5 Tips to Help You Choose the Perfect Candle for Your Home

choose perfect candle for your home

Originally used as man’s source of light, candles have now evolved to be more versatile and popular for everyday life.

They symbolize celebrations, romance and are even considered a household staple by many.  Indeed, there are various reasons why people keep candles.

Some choose to light candles to help with the ambiance and atmosphere of their spaces. Others use them for their soothing and healing properties.

Regardless of whether you’re keeping them for practical reasons or pleasure, candles are a great addition to your home.

However, don’t just go around and buy every candle you fancy! Searching for the perfect candle for your home will require you to consider many aspects.

To make it easier for you, we’ve written down five tips to ensure you choose your home’s best match.

Think of Your Space

Candles make good home decor pieces, but only if you know how to style them. Thus, before purchasing candles, think of where you want to place them.

The bedroom, bathroom, and living room are among the most suitable places to light a candle. Additionally, remember that larger rooms need bigger candles.

Depending on how you want to style them, you can also get candle holders for extra flair. There are different types of candles you can choose from.

Tea lights are small and practical as they can be cleaned up easier.  If you want bigger ones, opt for pillar candles.

When looking for pillar candle styles, consider grouping them in one area for a dramatic and elegant look.

Select a Scent

Just as mentioned earlier, how you pick your candle’s scent also depends on its location. You should be careful when placing an overly scented candle in smaller rooms.

Likewise, the smells you’re going to bring in a space should also match the atmosphere you’re going for. If you can,  you should also learn the different candle scent categories.

For example, lavender brings relaxation; therefore, candles that smell like lavender should be for the bedroom.

Placing one by your workplace will only be counterproductive, so choose your scent wisely. Alternatively, there are also unscented candles on the market, which you can purchase if you’re not into aromatherapy.

Choose a Wax Type

If you pay attention to your candle’s labels, you’ll notice that it states the type of wax it is made out of.

Almost any type of oil can be hardened into a wax, giving you plenty of choices to choose from. However, the four most popular ones are made from beeswax, paraffin, soy, and gel.

Beeswax is probably the oldest and most eco-friendly form of wax available.

They are also considered one of the healthiest waxes around due to it’s smokeless and spotless feature that helps purify the air.

On the other hand, paraffin is the most common on the market. However, it is a byproduct of the oil industry, a downside for eco-conscious homeowners.

Soy wax, though, is the more affordable alternative to natural beeswax. If you are looking for subtle scents, you should look for ones made from them since they do not hold as much fragrance as other waxes.

Lastly, despite its name, gel waxes are not waxes at all. They are made from mineral oil and polymer resin, which makes them burn longer than other waxes.

Know How Long It Burns

You should also be aware of how long your candles will burn. The time your candle will last will be depending on the wax type, size, and height you choose.

Poured beeswax is far by the longest types of candles to burn, with an average of 29 hours per 4 oz.

While the shortest burn time among the types of candles is made from paraffin, you can also find paraffin variants with higher melting points if you want.

Of course, the best way to ensure your candles burn longer is by lighting them correctly. Fortunately, the internet has many sources you can read on how to care for your candle.

Consider the Proper Wick

Consider the Proper Wick

The wick is an essential part of the candle that you should also look into. Without it, the fuel cannot be delivered to the flame. As such, the different wick sizes

Some bigger candles have multiple wicks for them to spread more intense fragrance quicker into the room.

Moreover, it helps them produce brighter lights. Conversely, while single wick candles burn slower, they will still emit stronger scents if the wick is made out of cotton or linen.


Choosing candles for your home requires a lot of decision-making. With different aspects up for consideration, it can get overwhelming for many homeowners.

No worries! Just follow the five tips we’ve rounded up for you, and you will surely find the ideal candle for your home in no time.

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