Qualities You Need to Look for When Buying a Dehumidifier

buying a dehumidifier

Since COVID-19 struck the planet and spread its disaster all around the world, suddenly now a sniffle or slight wheeze has the power to instill fear into every living person on earth.

This fear has the capacity to impact our physical and mental health, causing immense anxiety and enormous stress, making our immune systems a target for the fatal virus.

The once predictable and bearable cold, that we found ourselves susceptible to every year, has now become a massive worry because of its similarities to the lethal virus.

Therefore, every time we awaken with maybe a sore throat or the tickle of a cough, panic enthralls our minds!

It is now more important than ever to take care of our health and do our utmost to ensure our homes and workspaces are clean and as germ-free as humanly possible.

To do this, we rush out and buy the latest, most effective cleaning products on the market, religiously wash our hands and wear a mask to protect ourselves and the people around us to prevent the spread of not only the coronavirus but other similar illnesses too.

Let’s face it, our health has always been a priority however, has become even more so prevalent now than ever before.

So, we take these hygienic measures to ensure the population’s safety, adopt a more extensive cleanliness ritual, if you like.

These steps may be successful in preventing illnesses and in stopping the spread of COVID-19 however, as for the underlying health conditions such as asthma and symptoms of allergies, the problems still remain and yet again the lines between these illnesses and the virus are blurred, due to the similarities in symptoms.

So what can we do to lessen our allergenic symptoms and eradicate that constant anxiety?

Cleanse the Air With a Dehumidifier

Well….did you know that most of these allergenic symptoms are caused by dangerous substances such as mold, mildew and dust mites that travel through the air and live in moist and damp conditions and by investing in a dehumidifier, you can prevent and eliminate any cause for these allergenic symptoms?

It’s true, a dehumidifier can ensure the air is at an optimal and healthier level and can remove these toxic and irritating substances from the air, letting us avoid any nasty symptoms and breathe so much more easily.

Sounds good right! Well…when choosing to go out and purchase a dehumidifier be sure to take into account and look out for these very important qualities, to ensure you get ultimate results!

Internal Capacity

When buying a dehumidifier it is a good idea to look out for just how much water the system will hold at any one time, take notice of the pint capacity.

The pint capacity indicates just how much moisture the dehumidifier can remove from the air within 24hours.

The capacity all comes down to the area in which it will be used and how much moisture is within the surroundings.

If you are looking to use your dehumidifier in your home then a capacity of 70 pints or less will suffice however, if you are purchasing to use in a commercial setting then a capacity of above 70 pints will be more suitable, again it all comes down to the size of the area and the extent of the moisture.

The Capacity of the Collection Tank or Bucket

Almost every residential dehumidifier has a collection tank in the interior of the system that collects the moisture and can be removed and emptied for easy use.

When the tank has collected its maximum intake of water, it must be emptied.

A lot of models now have the useful feature of shutting themselves down when the amount of water has been maintained however, not all systems possess this key feature.

Systems have now been specifically designed to eradicate any potential overfilling in the form of a dehumidifier with pump – this allows for the system to drain itself automatically, without having to empty the tank manually. These models are particularly useful for industrial or commercial use as a much higher capacity of moisture is evident in being extracted from industrial environments.

The Type Of Humidifier You Require, For What Temperature?

When looking for the correct dehumidifier it is important to take into account where you wish to put it to use as there are various models available for different purposes.

For instance, if you require a dehumidifier for somewhere cooler such as a garage or maybe a conservatory, you will need to purchase one that is suitable for cold spaces.

Desiccants are recommended for cooler spots as they operate at cooler temperatures or you may need one that works at a normal room temperature, in that case, a compressor will be the ideal option.

Another system available is the Peltier model which works similar to the compressor however, is designed for the smaller of spaces.

Key Features

key features of a dehumidifier

When deliberating over just which dehumidifier to invest in, it is important to consider any key features that may apply to you.

For example, will you be moving it around your home or the office? If so, then you will need to get one that is mobile and easy to relocate.

You may require it for use in the bedroom and do not wish the noises it will be sounding out to keep you awake all night, if this is the case then opt for a model with minimal noise or you could wish for a system to reboot automatically, say if there was a power cut!

Then choosing a model with an auto-reset is the ideal solution. There are many key features available that apply to different models.

Dehumidifiers can be the ultimate way to get rid of any nasty, potentially harmful substances in the air that we have to breathe in every single day and are the ideal way to keep dampness and mold from invading our homes.

Just bear in mind, to consider the factors mentioned above to ensure you are investing your cash in the model suitable for your own individual needs!

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