is a danger of the baby tipping over.

It’s very important to supervise your baby in the bouncer. Newborn babies have less resting muscle tone and their necks are not stable.

The flopping of their head forward can lead to obstruction in the airway. Make sure that your child doesn’t sleep in the bouncer as the child needs to sleep on a firm bedding.

Also, ensure that the child is spending time on the floor and gets some tummy time. All these are important for the healthy and well-rounded growth of the child.

Benefits Of Using A Bouncer

Playing with hanging bouncer toys

Here are some of the top benefits of using a bouncer:


  • Bouncers are safe. You can place your child on the secure seat when you want to take a break.
  • Bouncers are lightweight and can be carried around wherever you go. You don’t have to leave your baby in one room but can carry the baby wherever you are. This makes it easy to do household chores without worrying about your baby.
  • Most bouncers come with many activity options to keep your child entertained. These also help with their development and growth.
  • Many bouncers are adjustable and can be turned into seats once your child has out grown the bouncer age.



Choosing A Bouncer

With a variety of options in the market, choosing the best bouncer for your child can be difficult. To make buying easier, consider these features:


  • A bouncer should have a wide, low, and sturdy frame. This can minimize the risk of tipping.
  • Look for removable cloth seating so it can be cleaned easily.
  • Ensure the padding of the seat is comfortable.
  • Look for a bouncer with many entertainment options.


Bouncers are great for your baby as they give your child some time to play by themselves, and can also aid their development.

Using one can also give you some free time. However, it's essential to supervise your baby in the bouncer and ensure that the child spends ample time on the floor.

You’ll find a variety of bouncers in the market, and it's crucial to choose one that is sturdy, comes with comfortable and safe seating, and is easy-to-maintain.

Your child will be spending substantial time on a bouncer so it’s a good idea to buy one that has many activity options that encourage developmental growth.