6 Old-School Board Games Your Children Should Try at Home


We are all living busy lives, juggling too many things at once, but no matter how hectic life can get, it’s important to dedicate time to your children and share special moments with them.

Fun and exciting activities like playing board games will certainly make them happy and keep them entertained. You can reserve at least one night a week for this type of play with them and you can be sure the whole family will enjoy it.

The number of available board games today is huge, but there are those good ol’ classics the generations of kids have grown up with and that still hold the legendary status.

Trying them with your kids at home will not only revive the memories of your own childhood but create new, unique ones that will last a lifetime.

Let’s see what are some of the old-school board games that you should introduce to your kids.

1. Scrabble

This game has been present on the market for a really long time. Sold in over 100 countries and in numerous languages, we are sure that when you clicked on this site, you might have suspected it would be on the list.

Scrabble is both entertaining and educational, requiring the participant to create the longest word possible from the letters they have.

Apps and sites that are functioning like word generators will be of great help to newbies and will expand their vocabulary significantly.

Given the fact that it requires the knowledge of letters, this game is the appropriate option for children who are age 8 and up. Not only will it enrich their vocabulary, but it will also improve their spelling.

These types of games are encouraging brain development in kids as well as problem-solving skills.

However, there is also a competitive side to it. Each word brings players a certain amount of points and the participant with the highest score at the end is declared a winner.

All in all, you can spend a nice and relaxing afternoon or evening with your kids while trying to come up with the best possible answer.

2. Battleship


The pen and paper version of this game dates back to World War I but the classic plastic version we are familiar with was first released in 1967.

The rules are pretty simple and that’s one of the reasons why the game has been so popular for such a long time. After all, you don’t want to learn a bunch of rules just so you could play.

Each of 2 participants has 5 ships of different sizes, which he/she has to place somewhere on the grid. The other player has to guess the location of those ships and when that happens, your vessel will sink.

The person who is first to destroy all the enemy’s ships is a winner.

It will teach your child about math, perseverance, and the true meaning of the fair play.

Each session is played for approximately 30 minutes and is perfect for children 7 years and up. However, parents will also enjoy it as it’s quite dynamic.

3. Risk

Another one of the legendary board games is Risk. The central theme is war and world domination while it teaches players strategy and how to make tactical moves for things to go their way.

Still, there is a certain percentage of luck involved as well. You will get to roll the dice and see where it leads you.

The world will be yours if you succeed in completing a secret mission, building an army by conquering foreign territories and destroying the enemies.

Full of alliances, betrayals, and surprising twists and turns, Risk will without a doubt soon become one of your kids' favorite ways to spend free time.

4. Operation

One of the all-time best, Operation has been around for decades. Cavity Sam, the patient in this board game, has a number of different health issues – the writer’s cramp, water on the knee, and so on.

The task of every player is to help him by eliminating the problem (taking the small plastic piece from the board). The is a pair of plastic tweezers that will help you with this.

However, if you touch the side of the opening with the tweezers, Sam’s nose will buzz and light up meaning you are done with the round and it’s the next player’s turn.

It’s said that the Operation improves eye-hand coordination skills in kids, but it’s also very fun. Kids will certainly love it!

5. Twister


This is one of those games that is equally fun and silly when you’re a kid as well as when you’re an adult.

Designed for those aged 6 and up, Twister was made popular decades ago when the host of Tonight Show Johnny Cason decided to incorporate it into its live act.

The large sheet with multiple colored circles is placed on the floor and there is a spin board that dictates where you need to place your hand or leg.

Twister is a great way to spend time with family and you can be sure there will be a lot of laughs due to the funny poses participants find themselves in.

The round doesn’t last long, around 10 minutes, but you can do it over and over again. It’s certainly a fun way to spend time with your family and friends.

6. Sorry

If you’re looking for a fun way to spend some family time, Sorry is one of those classics that’s loved by both adults and children age 5 and up.

The original version was launched in the late 1930s and is a good way to learn your kid counting while also having fun.

Each player has 4 pieces on the board and the goal is to take all of them home. However, it’s not all smooth sailing to the finish line.

The opponent can bump your piece or switch places with you which makes the game interesting.

These are some of the classic board games which you loved and your kids will love too. They are much simpler than modern high-tech gadgets, but can still provide a very entertaining time for the entire family.

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