How to Get Your Kids to Clean Their Rooms in 2020

Have you ever stepped on a lego? If yes, then you know how important it is to teach your kids to clean their mess as soon as possible. But getting your children to clean their rooms can be quite the challenge. Kids love to leave a mess behind and hardly ever want to clean it up, so you end up stressed because you end up picking up after your kids.

Get your kids to clean their rooms lego mess boys bedroom

Here are seven tips that will help you motivate your children into taking responsibility for their own mess:

1. Start from a young age 

Good habits take time to develop. So the earlier you start, the easier it will be. Many studies show that giving your children chores from a young age can help them become more successful when they grow up.

Make sure you pick age-appropriate chores. It would be great if your three-year-old could get a few chores off your list but let's be real. Start with small tasks such as picking up their toys. As they get older, you can give them a bit more complex tasks such as dusting, vacuuming, or doing the dishes. Just remember, you need to be patient.

2. Explain why they should help out

From time-to-time, you need to talk to your kids about how essential it is to contribute to the household. Talk about different ways they can help out. Start planning your weekly chores together. Since kids like to copy their parents, you'll start hearing your kids saying, “It's time to put the toys back!”.

3. Work together

Do not assume that your kids know how to do this. If you want your kids to wash the windows or dust the furniture, show them how it's done. In the beginning, do chores together. Being the supervisor doesn't work anywhere near as well as active participation.

As they improve their cleaning and organizing skills and no longer need a step-by-step guide, you can slowly set them on autopilot.

4. Establish some ground rules 

When you ask your kids to do something they don't want to do, they will say, “No.” Instead of asking again, clarify that it wasn't a question and that it needs to be done.

If your child doesn't put their clothes into the laundry basket, let it be known that they won't get washed.

When they are finished playing with something, tell them it's important to put it away before they can move on to something else. If they forget, remind them once. If they still forget, you can lock up that toy for a few days. You can even threaten that you'll give their toys away. Most important – make sure you always follow through!

5. Transform cleaning into a game

You probably don't think cleaning is fun and neither will your kids. But it doesn't take much to make cleaning fun for kids.

Most children are much more willing to play a game of “Who can pick up their toys faster?” instead of saying, “Pick up your toys now!” If you only have one kid – make the stopwatch their competition. “Let me see how many toys you can pick up until I count to 10.”

You can also turn cleaning into a slam dunk contest. Set a bucket in the room and find out if you have a potential NBA star in your family.

Create a sorting game. Tell your kids to pick up every red toy. That way, they can learn colors while they’re young and still help out.

Put their favorite song on and turn cleaning into a dance-off.

6. Reward them

You may not want to bribe your kids into cleaning, but an award based system works. You don't need to offer them money, though.

If you've got some fun activity planned, have everyone pitch in to do their share of cleaning. The price is the fun they will get to have later.

Treat your kids to ice cream or a snack after you finish cleaning for the day. Celebrate a job well done together.

When your kids learn to read, make a step-by-step checklist of what they need to do. As they finish a task, let them check off a box. You can even use a star rating system.

7. Make a tasks chart

Create a chart for your cleaning tasks every week. A good to-do list will make things easier. Just keep things simple and don’t overwhelm yourself. By planning ahead, you will have fewer things to worry about, and you'll teach your kids responsibility. Checking things off the list will make your kids feel more accomplished.

Try some of these tips out and see what works for you best! Soon enough, you will enjoy a clean home without crying, screaming and constant reminding. Of course, it’ll take some time but as they say, good habits are key to all success!