Change the Design Aesthetic of Your Bedroom with a TV Lift Set

Room With a TV Lift Set

What about upgrading your room? Well, you might be still thinking that it costs a fortune. However, now, you don’t need to spend thousands to replace all the furniture and décor items.

Just one small addition will change the way your room looks: a TV lift set.

You can choose the design that is the best for your accommodation.

It is not as expensive as you might think, and the effect is breath-taking. So, let us move on with the new upgrade project for your room.

Where do you want the TV lift to be fixed? There are several options:

  • In a cabinet (you can use something you have already, you might buy one or even build one);
  • On the ceiling.

Fixing a TV Lift in a Cabinet

To install a TV lift in the cabinet, choose a cabinet first. Ready? Make a slot in the top. In this slot, your TV will be lifted. Then, get a motorized TV lift kit.

Now, install a lift system either on the back wall of the cabinet or on its bottom, depending on the TV weight.

If the back wall of your cabinet isn’t strong enough, it is also recommended to install the lift on the bottom rather than on the back side.

Fist the TV on the lift. Now, hide and arrange cables, and you can use your new system.

If you want, you can make a cover for the slot where your TV-set appears from the cabinet. Fix it on hinges, and your cabinet will look impeccable.

One of the Most Stylish Installations – a Ceiling TV Lift

A ceiling TV lift is, probably, one of the most impressive installations for a TV-set. It unclutters the room, too.

For a ceiling installation, you need a really reliable TV lift. If you haven’t had experience with installing such items, we would recommend hiring a specialist.

If you want to do all on your own, it is possible, too. Just make sure you have chosen a TV lift that can support your device without any danger that your new TV-set will fall.

Fixing all the cables might be also challenging but the good thing is that reliable manufacturers provide a TV lift set with all the items that are needed to arrange your device properly.

Final Thoughts

A TV lift is a wonderful way to refresh even the most old-fashioned room. Just imagine how impressive it is when from a cabinet that is probably some generations-old rises an advanced item.

And how it looks when this item is being lowered from the ceiling! Your friends will be amazed.

One more advantage is an opportunity to install a new device while not taking any additional space for it. This feature is especially valuable if your accommodation is not big.

Anyway, whatever your target is, a new TV lift is an item that will not stay unnoticed and will serve you for ages. Watching TV at a height that is comfortable for you – what can be better?

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