What Determines the Cost of Glass Block Windows

What Determines the Cost of Glass Block Windows hdr

Glass blocks are gradually replacing the old wooden windows with single glass.

This is due to the fact that plastic windows have a high degree of thermal and noise insulation.

And it looks more aesthetically beautiful than the wooden frame.

Glass blocks can be of different types, and their cost depends on a variety of factors. Learn more about this in our material.


A glass block is a construction that contains several panes of glass separated by a chamber.

Its free space is filled with air or other inert gas. Glasses have a tight contact between them through a distance perforated frame made of aluminum.

The windows are additionally treated with sealant.

The glass block contains ordinary glass and products with additional energy-saving properties, noise absorption function and protection against serious mechanical damage.

The glass block is a large part of the window, so you need to consider several factors when choosing it in Homequote.


Glass Block Windows cost

The first criterion that determines the type of glass block is the design features. According to this criterion, glass blocks can be:

  • single-chamber;
  • double-chamber.

A single-chamber glass block is also called a double glass block.

It consists of two glass panes with a thickness of 4 mm, which represent a hermetic system together.

They are separated from each other by a chamber with a thickness of 6 to 12 mm.

The price of a single-chamber package is less, and it is recommended to put it in places where there are no problems with the heat supply.

Two-chamber or triple glass block is a sealed system consisting of three panes of glass, but separated by two chambers.

It weighs more and costs more, but it does not let out heat and insulates people from outside sounds.

One of the chambers is filled with inert gases to increase thermal characteristics.

According to the additional characteristics, it is worth noting the following glass blocks:

  1. Energy-saving. Such products have a special glass that allows them to reflect the heat waves of heating devices, reducing the loss of thermal energy in the room, thereby helping to save on heating costs.
  2. With multifunctional glass. This option can not only heat the room in winter, but also prevent the penetration of excessive heat in the hot season.
  3. Glass with a special treatment reflects the heat of the sun's rays, but its light still passes into the room.
  4. With additional insulation against noise. These products are equipped with glass panes of various thicknesses, between which there is a different distance.
  5. These plastic glasses should be installed if the house is located in a busy area.
  6. With anti-shock glass. Tempered glass, triplex glass or a protective film is embedded in such an object.
  7. It makes sense to equip an apartment on the first floor with such windows, because it is the apartment on the lower levels of multi-story buildings that are subject to intrusion by burglars.

After that, you should consider the factors that affect the cost of the glass unit itself.

What affects the price of the insulating glass unit

In most cases, several factors can affect the price tag of an insulating glass unit.

It depends on the different features of the product that you need to consider when buying plastic windows. So, the price depends on:

  1. The design of the plastic from which the insulating glass unit is made.
  2. It is worth paying attention to the number of chambers, the thickness of the profile system, the number of sealing rubbers.
  3. This all affects the manufacturing process, and the cost in the end.
  4. Design. Insulating glass units can be with smooth lines or rounded edges.
  5. In addition, it is also worth paying attention to non-standard colors of glass units.
  6. Number of sashes. If there are more blind sashes, the window will cost less.
  7. Fittings. The higher is the quality of the opening and closing mechanism, the more expensive is the glass unit.
  8. The leading manufacturers usually do not economize on such components.
  9. Unusualness of design. Instead of the usual square shape, people sometimes order an arched one.
  10. This option will cost more, but will allow it to stand out from the crowd.
  11. The cost of installation. It depends on the individual features of the apartment.
  12. In other words, it may require more raw materials, more effort.

An additional factor that also affects the price tag is the installation of the slopes. However, not every client agrees to this.

Of course, you can do them on your own – buy materials in a store or just plaster them, but it is better to trust professionals who have tremendous experience.

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