How to Harvest Your Garden Efficiently in 2020!

Garden harvest the easy way. Ideas how to make your harvest more efficient

It's getting to that time of year when we're all closely monitoring our gardens in great anticipation of that first harvest of some yummy produce. I'm talking the stuff we have to really wait for – beans, carrots, peppers, tomatoes, corn and potatoes – not the quick-to-grow veggies like lettuce and radishes!

The Harvest Issue

It seems to take FOREVER to get everything in to harvest and process! From about mid-late July until we pull the last of the potatoes out in September or October, I'm busy picking, blanching, freezing, canning, and preparing. Phew!
Since we try to use every last bit of produce and not let any go to waste, it can get pretty crazy 'round here trying to get the harvest done and processed before it spoils.

Over the years, I've slowly become more and more aware of the craziness, and more and more adamant about efficiency (in every aspect of our lives).  So, I've figured out a few ways to save some time and stress during garden harvest.

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