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Here she be. The beginning of a wonderful journey, my blog. Round 4. This is not my first rodeo, so to speak. It is, however, the first time I'm investing significant capital into the blogosphere. This is the right time to start a blog.  So I'm going to make sure I keep at it this time (excuse the self motivation spewing from me).

Plus, the little income I am currently making will be drying up soon, so I'll have more time to focus on this techy baby!

The initial 3 blogs went no further than one post, at best.

My first attempt was a few years back on a long-weekend whim while doing some extensive baking. Fail.

Blog 2 came after a particularly motivating work conference. Fail.

Lucky number three was spawned after leaving my career due to a need to simplify and becoming a full-time housewife. Fail.

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Which brings us to this baby… the Golden Child.

When is the right time to start a blog?

When Hubby and I first began trying to conceive I was baby crazy. I scoured Pinterest for all the best baby blogs, information, know-hows, and items to have. After about 5 months of this, I settled down a bit…until we had a false positive (me seeing a line that didn’t exist).

I then resumed my craziness until we actually became expectant parents.

At that point I went full-bore psycho. Joining pregnancy apps, reading every tidbit I could get my hands on, buying all the books my favorite blog posts recommended, and planning my the baby’s dream nursery.

I could recite the size of the baby each week in veggie terms, knew all the things to expect in my 9 months of anticipation, was totally prepared for labor & delivery, and drove Hubby insane with fetus facts. I felt completely ready.

And totally alone.

Hubby didn’t seem to share my extreme excitement and we had decided to keep little babe a secret for a while.

My only solace was Pinterest and the blogosphere. I started wondering if I should write my own blog on parenting and lifestyle. But, since I wasn’t officially a mama yet, I laughed the thought off.  It just didn't seem like it would be the right time to start a blog.  Still it lingered throughout my pregnancy and into mommy-hood (where I continued to do as much research as humanly possible).

After being a mother for a few months I was seriously feeling the itch to do something more than babysit a couple of local kids a few days a week.

Starting a blog re-entered my fore-brain. What was stopping me now?  Was it the right time to start a blog?

I had some experience, didn’t I? Sure, it may have only been a few months with a perfect angel baby, but I had this thing cased! So what was stopping me?

  • The coding.
  • The learning curve.
  • The work!
  • How would I find time to learn all this and be a mom and a wife and a home-maker and a babysitter?!

Back burner again.

Fast forward a few months.

Sweet girl is approaching a year old and we’re expecting baby #2. This is the right time to start a blog. Why? What has changed?

  • One of my dearest friends who has a successful blog that she loves running has just flown “home” for a few weeks! Serious motivator and free help.
  • I feel ready. In five short months one of my dear babysitting boys will be heading to grade 1 and the other will be at home with his own new baby brother or sister.  Leaving me no longer needed.
  • I’ll have more “spare” time (any home-maker will laugh at this term). I’m feeling a need to feel needed and to connect with other like-minded individuals.

What fears am I facing?

The coding is still scaring me half to death, as well as the fear that I may never recoup the money I (very quickly) invested. However, I’ve always loved writing and have been sorely missing it since my university days. That and the passion I feel about being a parent and sharing my journey, trials, and tribulations are pushing me through this.

But I truly feel now is the right time to start a blog.

I want to share my biggest goals for Hampers and Hiccups.

  1. Find a web community I feel an integral part of.
  2. Raise awareness of non-mainstream parenting ideas and curb stereotypes and misnomers surrounding ones I am familiar with.
  3. Make a small income, at least enough to cover blogging costs.

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Take that first step.  In one month you'll be glad you did.

In real life, as well as in my writing, I am brutally honest. Knowing that, you can rest assured that what you read here will be true testimonials from me on products and practices that I use and have tried in my everyday life. As scared and nervous as I am in this endeavor, I am equally as excited. I look forward to connecting with you and growing my online friend base. Happy reading.

This content was created by original creator of this website, Katelynn Hegedus on March 12, 2017

Update and Advice from a successful blogger

I am Amy, current owner of Hampers And Hiccups. Katelynn built a beautiful blog and she sold it to me when she was moving and going through a lot of life changes in August 2018. I am a successful blogger earning over $1,500 per month gross working on the blogs 80 hours per month. (5 to 9 am Mon – Fri) I have two blogs and you can learn how to do this and be successful no matter how busy you are or what stage of life you are in. I have been blogging for one year and bought this site only two months ago. I presently have seven children, homeschool, run two Etsy shops and more. Treat it like a business, not a hobby, make time for working every business day, keep learning and you will see results.

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