How to Keep Your Cat Healthy and Happy at Home


Whoever said that cats are low-maintenance definitely didn’t have a pet cat. These devil spawns know how to press your buttons in all the wrong and right ways.

They keep nagging you for attention until you leave the super tight deadline you have to stroke their backs, only to scratch your hands, turn around, and walk away with their tail up high in the air.

They have no problem waking you from sleep to check their food bowl, which you find is full to its brim.

What about all the times you get them a toy to play with, only to find them still playing with your smelly old sneakers? All in all, more evil has never been created.

Regardless of all of these shortcomings, we always find them to be the cutest creatures ever. On rare occasions, they curl up against you or start licking your hand, and your heart would dissolve right then and there.

We choose to keep them around for these precious little moments of pure fluff and try our best to keep them happy. If you’re not sure how to keep your pet cat happy, we’re happy to help with these tips.

1. Give them Play Material

Cats love to play. When confined to the corners of the house with no play material, you can be sure it’s going to create its own toys – and that’s something you want to avoid at all costs.

To prevent them from nibbling on your old socks, typing over your laptop, or, worse, chasing roaches, make sure to provide them with any interesting toys that would hold their attention.

Did we mention that cats are super picky? They won’t like just any toy, so you’ll have to get creative.

It’s safe to say that any moving objects like a toy mouse, birds, and cars are good playing material. Another good idea is to create a bird-viewing station and laugh at its stupid reactions.

2. Accommodate their Climbing Instincts

Cats are athletes in nature, and what do athletes like to do? They like to jump around.

You can expect your cat to keep jumping to more heights the older and stronger they get; it’s something in their nature. Have you ever seen a cat stuck on a tree while taking a stroll down the street?

It turns out. Their athletic nature doesn’t prevent them from making stupid decisions; rather, it urges them to.

Instead of finding your cat stuck on your fridge with no way down, it’s better to create a safer climbing environment for them by installing cat shelves.

3. Feed and Hydrate them Properly

Obviously, cats can’t live without food and water, just like us humans.

Taking care of a cat can come with a lot of expenses, most of which goes into food and litter sand. Regarding the food, you have many options, starting with fresh food to dry food options.

Be sure to research thoroughly and look at reviews such as these Nutra Complete reviews (view here) to ensure the food you choose is the most suitable for your cat.

Whatever you choose, make sure it’s vet-approved and stored properly. It’s also important to keep a good feeding schedule for your cat so that it won’t overeat or starve.

Generally, providing them with two meals a day, 8 to 12 hours apart, is good for most cats. As they get older, their nutritional needs can vary, so make sure to check with your vet what works best for your cat.

You should also provide a constant supply of freshwater for your cat.

4. Clean and Inspect their Litter Box Regularly


No one likes scooping off the stool from the litter box, but, unfortunately, you’ll have to do that on a regular basis. Not only that, but you’ll also have to inspect the stool every now and then. What did we say about low-maintenance, eh?

The reason you need to inspect the stool is that it tells you a lot about your cat’s health.

You can discover a lot of health issues just by looking at abnormal stool, just as dark red, black, and watery stools.

If you often find watery stools, then it’s best to explore the best cat food for firm stools (see more here) and find one that’s both nutritious and provides treatment for its condition.

If it extends for weeks, diarrhea can indicate an infection or a condition, so it needs to be taken seriously.

Likewise, foul-smelling stools can be alleviated by alternating the food with options that result in less smell, which can easily be found in dry food options.

5. What to Do About Claws

Declawing your cat should never be an option. Not only does it hurt your cat, but claws are also needed by the cat to fend for itself.

If you’re too worried about your furniture, then a better alternative to declawing is providing your cat with horizontal and vertical scratching posts.

Better yet, you can rub catnip on it, and soon enough, it will become your cat’s favorite scratching toy.

6. Spay and Neuter

A lot of cat owners get anxious at the mention of spaying and neutering their cats.

Unless you’re up to start a cat shelter and fully satisfy your cat’s mating needs, spaying is the way to go.

Not only will you relieve them from frustration, but you’ll also be limiting their escape plans devised in order to find a mate.

7. Keep them Clean

Cleanliness is next to godliness for cats. They’re known for their notorious cleanliness OCD – if you haven’t noticed.

Make sure to clean your cat whenever needed, but pay more attention to cleaning its environment.

Keep its litter box clean, clear dust, and separate their litter area from food and water bowls and sleeping quarters.

8. Get them a Companion

Everyone gets busy with life at one point or another, but that doesn’t justify neglecting your cat.

For those instances where you get too busy working, you can alleviate your pet’s boredom by providing them with a companion to keep them happy and entertained.

It’s best to get them another cat, but sometimes surprising friendships can develop between cats and dogs.

Even if they are the reincarnation of the devil himself, which they are, cats have managed to become our closest friends.

They’re always there to make us feel insignificant, but they also show their love and affection in their own way. To repay the favor, always keep your cat healthy, cared for, and happy.

Although it can be a hassle, never be late for a vet appointment if they get sick.

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