Detoxify Halloween Candy


Every October the opportunity arises to eat far too much sugar, fat, and preservatives in the form of Halloween candy.

And it can't all be blamed on the children. Many adults enjoy a little bingeing on their favorite treat at this time of year, too.

While the occasional overindulgence isn't likely to cause any long-lasting problems, too much of the sugary treats can bring about an upset stomach along with attendant symptoms, such as occasional bloating or digestive discomfort.

Fortunately, there are remedies available to ease the discomfort often associated with eating too much junk food.

How Do You Get Rid Of A Stomach Ache From Eating Too Much Candy?

There are healthful, natural ways to ease a stomach ache. Any of the following remedies are appropriate for both adults and children.

• Drink plenty of water. This helps to flush your system and speed things along the digestive track.
• Drink herbal tea. Good ones for stomach ache include chamomile, lemon, ginger, and licorice root.
• Eat a piece or two of fresh fruit. Apples and bananas in particular are good for digestive health.
• Have a cup of yogurt. Yogurt can help restore intestinal flora.
• Dissolve a small amount of baking soda in warm water and drink it. The taste is a little strange, but it can calm the stomach.

If the problem really lingers, you may want to try a full body cleanse. Done properly, it helps your body get rid of toxic substances and restore its natural equilibrium.

There are many types of body cleanses, and you should do your research to find the one right for you. Most of them involve drinking lots of water or herbal teas and focus on eating clean foods that promote a healthy gut.

Polisorb is another option for easing an upset stomach. This natural mineral is a digestive tract cleanser that removes viruses, harmful bacteria, and other toxins. It can be safely used by both adults and children, so bid those Halloween candy blues adieu!

Why Does Too Much Candy Make Your Stomach Hurt?

There are many reasons candy causes an upset stomach. There may be food sensitivity or allergies involved. If someone eats a lot of chocolate and gets a stomach ache, it could be they are lactose intolerant.

One of the most common reasons is simply gas. Candy has a high sugar content, and sugar is made of glucose molecules.

If your upper intestine doesn't fully digest all the glucose, it travels to the lower intestine and ferments there. This releases CO2, causing pressure and cramping in your lower abdomen.

One way to deal with this gas is to drink more water and eat less sugar. Polisorb ingredients are also a good solution for gas caused by too much sugar.

Made of silicon dioxide, it travels through your digestive tract like a magnet, adhering to the harmful substances it finds there and ultimately escorting them out of your body.

With a little common sense and help from natural sources, you can find relief.

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