How to Make Your Golf Practice Sessions More Productive

golf ball teed up on golf course

Practice makes perfect. But undertaking practice without a definite aim will be a waste of effort. Golf as a game is a big leveler.

A large number of jokes center around golf, and that itself should make you realize that it isn’t easy to go around a course swinging your clubs and getting a good card.

More than that, you need to understand the basics, apply yourself with dedication, be able to replicate shots innumerable times and be able to strategize.

Mastering a sport like golf takes years of practice, dedication, and conditioning and no matter how good you get, there is always scope for improvement.

The best way to get to the score you desire is to practice, however, getting perfect shots at practice is no surety for perfection during a game. Hence the need for properly directed practice so as to ensure that you can duplicate your efforts during a game.

Here are a few tips to make your practice sessions more productive.


Golf may not be as physically demanding as other sports like football or tennis, but a warm-up session prior to practice or a game is important. When it comes to golf, warming up mainly consists of stretching exercises.

These exercises help you condition the various muscle groups that are engaged when you execute your swing.

Conditioning these muscles is essential, not just for avoiding injuries but also for improving your stance and balance during your swing. Your warming up session must always end with a few practice swings to get you into the rhythm.

Practice the Basics

A golf swing is one of the most complex biomechanical motions in sports. While short distance shots are relatively easier, the importance of a well-balanced swing is evident while hitting long shots that require an ample amount of power.

As players progress in their game, the golf swing becomes second nature to them. If however, there are fundamental flaws in their technique, which are generally hard to spot, it can hinder their progress.

It is important to focus on your swinging technique during your practice session even if you have been playing for some time.

During your practice sessions, make sure that you dedicate ample time to practicing your swing with different clubs and for different distances, including wedging, putting, and chipping.

Since shots like chipping and wedging generally employ a half swing, it is important to incorporate them into your swinging practice. Being consistent is the key.

Focus on the Short Game

During their practice sessions, a large number of golfers have a tendency to hit the driving range and practice long-range shots and tee-offs.

They often overlook their short-range game and do not focus enough on putting, chipping, and pitching. Getting comfortable and consistent in such shots can significantly reduce your handicap and help you get out of difficult situations.

You should practice shots from different positions and surfaces rather than practicing different shots from the same location. No matter how good you are at driving and teeing off, you will more often than not end up outside the greens.

This is where the hours you put into practicing chipping pays off. Honing your short-range game is key to claiming that elusive birdie.

Get a Second Opinion

It is difficult to identify faults in your swing, your putting, and other techniques, and getting a second opinion can be beneficial.

Ask your friends or more skilled players to see you swing or your approach to making a putt and ask them for their feedback. You can also record yourself while taking a shot.

This can help you identify your mistakes. To get even more detailed feedback on your technique, you can also invest in a golf launch monitor. There are various such devices available at different price points and investing in one of these choices can help you gain important insights into your game. Based on the feedback and data from these devices you can adapt and refine your techniques.

Recreate Scenarios and Strategize

You may be able to hit perfect shots during your practice sessions, but these may not necessarily translate into a good score during an actual game. During a game, you will need to use different clubs as per the situation. This could be based on the distance, the height of the shot, or the kind of surface you hit from.

You may have to clear a tree or exit a sandpit. You should know which type of club should be employed when. The choice of the club is influenced not just by its design, but also by your level of comfort in using it.

You may even have to use techniques like fade and draw or take advantage of a tailwind or compensate for a lateral gust. Following the correct strategy is important and a strategy that suits someone else, may not be the ideal one for you.

During your practice sessions, you should recreate scenarios from your previous rounds of golf and practice shots accordingly.

You can also imagine a particular hole from your regular course, especially those where you often miss out on pars.

Pondering on where you went wrong and practicing techniques and plays that can help you improve your score in that particular situation, can help you improve your game. You can also include rounds on the course in your practice sessions.

Plan a Well Rounded Practice Routine

professional golfer putting ball

To get the best of your golf practice sessions, you should develop a well-rounded practice routine. Needless to say, you should also stick to it.

Following a practice plan that includes all the elements ensures that you practice all the needed skills and not just those that you enjoy the most. Which are often those that you are good at.

Golf as a game is heavily dependent on technique and finesse, and developing these requires time, practice, and patience.

Getting a professional trainer or having a more experienced player mentor you can work wonders. It is important not to overthink.

Overthinking your strategy and your technique can do more harm than good. Make sure to properly plan out your practice sessions and keep these tips in mind, and you will be able to notice improvements in your game.

Most importantly, keep at it and enjoy the journey.

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