6 Tips That Will Improve Your Home Theater Experience

home theatre experience

Nothing brings a family together like a great movie, play-off game, or binge-watching favorite TV shows in a home theater.

Suddenly a rainy Friday night is everyone’s favorite and your house is the coolest.

A home theatre is a happiness investment. The experience is a visceral one.

Screens that pull us into the fantasy world of the film and surround us with a sensory overload of audio sound placing us firmly in the center of the action.

Whether your entertainment room is big or small, all you need is the right setup for it.

Here is a guide to ensure that you set up your home theater in a way that will enable you to get the best experience.

Proper Positioning and Setting Projectors

Projectors are better than TVs. They are portable, cheaper, and are fitted with lens shifts to adjust the size of an image without moving the projector.

The best projector models have good picture quality, top-notch contrast ratio, high brightness, excellent color, and make your HD sources look good.

Typically projectors are installed in the ceiling at the rear of the room. It is important to perfect your projector placement because they need a dark room to look their best.

If you are down for the experience then why not go all in? Take time to know how to set up your projector in a way that will enable you to get the best home theatre experience.

Invest in Good Quality Display Devices

A beautiful picture is a key to a great home theater. We can’t say it enough, the bigger the better.

Display devices are versatile: they range from huge projector screens to TV sets. Typically the screens remain stationary or can be made to hide away.

Projector screens vary in size and are the perfect fit for home theatres, be it a big or small room.

Projectors and projector screens are the best portable set for when you want to take your movie night outdoors.

The screens have a one sixty-degree viewing angle, with excellent resolution, and show clear images.

The good news is the screens are picture perfect and you can get a big screen for a fraction of the price of a TV.

Select the Right Home Theater Speakers Combination

Home theater speakers’ best feature is the surround sound that firmly places us in the center of the action.

Immersing us deeply into the fantasy world. The system comprises loudspeakers and a subwoofer.

There are a dozen of speaker combinations that will create a true home theater sound.

Depending on the space available and the effort you wish to install you can purchase bookshelf speakers, in-wall and ceiling speakers, or floor standers.

Most home theater lovers are going in with two subwoofers for amplifying and clarifying low-frequency sounds, some so low we can’t hear with our ears but can feel them.


Lighting is the secret to setting up the mood of the room.

If you want your home theatre to be perfect, right down to the very last detail consider installing a lighting system that is chic and which compliments the surroundings.

Depending on your style, add a simple or cutting edge in design, ambient or upbeat lighting that will immediately transform the mood of the room.

With a range of illuminating options from coffered ceilings, to wholesale LED light strips, to stand-alone sconces that upon going dark immerse you into a cinematic world, it's impossible to run out of options.

Consider purchasing your products in bulk this will avail huge discounts on the price of the product and save the cost of many other small expenses you may encounter.

Sound Insulate the Walls

Sound Insulate the Walls

When a room is large and is minimally furnished, Space causes the sound to reverberate making small noises loud.

The easiest way to solve this is to either fill up the room or install sound absorbent material.

Installation of sound isolation systems efficiently minimizes excess noise in rooms of any size.

The cheapest way to soundproof a wall is by using drywall and other material to ensure that your wall is air-tight and forms a solid barrier for sound.

Most people prefer to use a combination of methods to improve soundproofing.

Consider adding an extra layer of acoustic panels which are sound absorbers to your drywall to completely contain the home theater noises.

Invest in Comfortable Seats

Let’s face it, one of the best ways to unwind a long day is a great movie escape. So much of the movie experience is now incorporated into the seating itself that it will blow your mind.

How about customized chairs with a  dim-lit blue ambient glow from the cup holders, monitored headrest, USB charging, hidden storage,and phone holders.

Customized recliner seats are not just exception, they are the perfect value for money investments.

Including cuddle seats with ancient throw pillows are a perfect fit for children and pets. They make you feel like you are seating on a cloud of comfort.

Accentuate the room and bring a fun a casual look to it.


A private home theatre experience can be a long-awaited prize-earned luxury. But, having a home theater is not enough.

It’s the thought put into setting everything perfectly and efficiently to ensure that you get an innate experience. Good luck enjoying every bit of your hard-earned set-up home theater.

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