8 Reasons Why Reborn Dolls Are the Ideal Gift to Give This Christmas

reborn doll

If there’s one thing this year’s pandemic cannot take away, it has to be the spirit of Christmas.

With a very special celebration right around the corner, millions of people have already begun shopping for gifts for their loved ones.

Now, is there a child in your entourage you’d like to please, or a friend who’s thinking of becoming a parent? If you think dolls are outdated gifts, or only reserved for juvenile girls, think again!

Popularly known as reborn dolls, these hyper-realistic baby figures have had quite an impact ever since their commercialization in the early 2000s — so much so that they’re still incredibly trending, from North America to Italy.

To this day, their lifelike allure and proven psychological benefits continue to explain their mass appeal and record sales.

In the spirit of helping you make up your mind on gift selection this year, we’ve put together a guide with eight compelling reasons why a reborn doll is one of the most thoughtful presents for Christmas of 2020.

You’re about to make someone very happy!

1. A Superb Hobby

According to reborn parents and adopters, caring for a lifelike baby doll is a very fun and rewarding experience.

For young children or would-be parents, owning a reborn doll is an opportunity not only to get comfortable about new-borns and understand their anatomy and basic needs (bathing, feeding, dressing), but it’s also a mind-stimulating exercise.

In fact, the presence of a baby, be it real or lifelike, brings out natural instincts, and encourages us to be mindful at all times. It promotes attention, coordination and acts as a stress relief (when they’re not crying their hearts out!).

2. An Excellent Way to Lay Off the Screens

It’s no secret that we’ve grown heavily dependent on electronics for everyday entertainment. Whether it’s watching TV, enjoying a movie on Netflix, or playing games on our smartphones, screen time addiction is very much real.

So, for parents who’d like their little ones to spend less time around gadgets, a reborn doll is a perfectly suitable gift to keep children occupied in healthier, more rewarding ways.

Of course, the same applies to adults who can’t help but check their phone every 10 minutes!

3. It’s Easily Acquired Online

Given the current sanitary context, it’s understandable why many people will fear going out to purchase Christmas gifts in person. The tendency has favored e-shopping for the past couple of years, anyway.

Now, rather than bother yourself visiting a physical store, you can conveniently browse through online catalogs from the comfort of your living room.

Known as the “poupée reborn” in France and bambole reborn in Italy, the reborn doll typically comes whole or in an assembly kit and has been one of the most popular gifts across Europe and many parts of the world.

With some research, you’re bound to find a reliable online platform to gather more info, order your own, and have it delivered at your doorstep.

4. It Teaches Parenting Skills

Unsurprisingly, adopting a reborn doll is great preparation for soon-to-be parents. Because the prospect of raising a baby can prove quite daunting for many people, a lifelike doll can help prepare for the responsibilities of becoming a parent.

Whether it’s giving a bottle, bathing, dressing, changing diapers, or putting to sleep, the reborn doll allows future mothers and fathers to get some practice and adopt the right reflexes when their actual baby comes along.

Their use can also be beneficial to help ready kids when it is time to welcome their new baby brother or sister into the family! Christmas is all about love, after all.

5. Therapeutic Treatment

While many will be quick to dismiss the reborn baby as a pointless and eerie invention, these dolls serve an actual purpose.

In fact, reborn dolls are occasionally prescribed to mothers who’ve suffered a miscarriage as a way to cope with their sad loss.

It’s in no way meant as a substitute for a real new-born, yet it can help comfort them and enable them to showcase care and affection until they can conceive again.

Lately, reborn dolls in Italy have experienced surging popularity thanks to their realistic look, being a great parenting aid, as well as their healing properties.

6. A Mental Health Booster

Speaking of which, these baby dolls are also appreciated for their ability to enhance a person’s psychological wellbeing.

Whether a person you know is dealing with stress, anxiety, chronic depression, or loneliness, a reborn baby doll will provide companionship and a healthy distraction.

A study conducted on Alzheimer’s patients has shown that holding a cuddling new-born releases oxytocin, one of the “feel-good” hormones.

The result is a soothed spirit, a calmer mind, and an improved ability to handle stress and overcome depression—a wonderful holiday present.

7. Suitable for Both Children and Adults

reborn baby doll

What makes reborn dolls so appealing to the general public is their overall versatility.

While dolls are traditionally thought of as “children’s toys,” the reborn doll doesn’t target a specific demographic; it can be used by youngsters, adults, and seniors alike.

They’re suitable as a parenting aid, a fun roleplay item, or for emotional support. What’s more, reborn baby dolls can be customized to look like a specific person, making it a unique gift for whoever adores these cute little munchkins!

8. A Collector’s Item

Lastly, and interestingly, people have grown so fond of reborn baby dolls that they’ve become collectible artworks of their own right. It isn’t rare to see people adopt two, five, or even ten reborn baby dolls.

One reason behind this is a profound sentimental attachment to these lifelike figures. So, by giving your favorite niece or best friend one of these for Christmas, they might want to start a collection of their own.

All in all, a reborn baby doll is bound to be a uniquely special present for Christmas celebrations.

Whether you want to surprise a younger sibling, a soon-to-be parent coworker, or a senior relative, you cannot go wrong with one of these lifelike dolls that will provide countless hours of fun, love, and affection. Merry Christmas!

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