Want An Answer To Your Wire Woes?

Want An Answer To Your Wire Woes? jumbled mess of wires hampersandhiccups

Most homes are rigged up with the latest in technology. The majority of households have everything from speaker systems to wide-screen televisions. That’s not to mention our internet connections and laptops. Most of us even still make time for traditional options like the home landline. 

These are all fantastic ways to ensure every room in our houses makes use of convenience. In most cases, we wouldn’t have it any other way. But, there is one problem. Most modern additions come complete with handfuls of wires. And, when you’re using this many devices in the home, it’s all too easy for wire nests to crop up where you least want them causing you wire woes.

Want An Answer To Your Wire Woes?

The chances are that you didn’t have wires in your mind when you went about your decor. And, in an age where minimalism is all the rage, the mess these cables can bring probably isn’t a welcome addition. Lucky for you, your modern home doesn’t need to fall foul to this cable-curse. All you need to do is consider the following ways of tackling the problem.

Consider positioning

Any homeowner knows that something as simple as a little rearranging of furniture can work to transform the home in a significant way. In fact, this freshens a room like nothing else bar decorating. What you might not realize, though, is that this can also work wonders when it comes to wires. The fact is, using furniture to cover these sneaky snakes is a fantastic and easy method for coping here. This could be as simple as placing your television at an angle and hiding wires behind it. Or, you could go all out by rearranging your shelving units to hide trailing cables. Either way, you wouldn’t believe how far slight shuffles like these could go. So, play around and see whether you can hide those wires with this simple method.

Go wireless where possible

Wire woes - tangled wire cordsIn some cases, you can’t take the tech without also accepting some wires. In others, though, it is possible to get away without. Wireless internet options like these Sudden Link packages are a fantastic example of this. While many internet portals have at least a few wires, choices like these do away with that altogether. The possibilities here don’t end with the internet, either. It’s also possible to wireless with telephones. You could even reduce wires in your study by investing in a wireless mouse!

Can’t beat cable ties

This last point is simple, but it still stands to be effective. Cable ties have been around for years. More often than not, these pesky little clips have a habit of turning up all over the home. But, they’re well worth your attention to high-wire areas such as behind your television. Rather than hiding the mess, these allow you to clip wires into bundles behind your devices neatly. This saves mess, as well as keeping everything out of sight and easy to access. It just goes to show that you shouldn’t turn your nose up at traditional methods!

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