Moving for the Millennial: Here’s the Best Modern Way To Move Houses!

Imagine – you finally have enough savings to actually start renting a new apartment, or even paying the downpayment for your dream home. That’s amazing, right? Not everyone gets to meet their dreams of having a house to call their own, and being able to do so can feel extremely awesome. That is, until you realize you have to actually make the move to actually live there. And, with your personal responsibilities, work tasks, and even personal relationships out there, your smartphone’s calendar app might explode with all of your requirements. Or would it? Turns out, you can actually pull off your move with all the modern tech you can find at home. How? Well, here are some tips:

Organize things your home needs by submitting documents online

Remove the inconvenience of having to go to government offices and other institutions yourself to submit relevant documents. If possible, try to ask these institutions and offices if you can submit licenses, forms, registration, and other documents online. This helps avoid the hassle of having to go to faraway locations, and saves time on your end which you can use for more helpful tasks. You can also use this time to look for moving services long distance, or if you need to gather supplies and other things as requirements. When a certain institution or office asks you to submit a document yourself, ask if you can submit these online instead. This is especially if said office actually has a digital offering where you can view your account online. . 

Check your home using video calls and live feeds

If you and your broker live far away from each other, you can actually ask your broker to check out your home for you via video calls and conferences. You can stay at home while your broker or another member of your family tours you around your new home. This allows you to make smarter plans of organizing your home without spending too much gas and travel time to get there. This also makes effective use of existing camera and video calling technology to provide crisp details of your home without having to be there. 

Create an inventory through spreadsheets and digital files

Instead of listing everything you own in pen and paper, why not use an inventory made out of a spreadsheet? Using the cloud to make spreadsheets allows you to access a list of everything you own regardless of the device, making it easy for you to arrange your things with just your phone in tow. Likewise, this makes it easy for everyone in the family to take note and record everything they own. You don’t have to pass notes around to check how much you own, you can just have a record of everything in one place.

Schedule your move with calendar applications to keep things organized

Keeping in line with our reliance on digital spreadsheets for inventory, we can also rely on calendar applications to keep our moving schedule organized. This allows us to take note of everything we need to do in a particular point in time, and not just the move. Using a calendar app allows us to keep track of our work responsibilities, personal obligations, and still make room for things like our move. This is important, as we can’t let our move compromise our work and even our personal lives. This also allows us to use our paid time offs, free time, and even leaves to start packing and conducting the actual move. 

Use the power of social media and search engines to look for professional assistance

Gone are the days of having to look for movers and packers in yellow pages, and you can actually find movers equipped with the skills and the experience needed for your move over the internet and even social media pages. It’s important to remember that most, if not all, modern businesses nowadays actually have some form of exposure in social media and the internet, thanks to their desire to be acquainted with a more modern audience. Take advantage of this and actually start finding movers that can help you in this manner. 

Moving Houses the Modern Way: Easier Than It Seems!

With the above tips taken into consideration, it’s important to understand that using tech for your move isn’t really the most difficult thing to do. In fact, thanks to a lot of us being so used to using various tech, gadgets, and even software, we can actually be able to conduct a move much easier.

Gone are the days when we have to take multiple trips to stores, or even take a lot of trips to get various documents done. Thanks to the power of online communication and digital networks, we’re able to communicate with the right people, submit the right requirements, and even make the most relevant purchases without much difficulty. If you have other tips, feel free to share them below!