Ideas for Sending Family Gifts Using Custom Tape

Family Gifts Using Custom Tape

If you're looking to make your gift look unique, there's nothing better to present it than wrapping it in paper and using custom tape that you have been modified to add your personal touch.

You might be thinking, why bother? Isn't it easier to go to the shop to purchase and tape the gift?

This article will help you to understand the benefits of creating unique family gifts using custom tapes. If you use the suggestions for custom taping the presents listed below, you will get the best results while saving money.

Benefits of using own Custom Tape:

1 . There is no one else giving the recipient of the gift an item that is similar to yours.

You are telling the person receiving the gift that they are unique. They are worthy of the effort and time you put into making the present look as appealing from the outside, as the time you put into buying the present in itself.

2. Making your personalized gift, the custom tape is great for gifts that you need to wrap up quickly.

Make use of the craft materials you have in your house and use them in innovative ways. You'll be amazed by how imaginative you can be when you're under stress.

3. One reason is you are in complete control of the pattern.

Perhaps your preferred design isn't in the market, or even in the multitude of options. Another reason is that it's more cost-effective.

4. With custom printed tape, you can secure your shipping boxes while also adding some flair and promotion.

In this case, a shipping tape customizer might come in handy. A meter of customized tape wrapped around the outside of a shipping container may transform the overall appearance of a product and create a distinctive design.

Ideas to create custom tape

Here are some ideas to create your customized tape and apply it to your package to improve product delivery.

Before using custom tape on the gifts, you must create your custom tape to show a perfect image of your uniqueness. Here are some suggestions to design your customized tape using different logos for adding a unique appearance to your gifts.

1. Choose A Pattern Size

Packing tape is often sold in rolls that are only a few hundred feet long. This does not, however, imply that you must complete the overall length. Select a length for your pattern that you can design as precise or as simple as you want, and then it will be repeated throughout every inch.

2. The Minimal Logo

The custom tape you choose should feature your logo printed on it. A “minimal logo” custom tape is a simple tape with only your logo on it. This kind of design looks tidy, and you will immediately draw attention to your gifts.

3. Handwritten Message

A handwritten font used to convey a message is an excellent method to ensure that your gift remains authentic and individual. It gives a rustic look to your product and could be the main feature of a great custom tape.

Choose a handwritten font that is a symbol of your uniqueness to your gift and then experiment with various fonts until you have found the ideal one that matches. You could also make use of a calligraphy font to add an extra touch of sophistication.

4. Splashy Icons

A strikingly illustrated emblem or image is an excellent option to transform your dull shipping container into striking packaging. Make your product's custom shipping tape more attractive with vibrant shapes and exciting colors.

You can choose to keep the background of the packing tape in a solid white shade with striking black designs, or you could keep the logo as a solid color and then experiment on the color of your background.

5. Add Personal Artwork

Most of the time, it's your artwork and pictures that tell your story the best. Make use of the artwork section to include any additional images you'd like to include in your personalized packaging tape.

6. Manage Your Layers

Manage Your Layers

Each graphic you include to your personalized packing tape is an individual layer. Based on your design goals, you can wish for certain elements to stand over or beneath other elements.

Utilize the icon of 4 lines to move layers upwards and downwards until you get the desired appearance, and then use the padlock icon to secure an element.

Much as cutting lines can be used to create interesting cropping, layers allow you to build interesting design hierarchies or conceal certain elements that you don't like.

7. Roll That Awesome Tape Up

Make use of a twist tie to fix the tape on the roll. This step is completely optional, but it can give the homemade custom tape the “product packaging” feel.

There are several ways to wrap and tie the strips around the tube. One option is simply to bundle them together using twist ties. This is perfect for long strips that may overlap.

The other option is to connect them using small pieces of tape attached to the backing.

8. Choose Your Quantity

Your customized tape is nearly ready to print. All you have to decide is the number of rolls of your brand's masterpiece you'd like to print. Start with one roll to test the custom packaging to ensure that your packaging efforts continue for a long time.

Tips for Picking & Prepping Your Custom Tape Design

Making sure you pick the right layout for your custom tape is crucial to make it appear unique. Here are some tips that could assist you.

1. Pick the Right Elements

When you are thinking of creating your custom tape it is crucial to pick the right elements. A seamless design incorporates repeated elements that aren't apparent. So when you are making your tape choose the elements you want to add.

2. Vibrant Colors

The process used in this tutorial can reduce the brightness of the laser printer. We've observed that intentionally choosing elements that are bold and rich colors help to counter this.

3. Matte Tape for Old-fashioned

Try using matte tape to cover vintage items like old ephemera, or newsprint. A matte surface has some texture and a rustic look.


All you need is just a few strips of custom packaging tape printed with a beautiful logo or design to seal your box. And it will improve and give your gifts a whole different look. This is how you can make high-quality, attractive custom packaging to send family gifts.

So, be creative with your tape design and surprise your family with one-of-a-kind gifts this holiday season.

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