How to Support Someone Who Has Been Sexually Assaulted

sexually assaulted

Sexual assault is violence against human nature and needs not to be tolerated. The law is clear on the penalties to be faced by anyone found culpable of sexual harassment at work or any other place. A person who has fallen victim to such heinous acts tends to open up to close persons. If someone shares with you what happened to them, consider giving him or her all the attention.

This is where the healing comes from. The issue is normally heavy but with the right moral guidance, one slowly moves from it. Through a total recovery, it becomes possible to do the recollection and gain control over things once more. How do you exactly offer support for total healing?

1. Be Good at Listening

The first step to a healing process of emotional trauma is sharing. This is where you encourage the person to speak it out. Let him or her describe everything to you. It acts as the beginning of the heaviness in the heart. On your side, be a good listener and frame all your questions in the right way.

It makes you not sound provocative or judging in any way. As a confidant, the person expects a lot from you. Be that reliable source of comfort by giving them every reason to soldier on. Remind them of how important they are and how the ordeal was not their cause.

2. Advice on Seeking Legal Assistance

Since the law is clear on why sexual harassment is a violation of human rights, guide them in filing a lawsuit. Making unwelcome sexual advances being the sexual harassment definition, seek legal assistance against it. There are law companies that major in workers' compensation and sexual harassment cases and finding them is a great idea.

The sexual harassment lawyers will be of use in helping your friend prepare for the legal procedure well. This includes the gathering of evidence and finding the right witnesses to testify in court. With their expertise in this field of law, they will offer total representation in court. The perpetrator will be likely to spend a certain period behind bars and this brings much peace of mind.

3. Respect the Privacy

how to support someone who has been sexually assaulted

As much as you want to be close and get more details, at times it needs moderation. This allows enough time for the recollection. Also, uphold a high level of confidentiality with every detail you get unless he or she has no problem with that. You can even get specific details on the circle of people within which the sharing can happen.

Avoid making rash decisions such as confronting the perpetrator. This is because it may worsen the situation more. If you are still in the court process, such actions can be turned against you hence lower the chances of success. Guide the close person on ways to have more safety from other parties who may bring provocations.

Sexual harassment is something that should not happen to anybody. If you have a close friend or relative who has experienced such, purpose to walk with them during the dull times. Offer moral support and be a good listener. Encourage them to seek justice as well.

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