How Long Will Your Iron Fence Last?

How long will your iron fence last hdr

Wrought iron is one of the greatest materials for making gates, fences, and other security elements that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Wrought iron is not only sturdy, long-lasting, and low-maintenance, but it is also highly adaptable and can fit into any house or commercial design style without compromising any of its security or utility.

Simply described, iron is iron that has been handled with tools by machine or by hand. Wrought iron is pliable and can be handled and reworked to the required shape due to the way it is created.

Unlike cast iron, which is robust but fragile, the end product is strong and durable.

There are various elements to consider when forecasting the lifetime of wrought iron fence like these, but overall, it's one of the finest options for materials if searching for a mix of sturdiness and lifespan.

How long should an iron fence last?

There's a rationale why iron can be seen in so many old cities: it lasts. Wrought iron has traditionally been used both decoratively and functionally.

The Bowling Green Fence is just one of many pieces of evidence of wrought iron's durability. This ancient ironwork fence was built in 1771 and is still the oldest fencing in New York City.

While there are no promises that a typical wrought iron fence would survive millennia, a well-maintained wrought iron fence may last a lifetime.

Even the toughest wood fencing, such as cedar, will begin to exhibit indications of deterioration, such as rotting and splitting boards, as early as fifteen years of construction.

Less durable timbers may only last 5 years until requiring extensive upkeep. Vinyl fence lasts longer than wood fencing but is more suited for privacy than security and protection.

What Factors Can affect the Lifespan of a Wrought Iron Fence?

A wrought iron fence's longevity is influenced by a number of elements. A wrought iron fence may rust and age more quickly in an area with high moisture and rains.

Plants that grow on or around a fence post can also shorten their lifespan. While it may be appealing to grow crawling vines up and down the fence line for further seclusion, growing bushes at a modest distance away from the fence may be a preferable option.

In this manner, you can add some more seclusion and foliage to your fencing without exposing it to extra dirt, trash, or moisture, which might shorten its longevity.

An iron fence's coating can also affect its lifetime. While a painted wrought iron fence may be cleaned and mended, a powder coating will last far longer and require far less upkeep.

Powder coating, how long does it last?

Power coating your iron fence

Powder painting an iron fence may drastically reduce the amount of upkeep required. If you already have the option to choose between the two, there are evident benefits right away.

Dust coatings are baked on for a uniform finish without the risk of drips or pooling, unlike paints, which can have patches of buildup or leaking when originally applied.

Powder coating does not crack or damage as paint does over time. Powder also protects wrought iron better than paint against the aforementioned meteorological factors.

Powder coating may last up to 20 years and can be done in almost any hue and in a number of textures, ranging from smooth to wrinkled. The powder does not need the purchase of a new fence. Powder coating may also be used to refurbish an old wrought-iron fence, giving it new vitality and durability.

Installation of iron fence

If you're installing new fencing on your land for the first time, the greatest thing you can do is get the supplies and install them correctly the first time.

With the assistance of fence specialists, you may choose the design, coat, and placement that best suits your needs.

Having a firm understanding of the fence's primary purposes from the start can save you time and money in the long run.

For example, if you don't have a pool now but would like to install one in the next several years, the type and position of installation will be significant factors to consider.

Whatever your need is, True Built Fencing can supply you with a unique fence that meets your protection, utility, and design needs.

You may also pick from a range of pre-made fence designs. For a quick and easy turn-around, all bespoke fences are produced in-house.

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