A Guide for New Moms: How to Keep Your Baby Happy and Healthy

keep your baby happy and healthy

If you ask a new mom what the single most precious thing in the entire world is, a newborn baby would be their answer without even thinking.

There’s this exquisite charm in newborn babies that makes them superior and more pleasing than literally anything in the world.

To maintain their cuteness and preserve their delicacy, certain measures need to be taken by new moms.

This is why we have created a detailed guide for new moms to take better care of their babies and keep them both happy and healthy.

New Mom Isolation

As pregnant mothers start preparing towards becoming new moms, the responsibilities come pouring down.

Amidst these responsibilities, new moms tend to develop a feeling of isolation despite being around others all the time.

In order to be prepared and accepting of these changes, here are the major causes of isolation in new moms to look out for.

Disruption in Work Routine

If you are a working woman, after having a baby, you need to take time off work for a while to be a full-time mom for your newborn.

This could trigger disruption of your routine at work and disconnect you from your working social life.

Disconnect in Work Relationships

Even if you join work after some time off, the disconnect in your work friendships will be apparent.

You feel left out from the majority of conversations and feel isolated even when you’re around your workmates.

In order to nurture a happy and healthy baby, you need to be mentally and physically ready as well.

You should acclimate yourself to the new routine changes and lifestyle, and accept that becoming a mother means that you will have to adapt to your new status.

Keeping your child happy and healthy essentially starts with a happy and healthy mother as well. 

Here’s How You Can Keep Your Baby Happy And Healthy

Keeping your baby happy isn’t as tough a job as it looks like. The maintenance of certain expert tips can increase the efficiency of your efforts to improve the happiness and health of your baby.

Always Soothe Your Crying Baby

Soothing your crying baby is important. Yes, while many people suggest that the activity of your infant crying is good for its lungs’ health, excess excretion of tears is bad for the baby.

Moreover, crying is an indicator from an infant that something is wrong or bothering them.

Care for the Umbilical cord

After birth, a part of the baby’s umbilical cord stays connected to the body for up to three weeks.

During this period, you need to take care of the sensitive area and apply the medicated powders prescribed by the doctors to keep the area dry.

Ensure Your Baby Burps Correctly

Infant burps are essential for their metabolism. Since kids are unaware of the importance of their food settling down, it’s the caretaker’s responsibility.

This is why it is essential to keep a check on your infant’s burps after every feed to avoid any unnecessary spits or vomits.

Skin-to-Skin Contact is Essential for Babies

Infants crave skin-to-skin contact. It is recommended that the mothers should sleep with their infant close to their bare body to allow the child to feel the skin of its mom.

This provides a sense of relief to the little ones and instills a sense of security in them.

Swaddling Provides a Sense of Security To Babies

In the first few weeks, swaddling can be a really good soothing technique for first-time parents to learn.

According to https://www.littleones.co/blogs/our-blog/how-to-swaddle-a-baby, this will provide infants with a warm and secure feeling, since swaddling restricts the hand movements of the baby and allows some movement of the legs.

It also is a similar environment to a mother’s womb that calms babies down.

Newly born infants demand extra care when being handled. To master the tricky swaddling movement techniques that can calm a baby down, you can utilize the information available on many online forums and platforms to strengthen yourself with the required information.

This will be beneficial for your infant as the parents will now be able to swing and swaddle with efficiency.

Most Common Mistakes of New Parents

Since parenthood is a new experience, new parents are bound to make mistakes in caring for their infant.

With the increased number of responsibilities on their shoulders, new parents can be seen making the basic mistakes of neglecting personal health.

Here is a list of common mistakes that parents make while caring for their newborns and their newfound responsibilities.

Comparing Your Baby with Another

Comparing your baby with other babies is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Looking at your friend’s baby who is capable of walking in the first year, you feel that your baby is lacking in growth.

Instead of assuming your infant’s growth rate is slow, you need to focus on its day-to-day growth and accept the fact that every child has an individual timeline to achieve the little milestones.

Ignoring Breastfeeding Issues

Breastfeeding is a basic necessity for infants in the first year. However, two-thirds of new moms fail to continue breastfeeding for the originally intended timeline.

This happens due to the occurrence of breastfeeding issues. If you’re having any breastfeeding issues, you shouldn’t neglect them and consult a doctor instead of finding breastfeeding alternatives.

Neglecting Self-Care

New moms tend to put self-care at the end of their to-do lists. This helps moms to take care of everything first and then tend to their own needs.

While this helps them complete their tasks with ease, it is depreciating to their health as they deserve and require personal care just as much as others do, if not more.

Panicking Over Every Little Thing

panicking every little thing

Since caring for newly born babies brings many new responsibilities, panicking is a real possibility for new parents.

Panicking about every little thing and worrying about the wrong things can let parents waste an unnecessary amount of time. Instead of enjoying the infant’s first year of life, new parents often tend to worry about little things.

Caring for a baby can be considered one of the most beautiful jobs in the world. However, raising a human being requires both discipline and consistency in your efforts.

For this reason, new moms are taught to be on their tiptoes and observe their actions to ensure they are not making any mistakes in the process.

Mistakes are bound to happen, they can only be minimized to a certain degree.

However, by acknowledging the best practices of taking care of your infant, you can effectively minimize the frequency of any mishaps.

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