How to Fix Common Problems with Your Roof

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Your roof is one part of your house that gets the most battered and beaten, mostly because of the weather and other elements.

From the scorching glare of the sun to the bitter embrace of winter, your roof must stay strong to protect you and your family living underneath it.

However, there will be times when it will be too much. And during those times is when your roof starts to have problems.

The Tellings On How To Know Your Roof Has Problems

The roof is a vital part of a home. It is what keeps you and your family safe from the weather.

Your roof is what stands between you and what Mother Nature decides to throw in your direction, which is why it's important to have proper roofing in place.

You will need to look out for the tellings and signs to know when your roof is failing or needed repairing. Once you see them, take action immediately as leaving it might cause you a bigger problem in the future.

You may want to look into the age of the roof. If your roof exceeds 25 years, then there's a good chance it will fail soon. Another tell is stains on your walls and ceilings.

That could be due to below quality metal flashing, bad flashing installation, or ice damming.

Also, see if there is a problem with the roof shingles. Either if it's decaying, discolored, missing, buckling, or cracked. Lastly, if there is daylight that goes through your roof.

Those are just some things to keep an eye out for. In the chance that your roof might not be safe anymore, you might want to call up roofing services.

You may be one of those whose roof is made of mastic asphalt, materials that are also found in steps and balconies. Looking for a company that offers a specific service might be hard, but surprisingly, it wouldn't be!

Depending on where you live, you can contract some of the best roofing services, including mastic asphalt! According to the folks at RJ Evans Roofing, it is the oldest and most tested kind of waterproofing material for roofs. These flat roofs pretty much made up London's aerial view, making it almost a necessity service for roofing companies countrywide.

If your roof isn't mastic asphalt, then you can always check with the roofing service of your choice to see if they offer the kind of service you need.

Problems Homeowners Have With Their Roofs And Ways To Solve Them

There are a lot of roof problems you can encounter.

  • Leaks

Leaks are probably the most common roof problem any homeowner could encounter. It can occur on any roofing material.

Better fix these leaks as soon as you notice them as they could result from rotting and molding forming inside your house.

You can temporarily fix this by placing a sheet of metal flashing underneath the shingle that causes the leaks.

If curled shingles are the issue, you may re-secure them by applying asphalt roofing cement under them.

In replacing damaged or missing shingles, raise the corners of the overlapping shingles and secure the replacement with roofing nails.

  • Holes

Multiple things can land on your roof that can cause holes and punctures. It could be wildlife, fallen tree limb, hail, or other reasons. What may be the cause, you will have to find a way to repair it.

You will have to prepare the necessary materials like a ladder, pry bar, etc. Pull out the damaged shingles with the pry bar.

Fit in the patch and adjust the size if deemed necessary. Press the liquid nails into place and nail the patch, then spread some roof tar on the seams of the patch.

  • Pooled Water

You can find out that your roof is damaged by pooled water if there are clogged drains, water stains, sagging gutters, and warped wood beams.

You can fix this by unclogging the drain, gutter, and other draining channels. If the pooled water is in a certain spot, you may want to fix that low area.

If a single depression area is in your roof, then it means that the roof isn't built with the correct pitch.

  • Cracks

Roof cracks are hard to pinpoint and see. Some signs include water leaks, mold, and draft issues. Once spotting the problem, you can do the repairs yourself.

Apply and spread roofing mastic between the cracks. Put reinforcement webbing on the wet mastic and press.

Smooth the webbing then apply mastic over it. Make sure to cover the webbing completely.

  • Maintenance Issues

Lack of proper maintenance can also become a problem, so it is vital to maintain it properly. You can do so by conducting a general inspection, unclogging gutters, insulate and ventilate, caulking the flashings, preventing ice dams, monitoring moss, and trimming branches.

Make it a habit to do roof maintenance at least once a month.

Factors To Consider Before Replacing Your Roof

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How do you know whether you should replace or repair or your roof? You may want to sit down and ponder this question as replacing an entire roof is a huge step!

To help you, here are things you may consider.

  • Age

Check the age of your roof then compare that to the expected service life. If your roof is nearing the end of its service life, repairing might be a waste of time as it will be bound to a full replacement anyway.

  • Cost

It might be ideal to compute the entire cost of service and materials before going through the replacement. You don't want to fall short in the midst of it after all.

  • Long-Term Plans

Ask yourself if you are going to live in that house for several more years to come. It might be a bit pointless, not to mention costly, to replace the roof if you plan to move out in five years or so.

Your roof is what keeps you safe. Return that favor by maintaining and taking care of it. In the first signs of roof problems, jump to action straight away to avoid it from further escalating.

You can do the repairs yourself or ask for help from professionals to do it.

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