How to Earn Money From Your DIY Design Projects

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Making extra money is always an excellent idea, and making it out of what you do best is an even better one.

Selling crafted items, hand-made products, and unique DIY things have always helped unemployed people make money – from stay-at-home moms to retirees, from recently graduated students to homemakers.

It became even more popular due to the lockdown situation with people losing their jobs or just having too much free time at home.

Most likely, you want to make money from your hobby or find your thing to get started, but you are drained in self-doubting or afraid to offer your DIY projects to the audience.

Here are three things you need to read to clear the subject and make it rational before you start.

Make Sure You Love What You Do

It is not another try to inspire you with that world-famous quote about not working a day if you choose a job you love. It is a hint for you on where to start looking if you are starting from scratch.

People always tend to underestimate their skills and hobbies, but in fact, taking into account things that you have been already doing can be a great start for finding your own craft and developing within (or beyond) it.

Just like that, experimenting with tuning up kitchen furniture can evolve into starting a home remodeling business or knitting baby hats when expecting one has a prospect to grow into your own clothing brand!

Besides, handcrafting applies to digital products as well! Think about creating tutorials on home decor (who knows, maybe later you will create your own online course?), or planning sheets, if you are not into soap making or DIY jewelry.

Those are just examples, and you indeed will find (or already have) something that appeals to your taste. It is essential because when you are overloaded with ordered crafts to make and sell, it will be your reminder of why you got started in the first place.

Choose the Right Platform to Sell

To make money from your crafts, you need a place where people will easily order them, and all that is required from you is to set up a business PayPal account to receive the payments.

Fortunately, there are some different ways to open an online shop, so choose what works best for you.

The most popular platforms are Shopify and Etsy. The first one allows you to build your brand from zero and get a full set of all the needed things for your business's online presence – logo, theme, blog, and a site that is already enabled for selling.

It will be a perfect choice if you are planning to invest in your DIY projects and go all in.

The second one, Etsy, is an e-commerce platform that allows you to start an online shop without creating a website – you use this marketplace alongside other sellers. Consider it a digital alternative for craft fairs.

It is a perfect platform for beginners who want to check if their crafted items will be in demand and small businesses with limited products or irregular restocking.

Social media platforms offer shopping options, as well. For example, you can join Facebook's marketplace or switch to a business account on Instagram.

The latter will also bring you advertising advantages, as you can promote your posts there and get in touch with your prospective buyers.

You can also consider creating a landing page on Tilda or Wix. They are extremely easy to make but will bring additional value to your shop and make it look more reliable and trustworthy.

Privacy Policy and Disclosure

No matter which platform you will choose to sell your craft items and DIY design projects, you will need to have a privacy policy and a disclosure – it is a legal document that confirms your intent to sell the products.

You can easily find some free generators online, but it cannot be considered a legal form, and eventually, you will have to get legal advice.

To avoid any concerns and misunderstandings and ensure that you are selling completely legally, it would be best to consult this part of running your online shop with an attorney from the very beginning.

You can find many of them available online, specializing in online shops, freelancing, blogging, creating courses, etc.


You probably have been toying with the idea of starting to sell your DIY project for a long time now, and hopefully, this brief introduction persuaded you to make a move finally. It never hurts to try.

Online shops can be confusing initially, but they are indeed the best (and only) way to make your craft business find its customers.

You can start a blog, create a website, use e-commerce or social media platforms to sell your crafts, and embody the most daring ideas.

You do not have to overload yourself with too many crafts to make and sell – you can always set your limits and keep it on the most comfortable way to gain profit and enjoy your hobby simultaneously.

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