5 Tips to Style Your Kitchen for Modern and Homey Look

Style Your Kitchen

Kitchen is one of the crucial things that will be the center of your house.

If you are newly wed couple that still confused about how to design your kitchen or you just want to make new ambience with redecorating your room, you must know the list of items that you want to put in your kitchen such as linen tablecloths sets, various kitchen set, beautiful canvases that will sweeten your kitchen situation.

Here’s the tips for you to style your kitchen.

Choose The Color Scheme

If you want to redesign your kitchen, it is better for you to choose the color scheme or pattern that you want to use for your kitchen.

You can choose your favorite color and then try to seek the suitable color combination. It is important to choose the neutral color which will make many options for color combination.

If you choose the color that is too neon or too bright, you will lack the option for color combination. Hence you must choose the right color scheme to make the ambience comfortable all around the kitchen.

Natural Light

In order to make the dream kitchen happen, it is useful to make sure the room that you want to use as a kitchen has a good amount of light that will support the activities in the kitchen.

Natural light can be obtained from natural sun rays exposure. At night, we can get the light from the lamp. Make sure the light of the lamp is enough to enlighten the overall room.

You can choose the LED lamp that has white light, so the color combination of the kitchen will be more accentuated. All and all, there are many ways to brighten up your kitchen – learn how!

Don’t forget to add the curtain to make it easier to self adjust the light of your kitchen. You can choose the material that is made from linen because it is stylish, easy to wash, and also durable from time to time, so you will decrease the spending budget.

Choose The Mix And Match Item

Mixing and matching items is important for the kitchen. It is better for you to mix and match the item that may be suitable in the kitchen.

You can add an island of the kitchen and then try to add the accent of the marble to sweeten the room. You can add the portable chair that will make the situation in the kitchen more like in the bar, you can add 2-3 chairs to not over-complicate the room.

Don’t forget to choose the suitable color with your kitchen’s color scheme. For example, if your kitchen has white as the primary color, you can choose the cream or wood color for your supporting item in the kitchen.

Choose The  Simple And Supporting Item

Tips to Style Your Kitchen

You can choose the supporting item such as the stove, kitchen set, and kitchenware.

It is better to choose the electrical stove that will make your kitchen not only pleasant to be seen but also modern and easy to use.

Kitchen sets also can be the one factor that will support your kitchen to look good. Kitchenware also must be the priority because if you can arrange it properly and as simple as it can, it will make the kitchen look tidy.

The drawer can help you to put your kitchenette properly, so it will not be messy around the kitchen.

Make Sure It Is Fully Functional

Kitchen is one of the rooms in our house that we can use for cooking alone or together with other family members through cooking.

So, the important thing is that the kitchen must be fully functional with each component of the kitchen.

Make sure to choose the good quality material and also remember to buy your needs not only based on the appearance but consider the functional aspect.

You can choose the friendly material with modern technology but make sure you can operate them well in your own kitchen.


It is better to have a good looking kitchen because the kitchen is one of the rooms that we can use with all of our family members to gather or maybe just cook the everyday meal.

So, the kitchen must have a good color scheme, matching items from each component, but remember to choose the simple material and supporting items and make sure all of those items are fully functional.

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