How to Pick Flower Delivery Companies: Everything You Need to Know

Every May, more flowers are purchased and delivered in the days leading up to Mother's Day than any other time of the year. Mother's Day even outshines Valentine's Day in the number of flowers purchased.

But these two days aren't the only time you should be sending flowers to your loved ones. If you wait until a holiday each year, you are likely not showing the spontaneous love and affection that your loved ones deserve.

Luckily, you can pick flower delivery companies that make it so much easier to deliver flowers to your loved ones at home, at work, or anywhere else they happen to be.

And you can do it all without having to leave the house. But how do you choose the right company to ensure the best flower delivery experience? Keep reading below for all the tips you need.

Delivery Location

You can send flowers and plants through the standard parcel service. In fact, this is a popular way to ship plants across the US.

But this service is typically reserved for people purchasing their own flowers and plants, not for gifts.

That's because the flowers will be packed in a standard brown box, left on the doorstep. Parcel delivery companies don't have the time required to maximize the experience for the recipient.

So sending it in the mail is uninspiring at best. So the better option is choosing a flower delivery company that hand delivers their products in the city in which they operate.

To utilize this service, however, you'll need to enlist the help of a company near the recipient, which may be different from where you live. Most medium to large-sized cities will have multiple florists that offer this service.

A company like Helen Olivia Flowers sends their in-house staff to deliver flowers directly to recipients, so no unnecessary packaging or rough handling is required.

You'll just want to confirm first whether or not they can deliver to your requested address. You'll also want to ask if they can access a particular unit.

For example, if delivered to someone's office, the delivery person may need to access a large office building. If they deliver to an apartment, will they be able to access the building?

So your first step is finding out which companies can deliver to your desired address.

Types Of Flowers

Once you have a list of florists who can deliver to your loved one, it's time to compare the types of flowers they offer.

Most will have certain flowers, bundles, and bouquets that they specialize in when it comes to delivery. Choosing the products they recommend for delivery is much easier than trying to create your own custom bundles.

View their options and compare the flower choices. Do you want roses? Daffodils? Something that's all one color, or something with many colors?

Think about the person receiving the flowers and what would communicate appreciation and affection the most.

Also, consider the meaning behind certain flowers. Carnations are usually reserved for lovers, as they communicate romance and desire. Daisies stand for purity and loyalty and will let the recipient know that you support them through anything.

Geranium is the flower of friendship, pansies are the flower of fun, and zinnias represent an affection towards absent friends and loved ones who live far away.

Don't just send any type of flower, as each flower communicates something.

Delivery Time And Cost

fast flower delivery

It helps to reach out to florists well in advance of when you want the flowers delivered. Not every flower shop has a wide-open schedule.

If you want them delivered on a specific date, like birthdays, anniversaries, or other special events, you'll want to do this well in advance to ensure you get a delivery slot on that day.

Or, if you just want to send flowers as soon as possible, ask how long their current delivery times are. Some may be able to do it the next day if it's not a holiday week. Others might have deliveries scheduled for weeks at a time.

Then, you'll want to start comparing delivery costs. Some florists will deliver for free, or offer a low flat fee if you spend a certain amount on their flowers. Others may charge a delivery fee based on the distance.

Always compare delivery costs as they can vary greatly from one florist to the next.

Finding Special Offers

If you're flexible with your delivery date, you may be able to find special flower delivery offers. Many florists will have deals during slower times of the year.

This might be in the fall when fewer holidays are taking place, and the wedding season has slowed down. Or it might mean that weekday deliveries are cheaper than weekends.

Always ask if they have any specials on delivery dates or flowers.

Read Online Reviews

Few things are as helpful as reading online customer reviews. Make sure to read some of the reviews on the companies website. But also check out third-party websites.

If they have a listing on the BBB, that's a great place to look. Otherwise, check out Google Reviews to get an unbiased look at their level of customer satisfaction.

If something went wrong, and a customer left a negative review, did that company respond by trying to make it right? Or was that customer left out in the cold?

It's okay if the company isn't perfect, but they should be doing their best to make things right.

Accept Payment Online

The easiest companies to work with are those that accept orders and payments online. These are the companies that have built efficient systems and processes in their business, and can likely handle your request with ease.

However, many florists don't accept payment online. You'll either need to visit their physical store, or call them to place an order, schedule delivery, and pay.

Pick Flower Delivery Companies That Rock

After spending a few minutes researching florists in your area, you'll be able to pick flower delivery companies that aim to provide amazing delivery services.

The companies that specialize in flower delivery will be your best bet, rather than those that simply offer the service because they have to. Choose wisely for the best experience and greatest reaction from your loved one.

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