Why Is My Baby So Fidgety


New parents are often surprised by how twitchy their babies are. It can actually be common, so then why is your baby so fidgety?

The first thing you need to understand is there’s nothing wrong. There is no need to freak out or get upset.

Babies are complex little creatures who go through a wide range of emotions. Being fidgety is one of them.

Sometimes it’s the parents who end up being the ones who are the most fidgety, and it’s because they can’t seem to wrap their head around what’s going on with their child.

Stay calm, relax, and understand that this, like many other aspects of child development, is completely natural.

Let’s talk about why your baby may not be able to sit still.

Gas Pains Can Cause Your Baby Discomfort

What’s the first thing that you think of when thinking about gas? It’s okay to giggle.

As a parent, you’re going to be faced with all kinds of issues with bodily functions.

If you haven’t gotten used to that fact, you will soon.

Gas is a reality for babies, and it can bring on a whole host of emotions. If your baby is fidgety because of the gas, consider yourself lucky.

Gas is something that can cause a lot of discomfort in a variety of ways for a baby.

Think back to the last time that it felt like you had a thunderstorm in your gut. That’s what your baby is feeling.

Being a little fidgety is okay, and it could be worse. You’ll know how worse it can get when your baby ends up crying all night because of gas.

And if that happens, try some onion tea!

Reflux is Another Thing That Can Make Your Baby Act Fidgety


Reflux is normal for a baby, and that’s why they spit-up. Sometimes the reflux can make them feel a little fidgety.

You’ll notice when your baby is acting differently after they’ve eaten. Imagine how you would feel if you needed to spit up after you ate.

Allow your baby to spit up and get it over with. There is no way that you can avoid reflux as it will happen from time to time.

Accept reflux as a normal part of the feeding process. If your baby is spitting up all the time, you may want to pay more attention to how and when you’re feeding them.

The same is true if your baby's spit-up is clear or starts to look different over time.

Your Baby May Need to Get Some Sleep

If your baby hasn’t slept in a while, they might be tired. A tired baby can be all kinds of things, including fidgety.

The solution may be to waddle, rock, or to walk your baby until they fall asleep.

Don’t discount the idea that your baby is tired right away. Babies sleep a lot.

If your baby is acting like someone who has drunk too much coffee, the answer may be to get them to fall asleep.

You might find during this time that your baby has a difficult time falling asleep.

If that’s the case, then you will have your work cut out for you.

Babies who are tired, but can’t sleep, pose a whole different dilemma. It’s going to take quite a bit of effort on your part to get them to fall asleep.

You’re kind of stuck in limbo during this time because you don’t know what’s causing your baby to be fidgety, and you can’t get them to fall asleep.

It’s best to stay calm during this time and do a little singing. Yes, singing.

Your baby might fall asleep if they hear your voice while you sing a lullaby.

Singing will relax you and give your mind something to think about other than your baby, who can’t seem to calm down.

Read here if you have problems with your baby calming down when hearing you sing.

Your Baby is Hungry, and Soon They’re Going to Get Grumpy


A hungry baby will become fidgety. Being fidgety is one of the first signs of a baby being hungry.

Ask yourself when the last time you fed your baby was. If it’s been a while, try giving them something to eat.

A little milk might do the trick, and they will become less fidgety.

You’ll know for sure if the reason why they’re so fidgety is because of hunger because it will soon turn to grumpiness.

If your baby becomes grumpy after being fidgety, you can almost guarantee that it’s from being hungry.

The easy solution is to feed your baby. This is one of those situations where you have to drop everything that you’re doing and take care of your baby.

If your baby is hungry, you’re not going to be able to persuade them from not wanting to eat.

Find a comfortable place to sit and give them a bottle, or find an area with a little privacy and breastfeed them.

You aren’t going to be able to distract a hungry baby to get them to stop crying.

First, it’s being fidgety, and then it’s total meltdown mode if your baby is hungry.

There is no way of dealing with this situation other than to feed them.

Your Baby is Using Its Emotions as a Way of Communicating

A baby can’t come right out and say that they’re hungry, tired, or having issues with reflux.

You will learn how to read your baby over time, so you know what’s going on with them.

A baby being fidgety is normal, and there isn’t any cause for concern. You don’t realize it, but all babies are this way.

It’s easy to find yourself feeling that the world is collapsing around you when your baby is fidgety. It isn’t.

Everything is going to be okay, and it’s only a matter of addressing your baby’s needs.

Sometimes as parents, we feel overwhelmed because our duties are so strong. You might not have gotten much sleep lately, and who knows how long it’s been since you’ve last eaten.

Your mental and physical health plays a significant role in how you process your fidgety baby’s needs.

These are stressful times for your mind and body, and it’s normal for you to overact during these situations.

Keep a level head and realize that you were once a little fidgety baby at once time. You, too, were a handful, and you were able to overcome it and be the person you are today.

Address the root cause of why our baby is fidgeting, and everything will be okay.