How to Quickly Improve the Quality of Your Sleep

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Having a complete sleep cycle is important. It affects how our body functions throughout the day, helping us make decisions, comprehend things, etc. A full sleep can also keep diseases at bay as it strengthens our immune system.

Without sleep, even for just 24 hours, your body will start to conserve its energy. As a consequence, you may already suffer from short-term memory problems, reduced coordination, and increased blood sugar levels, to name a few.

At this point, your mood is already affected too.

Thus, it is vital to get a full night’s sleep. But how can one improve sleep? Take a look at these steps to ensure that you’ll be able to sleep better tonight.

Watch What You Eat

What you eat can affect your sleep quality. Your body needs time to digest food. The bigger and harder the food is, the longer your body will need to digest it. Thus, later you’ll be able to sleep.

This is all because of how our gut is structured. If you eat more, you’ll likely suffer from indigestion or other digestive issues that could affect your bedtime.

That said, try to eat smaller meals that are easier to digest. This includes food that is rich in fiber. This way, your body can easily digest it during nighttime.

When you eat also matters too. Reports say that our sleep is also connected with how our body digests food. So if you change your eating patterns can reprogram your body’s circadian rhythms, affecting your sleep.

Keep an Eye on What You Drink

What we drink is also connected to the quality of our sleep.

Many people often drink a glass of warm milk before bedtime, believing that it can help them sleep. Others believe that drinking a cup of coffee helps them because it makes them feel tired.

Some depend on alcohol as it does make one feel drowsy even just after a few drinks.

However, there is no study yet that can prove that a glass of warm milk can really increase your melatonin levels. Coffee may make you feel tired but after a few hours, the caffeine will make you stay awake.

Alcohol isn’t a good idea too as it decreases the REM sleep.

And some of the drinks' sugar content may also affect your sleep. It gives you energy so you’ll feel less sleepy.


Reading is known to have so many perks. It takes you to a different world, expands your vocabulary, and more. But did you know that reading can also affect your sleep too?

Reading helps your mind and body to relax. It gives your mind and body some time to rest, making you feel calmer. So when you turn off the lights, it’s easier to fall asleep.

While reading, your eye muscles also move in a pattern from left to right. This movement exercises the muscles and eventually tiring them.

Invest in a Good Mattress

Many mattress companies say that it is important to invest in a good mattress. It turns out, it isn’t a marketing ploy. The feel of your mattress plays a role in your sleep too.

You see, when you’re comfortable in your bed, you’ll feel more relaxed. And when your body has relaxed, you’ll start to feel drowsy.

Apart from its softness, a good mattress can also regulate the temperature better. Thus, you won’t feel too cold or hot. As a result, you’ll feel more comfortable as there is no heat trapped in the mattress.

Consult Your Doctor

Sometimes, medical factors are to blame for the poor quality of sleep. It could be hypersomnia, insomnia, or other medical conditions, you can find out more by consulting with a specialist. This is recommended if you think that the natural ways to sleep aren’t working for you anymore.

These experts can evaluate you and identify the underlying cause of the poor sleep quality you’re experiencing. Once they’ve identified the culprit, they can give you medications that will help you sleep better and they can monitor you.

Regularly Clean Your Room

Your mattress isn’t the only thing that can make you comfortable. A clean room and set of clean beddings also contribute to the quality of your sleep. Apart from the cozy feel, the scent of fresh and clean sheets can also make you feel relaxed too.

Thus, always make sure that your bedroom is clean. The rule of thumb is to clean your bedroom every week.

Many people say that you should also change your sheets once a week. But it actually depends on the traffic in your bedroom. If you let your pets sleep in your bed with you, make sure to change your sheets twice a week.


By now, you probably know how important regular exercise is. It helps you maintain a good weight, reduce diseases, and promotes stronger bones and muscles, to name a few. But exercise isn’t all about that. Apparently, it can also help you have a better sleep.

Exercise releases happy hormones, which keep you up during the day. Thus, at night, it’s easier for you to fall asleep.

Working out can also help you sleep faster during nighttime. True enough, exercise releases endorphins, which give you energy and keeps you awake. But once this chemical runs off, you’ll feel drowsy.

Keep Gadgets Away

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Our gadgets, including TVs and computers, could also cause poor sleep quality. These gadgets may be helpful in doing our chores and other everyday tasks, but these can also bring bad effects on our health, including our sleep.

Smartphones, TVs, tablets, and even fluorescent and LED lights are found to emit blue light. This restrains the production of melatonin, making it harder for you to fall asleep.

So if you want to sleep better, try to stay away from these items a few hours before bedtime.

A full night’s sleep is vital for us to perform our best throughout the day. It is also important as it affects our mood and how we think. These tips will surely help you have a better quality of sleep.

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