What You Need to Know About Postpartum Depression Groups in 2020

Back in October, our second baby, Pip, was born.

postpartum depression is real, raw, emotional, scary, life threatening. it is a disease. How many women are affected? 1 in 5. that's 20%. you are not alone. it's more than just the baby blues. more than just overwhelm. more than just fatigue. find out what I learned and how it can help you in your own journey after your baby is born.As most newborns are, he was squishy, sleepy and cuddly. I was pretty prepared for this. What I wasn't prepared for was the emotions I would feel. To the point where I thought I had postpartum depression.

When Sweet Girl was born, I had absolutely ZERO negative effects. I was SO in love with being a mama and amazed at how we lucked out with such an easy baby (she slept through the night at 3 weeks!). Of course, I didn't expect future babies to be as perfect, but I also didn't expect what I experienced with Baby Pip.

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