Designing a Room with High Ceilings

Designing a Room with High Ceilings hdr

The task of furnishing a room with high ceilings may seem difficult, but in fact such a design provides many opportunities to create a unique interior.

To successfully furnish such a room, stick to the following tips.

Vertical accents

Use vertical decor elements to visually balance the space.

Tall shelves, cabinets or picture panels growing from the floor to the ceiling will help fill the vertical space and make the room more cozy.

In addition, vertical stripes on the walls or wallpaper will also create a sense of more harmonious proportions.

Light fittings and chandeliers

Use large, statement lighting that is eye-catching. The goal is to draw the eye upward and create a focal point.

This not only adds interest but also provides functional lighting.

One of the best ways to emphasize the height of the ceilings is to use hanging lights or chandeliers or pendant lights.

They not only provide the necessary lighting, but also become the centerpiece of the interior.

Choose models with an interesting design to draw attention to the top of the room.

Vertical windows

If you have the option, add vertical windows or large window openings. Not only do they let in more natural light, but they also visually extend the walls upwards.

Choose curtains or blinds that can be adjusted to maintain comfortable light and privacy.

Tall Furniture

Choose tall furniture pieces like bookshelves, armoires, or tall headboards for beds.

These can help fill vertical space and make the room feel cozier.

Vertical Artwork

Hang vertical artwork or tall mirrors to break up the expanse of wall space.

Grouping multiple pieces in a vertical arrangement can also create a visually appealing look.

Wallpaper and trim

Use wallpaper or trim with interesting geometric or vertical patterns.

This will help to visually ‘bring the ceiling closer' and make the room feel cozier.

Vertical green walls

Plants always add coziness to the interior. Place plants on shelves that grow upwards, or create a vertical garden on one of the walls.

This will help “soften” high ceilings and add a natural touch to the design.

Molding and Wainscoting

Adding decorative molding or wainscoting to the lower portion of the walls can help balance the height of the room and add architectural interest.


Consider using a darker or bolder color on the ceiling to visually lower it.

This can create a cozier atmosphere. Alternatively, paint the walls with a contrasting color to emphasize the height.

Tall Plants

Tall plants in a high ceiling house

Large indoor plants or tall trees can fill vertical space and bring a touch of nature into the room.

They also add a sense of life and vibrancy.

Mezzanine or Loft

If your high-ceilinged room allows, consider adding a mezzanine or loft space.

This can serve as a cozy reading nook, office, or additional seating area.

Wall Decals or Murals

Consider using large wall decals or murals to cover a significant portion of the wall.

These can add personality and character to the space.

Layered Décor

Use rugs, cushions, and textiles to create layers and zones within the room.

This can help break up the space and make it feel more intimate.

Gallery Wall

Create a gallery wall with a collection of artwork, photographs, or decorative items.

The variety and arrangement can add interest to the vertical space.

Use Decorative Ladders

Decorative ladders can be both functional and decorative, providing a unique way to display blankets, textiles, or decorative items.

Custom Shelving

Invest in custom-built shelving or storage units that make the most of the vertical space while also serving a functional purpose.

Photo wallpaper

Photo wallpapers are an ideal solution for a room with high ceilings.

They allow you to create coziness and harmony, visually bringing the top and bottom of the room closer together.

High resolution photo printing embodies any design: from natural landscapes to abstract patterns.

Photo wallpapers can “reduce” the height, making the space more proportional.

The Uwalls online shop offers a wide range of styles and the ability to order wallpaper to customized dimensions.

Emphasize the uniqueness of the room and create an impressive interior with the help of photo wallpaper.

It is important to remember that when furnishing a room with high ceilings, the main goal is to create a harmonious space.

Experiment with different elements of decor, play with colors and textures to achieve the desired effect.

Keeping a balance between vertical and horizontal elements will help to create an interior where high ceilings become a source of inspiration.

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