How to Organize Your Tools to Make More Space in Your Garage

organize tools properly

Garages tend to get cluttered faster than any other room in the house. It’s so easy to throw any and everything in there. Dirty boots, a stack of boxes, bicycles, old or functional cars, power tools, you name it, it’s probably in there. After a while, you may not have space to take two steps comfortably. While it may be a more difficult job to completely clear the garage, you can try the following ideas now to reorganize your tools, making in the process, more space for more functions.

Garage Cabinets For The Do-It-Yourselfer

Design your very own set of cabinets and have them constructed and shipped to your home in about a week ready for install. Does that sound too good to be true? Well, great news, it’s not! You can allow your creativity to flow, not just to aid in organization, but to add a pop of color and style. Take a visit to to get the ball rolling. Select your layout and size specifications. In ordering directly from the maker, you cut out the middle man and so end up paying less. Your uniquely fashioned set comes with a ten-year warranty.

Install Additional Shelving

If your garage walls are bare, that is an indication that you’re not taking full advantage of the space you have. Fashion some simple wooden shelves, if you are so skilled, or purchase steel shelving brackets that just need to be screwed on. Attach as many shelves as necessary for your storage needs. Your tools don’t need to be strewn across a work table or forgotten in a corner somewhere. No. Proudly display them. If you would rather not place them directly onto the shelves, then feel free to use different plastic bins or baskets. The more you can break up the clumping of tools, the better.

No More Lost Nails

Imagine getting pricked by a stray nail overlooked on the floor. All the more troubling if it is a rusted nail. Instead of having them scattered about, use smaller puncture-proof containers. There are different types of screws, various lengths, nails for different uses. Label each container so that there is no confusion. Once properly separated, your ease of access will be simpler. Another suggestion is to attach a magnet to the bottom of your hammer. While this will not solve the problem for a large number of nails and screws, it will make a few more readily available if you’re in the process of completing a project.

Create Your Very Own PVC Tool Holder

This works perfectly for drills. Measure the circumference of the drill head. Use that number to buy an appropriately sized PVC pipe. A three-inch pipe will normally do. If your drills are bigger, then, of course, go some sizes up. You want to measure the length of the drill head. You may add one or two inches to that number. Now you know how wide the pipe should be and the length each section of the pipe needs to be cut. You then want to cut away a section at the base of the pipe, removing about half the length of the tube,  so that the drill can be slipped in and the neck rests comfortably on the remaining half of the PVC.

Consider A Pegboard

Should you just want a solution to hang some tools, this is it. Pegboards can’t be beaten. You can purchase this ready-made. The frame that will be attached to it can be easily constructed using some leftover wood and a nail gun. You can opt to paint the board in a color you desire or leave it as is, sporting its brown hue. Whip out your stud finder to locate the studs that should be sixteen inches apart. You will then need to attach screws to the front of the board that has to line up with the studs in the back. This is done for an extra layer of security. The board can be placed at the base of the wall but to clear up more floor space, it can be hung using hooks.

Construct A Workbench

Is a garage complete without this piece of furniture? Get to work getting this to be a part of your garage space. This represents another great way to find a better resting place for tools than the floor. No problem if you are unable to construct this yourself, not all of us are handy at construction. Invite your friends who are more skilled or hire a professional builder to make and erect this necessary item. The workbench can be outfitted with different appendages that can be used for additional storage and hanging functions.

Do A Good Ole Clean Up

tools organizing in the garage

Yes, you can construct different furniture or use different storage bins and containers but the most basic and the easiest way to ensure your tools are accounted for and organized neatly is firstly to be able to locate them, and subsequently to place them. Round up the family on the weekend. Make this a priority. Throw away all unnecessary items, unused and unwanted things. If they are in a good enough state, donate these items to relevant organizations or have a garage sale. What is left should be the things you need, use, and those that hold some sentimental value.

Get proper containers for other stuff you’re storing in your garage. For example, if you’re keeping the Christmas tree in there, use a special tree keeper bag to store the tree upright and prevent damage. Store fragile ornaments in padded bags with dividers, so they don’t chip. This way, you can still use these decor pieces for the coming holiday season and save time and money.

Group the items and place them in labeled bags and boxes. Clear the garage and give a good sweep and mop. Once dry, re-pack in an orderly manner. With all tools now located, they can be placed or hung in ways previously described.

No reason you should look at your garage and believe it is a hopeless space. With some time set aside, a lot of patience, you can transform the area into the most pristine location. Enlist the help of extra shelves, pegboards, hooks, storage bins, a workbench, and cabinets. Any of these ways will be a better option than having tools strewn about. Not only will this make the garage look more spacious, but it will also be changed into a safer space for you.

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