Top 3 Best Baby Shoes for Fat Feet Reviews for 2021

Any parent with chubby footed babies will know the struggle. You walk through the isles of your favorite store until you reach the infant and toddler section, you see all the sweet little tiny shoes they have.

The options are so adorable that you just have to try them on your little cutie. You pick your favorite in what should be based on how long his feet are.

However, these measurements never take into account how wide or tall the babies feet are. So, as you try to put the shoes on his feet you are immediately met with feet that look three sizes bigger than the shoes in your hand.

It seems as if shoe companies believe babies feet are the same dimensions as older kids feet; longer than they are wide.

What is the deal with these shoes made for babies with skinny little feet?! Babies are supposed to be chubby, and that includes their feet. And not two babies feet are the same, some are skinny, chubby, wide around the ankles, wide around the toes, some kids have higher arches and some babies feet are shaped like spheres!

Just as every baby or person is unique, so are their feet. Luckily for any modern parent, we have the miracle of online shopping. Amazon has all sorts of niche items for sale, and your chubby babies next pair of kicks could be on that list

Best Baby Shoes For Fat Feet: Our Top Choices

Check out our top picks at a glance below:

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1. BMCiTYBM - Baby Shoes Girl Boy Breathable Mesh Sneakers

BMCiTYBM Baby Shoes Girl Boy Breathable Mesh Sneakers 6 9 12 18 24 Months

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These adorable sneakers have great reviews and look absolutely precious. They have a mesh sided design that allows the babies feet to both breathe and take up a lot of room inside the sneakers. Whether your babies feet are wide from side to side or up and down these sneakers will be a great fit.

Pricing wise they're very affordable and you can expect to pay what you might pay at a big chain store.


Customer reviews were overwhelmingly positive and glowing. Many mentioned they enjoyed the intuitive design of the shoe and the length size should fit almost any babies feet. This means that even if you are one of the people with a little one with short, wide feet you could be in luck!

The mesh sides will allow your babies feet not only to stretch out but also to get some air and not overheat.

The flexible bottoms make for a great fit for children who are walking or cruising as it keeps their feet solidly flat and helps them gain traction

The straps allow for a little extra wiggle room in how tight or loose you make them and make the shoes perfect for chubby footed babies


The only negative comments tended to revolve around the shoes sliding off of skinny babies feet, though if you're looking for shoes for a fat baby that might be a moot point.

There were also a few reviews that spoke about the strap coming loose or the stitches in the strap breaking. This could be due to cheap production or parents/babies tugging too hard on the straps for extended amounts of time. This may be a problem if you are trying to strap these shoes on chubby feet, though these comments were very few and far between.

Customers opinions

Overall, the reviews are absolutely glowing. The ratings are high and the people who have actually bought the product are happy with it.

What more is there to know?

This product is inexpensive, made with care, and is perfect for little ones with not-so-little feet! If you buy the correct length of shoe, this should be a great place to start in you baby shoe scavenger hunt. Though some people felt like they came off of small baby feet or that they fell off easily, this probably won't be a problem for you if you're looking for products for chubby babies feet!

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These shoes are a little different from the previous set. They are not hard soled sneakers or even the bendable rubber soled kind. They are just tough, malleable fabric as a sole. This allows your child to walk and hold their feet as they see fit, which is how small children should learn to walk.

That's not an opinion either, this is what pediatricians (and statistics) suggest is the best for babies who are not yet walking or actively learning to walk. If you have a small child who needs shoes, whether they're walking or not, soft soles should probably be your first choice in their footwear.

Many pediatricians suggest that babies first set of shoes should be soft soles as it does not mess with how their arches are built and eases them into footwear rather than diving straight into hard soled shoes like an adult might wear.

This allows your little one to get used to the feeling of shoes, figure out where to place their feet, and lets them maintain their natural arch and toe placement.

The straps allow for you to decide how tight or loose their shoes should be. They also are made from genuine leather which makes for a very soft and comfortable shoe for you baby.

The soft soles are perfect for you baby, especially if they aren't walking independently yet. They also offer slip resistance on the soles for babies that either are walking or are learning to walk, so as to avoid as many accidents as possible.

This particular set of shoes is slightly less expensive than the BMCiTYBM set but have just as high ratings.


The non slip bottoms allow your baby to start to explore walking safely and without slippery shoes, and it cuts back on hurt little ones.

The soft soles are highly recommended for pre walking babies and actually benefit their future walking. These shoes also have the benefit of the strap as opposed to slip on (with which you can't control the tightness as much).


Some customers complained about the soles of the shoes wearing down quickly, and that these are intended for babies that are not walking independently. If your baby isn't walking but still needs shoes to go out with you these probably will not wear down before they grow out of them.

So, if your child is walking or cruising a lot, these shoes may work for their feet, but may also wear out more quickly than a set of age appropriate ones.

Customer opinions

The customers seem very happy with the product and the few complaints that they do have tend to revolve around the soles of the shoes wearing down. While many customers didn't even mention this, it is a problem to be aware of when buying these types of shoes.

This is not a problem that's specific to just this brand, it's just generally logical that fabric will wear out faster than rubber. Many of the customers that bought this have made a point in saying just how wonderful the product is and how it is actually true to the sizing.

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3. Ro + Me by Robeez Kids' Parker Sneaker Crib Shoes

Ro + Me by Robeez Unisex-Child Parker Sneaker Crib Shoe

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These adorably simplistic sneakers are a great option for a wide footed infant. They stay on very well and have the velcro strap to keep them in place on your babies foot. The rubber soles are very flexible so as to allow your little one some freedom in how they move their feet, yet offer a slip resistant bottom.

This will help minimize the falls your baby might experience. The shoes have a velcro strap and two elastic straps to offer some room for your babies feet to stretch out. The sizes offered go all the way from newborn to two years old.

This means that if you really fall in love with these shoes you could potentially use the same brand for a long time. They offer different colors and textures so you have some options while keeping the same ergonomic design.

This shoe is slightly more expensive than the last, though it might be worth it depending on your shoe needs. This certainly won't break the bank as you could expect to pay this much at any chain shoe store.


The nonslip bendable rubber soles offer support without too much solidity of the bottoms. The bottoms of these shoes are sturdy and since they are made to bend they will not fall apart on you. They also seem to be very true to size and fit a variety of baby feet. Many people are thrilled with how these fit wide footed babies. The price is fairly low so trying out this pair should be pretty easy.


Some reviews mention that these shoes were not durable on their crawlers feet. Some mentioned fraying or tearing of the shoes after only a few uses.

Also, while most people have found success in the shoes sizes, they're sized differently than regular shoes as they go from months old all the way into toddler sizes. That doesn't mean the sizing is off, just that you have to check the sizing chart before you try to buy these shoes.

Lastly, rubber soles, even this soft, flexible rubber, are not recommended for pre walking children. If your baby is walking or cruising they should be fine as they've already learned how to hold their feet, however, if they're only crawling or not mobile at all, maybe consider buying a soft soled shoe made out of fabric instead of rubber.

Customer opinions

Many customers were very happy with these shoes and the buying experience. This product does have slightly lower ratings than the others on this list. The problems with this particular set of shoes seem to be that they fray around the edges or that the bottoms wear out quickly. These shoes should be for walking children so the bottoms need to stay in tact.

While there are a few complaints about this (enough to take note) there are so many positive ones that we might be able to assume that these are flaws in the individual pairs (like they may have been made carelessly) and that it isn't a flaw with every single pair this company makes.

So many customers also noted that the shoes looked even more adorable in person than in the pictures and many raved about finally finding a pair that fit their chubby babies.

All in all this product is generally loved by the customers who bought it and has fairly good ratings. While some people did have problems with the shoes wearing out, or fraying, it certainly was not everyone's experience. Since these shoes are pretty inexpensive, even if they do fray or wear out, you've only spent a small amount of money on them.

Based on the features and customer reviews, these certainly seem to be a pair to try out as they're super good for wide feet and overall seem to be loved by the customers.

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All of these products made this list because they are reliable, practical, and work really well for chubby baby feet. After all not all shoes are created equal, and for some reason, many brands seem to think that babies feet are teeny tiny and skinny.

Moms, Dads, Aunts, Uncles, etc. Of chubby babies know better! Lots of babies have fat or wide feet and need a little more wiggle room in their shoes. With these options shown here you can find a sturdy, wide shoe for your little bundle of joy at any stage of their development.

While some of these shoes work better for older babies or non walking babies in general, you're the only one who can decide what is best for your son or daughter. With this list you can make the most educated decision for your chubby footed baby. These three pairs work wonderfully for that:

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