6 Remarkable Things To Do To Memorialize Your Loved One After Cremation

memorialize after cremating

After losing a loved one, you need to grieve their loss to be able to remember all the good times you have spent with them. A funeral or a memorial service is the traditional way to say farewell to someone you have lost. Recently, people started celebrating the life of the deceased in various ways after cremating their remains. You may never see your lost loved ones again, but you can keep them close to you or do something creative with their ashes to remember the good times with them forever. If you want to keep your loved one’s memory alive, here are 6 ways you can do that.

Turn Them Into a Jewelry (or Even Better a Diamond)

You can carry the ashes of your loved ones wherever you go by wearing keepsake jewelry for ashes. Memorial jewelry is a beautiful tradition that has been rediscovered recently which was a way to commemorate a lost loved one. There are many types of memorial jewelry such as pendants, charms, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, or rings. You can wear a pendant that symbolizes your relationship with your loved one while having some of their ashes inside the pendant. You can find this type of jewelry at jewelers, artisans, makers, and some specialist companies. If you want to take it up a notch, you can turn the ashes of your loved ones into a diamond, after all, we are made of carbon. The process may take from 8 to 10 months, but it is worth the wait. There are various specialist companies that will take the ashes and turn them into a diamond, and you can also choose the cut, color, and size of the diamond.

Ink Them Into a Tattoo

It is not uncommon for people to get a tattoo in the memory of someone who has passed away. However, some tattoo studios nowadays offer a better idea which is to mix some of the ashes with the tattoo ink. Getting a tattoo made of ink and a portion of the cremation ashes will make it more special. You will keep them with you at all times tattooed on your skin with a design that will further show your love to them. The tattoo will take only a small portion of the ashes so you can keep the rest in an urn or scatter them somewhere you used to hang out together.

Put Them Into a Customized Urn

Cremation urns became the new traditional way to keep the ashes of a loved one. However, there are customizable urns that will make them more personalized aside from looking good above your fireplace. If you are on a budget, you can order a wooden urn with engraved text or pictures commemorating the memory of someone who passed away. You can get themed urns and engrave any text on them, but if you want to keep just a small portion of the ashes in an urn, the designers at greenmeadowmemorials.com suggest that you get a keepsake urn that is small and stylish to keep a portion of the ashes while tattooing the other portion or scattering them in the sea. Losing a loved one doesn’t mean humans only, as losing your pet has the same devastating effect. There are urns for pets whether it was a small or a big pet with engravings to dedicate for your loved pet.

Let Them Light Up The Night

sky lanterns memorial

Did your loved one live their life to the fullest? Then, make them go out with a bang. There are some companies that will incorporate ashes into fireworks. These memorial fireworks can make a stunning display lighting up the night while celebrating the life of your loved ones. You can gather your family or friends and have one last party with someone who passed away and fire them up in the sky to say goodbye to them in a stylish way.

Turn Them Into a Piece of Art

We all have pictures of lost loved ones hanging on the wall to remember them. If you are looking for a new idea to honor the memory of someone you lost, you can create pieces of art using their ashes. Many companies offer to draw a portrait of your loved ones using some of their remains to create it. They will work with you to create the perfect portrait you want, choosing the style whether it is abstract, hyper-realism, or any other style to capture the essence of that person. Other companies offer picture frames with a compartment to hold the ashes of your loved ones, so you can choose your most cherished picture of them and put it in that frame. If you have an open budget, you can order a statue that has the ashes of a lost loved one.

Make Them Become One With Nature

Some people love nature, and they always go out in the woods or by the ocean to enjoy it. If someone you lost loved nature, it is the perfect way to honor their memory by returning their ashes to nature. If they love the ocean, you can scatter their remains there, but be mindful if there are other people around or if it is windy. Some companies offer biodegradable urns that will help you plant a tree that comes out of the ashes. Another great idea is to incorporate their ashes with artificial reefs which some companies can help you with.

Losing someone we love is a tough experience, but we can celebrate the life of the deceased in various ways. Honoring their memory will also help us ease the pain of their loss and remember the precious moments we shared with them. You can do one or a few of these ideas to memorialize a loved one. You must keep in mind what they loved to do in their lives and dedicate the memorial to these things. You can keep some of the ashes with you whether in an urn, a piece of jewelry, a piece of art, or a tattoo. However, if you want to set them free, you can return them back to nature or make them go out with a bang.


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