How to Сreate a Comfortable New Home with Your New Partner


According to Clickandflirt statistics, exactly 40% of first dates turn into serious relationships.

And, having a constant partner, sooner or later you come to the conclusion that regular dates and just pleasant leisure time together are not enough for you. You are faced with the need to think about the next step – living together.

How to know when it's time to live together?

Knowing when it’s time to live together is different for every couple. You should spend significant amounts of time at one another’s place until you are as comfortable there as you are in your own home.

When you move in, you don’t want it to feel like “his place” or “her place.” Instead, you want “our space”, a place where both of you have some investment into the home and place.

That being said, it’s very important for the couple to hit certain checkpoints before moving in.

  • You’ve been together for over a year
  • You plan on a long-term commitment
  • You already share financial responsibility
  • You already spend the night at each other’s place

These are some of the most clear-cut signs that it is time for the two of you to move in with one another.

Mostly, you’ll know when the time feels right to make the move. You don’t want to move in with someone if they aren’t mature enough to handle it or they still get very angry over mundane things in life. That’ll only add stress and difficulty to your romantic arrangement.

Consider each other's lifestyle and preferences when arranging furniture


We’ve all heard the horror stories about the men and women that move in together and find that they are marginalized.

You have some awesome posters or art that you want to be displayed, and your partner doesn’t allow it to happen. Even worse, some people return home one day to find a lot of their things in the trash.

That is unacceptable.

You’re trying to create a place where both of your preferences and lifestyles can mesh with one another instead of having one of them override the other.

The arrangement of new furniture needs to be the first live-in disagreement that you and your partner have with each other.

Ensure that you both compromise and end up happy with your choices; otherwise, you’ll resent making the choice to move in with your partner down the road.

Create your own atmosphere with decor and scents


It’s not uncommon for two disparate people to share a home together.

Yet, one style is found throughout the house. How does that happen? Most of the time, people decide to create their ambiance in the living area that reflects both of them.

There are many ways to do this.

You can divvy up the home and allow one of you to decorate some areas and the other partner to decorate the others.

Also, the two of you can work together to create a new aesthetic and atmosphere. Decide on the sorts of smells and décor that you both enjoy and employ it around the house. That might be easier said than done, but if you go shopping with each other, it’ll be easier.

You can pick our certain scents or styles that you both want in the home, and then make it a reality. Taking those steps will make the home feel most comfortable for you, and it will minimize any sort of fights that you have.

Discuss each other's household chores

There is nothing worse than living with someone that is a slob. When it comes time to move in, you have to make a list of the expected chores and then figure out how they’re going to be done.

You might need the bathroom floor mopped once a week, vacuuming done every so often, dishes cleaned, batteries changed, and more.

The best way to do this would be to assign tasks to each other that the person doesn’t mind doing. Some people find doing the laundry to be a relaxing experience. Other people like to do the dishes and wash the counters.

If there is something that you both don’t like doing, then make sure you tackle it together as a couple. These simple tips ensure that the chores get done and nobody resents their partner.

When you’re moving in with a partner, there are many things you need to consider.

Everything from whose furniture is going to be in the living room to the kind of candles you want filling the home with sweet aromas.

Usually, it’s difficult to figure out how to find that perfect balance for a couple, but it doesn’t have to be. Using the advice that we’ve listed here, and any couple can be happy and satisfied with the outcomes in their new combined living space.

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