6 Classic Games You Can Teach Your Children

old school games

Playing a game with your kid is one of many ways to bond with them and share a fun activity.

You are probably thinking of games you used to play when you were a child outside with your friends in the sun.

These games from back then are still enjoyable now and kids nowadays still find old school games interesting.

Whether you are doing this to teach your kid some new skills, want a pastime activity to cover your afternoons, or are looking for ways to spend more time with your kids, you’re going to find these games amusing.

Keep reading if you are looking for old school games to teach your children and play with them.

Red Rover

A classic game that never gets old. You gather two groups of the players and stand them in two lines across from one another about 20 to 30 feet apart.

Each team’s players have to hold hands to form an unbreakable line.

Then each team gets a turn and in their turn, they have to shout “ Red Rover, Red Rover, let (a player from other team’s name) come over”.

The player whose name was called from the other team then has to run toward the opposing team and try to break the line.

It’s so easy and simple to play, and will get the energy out of your little ones; just make sure no one gets hurt during the game.

It’s more of a group game though; meaning you will need more than three kids to play this game. It’s great for gym class and other occasions, like when you have guests with children over.

The game itself may sound aimless but for most kids, the fun is when they try to keep the line together against other players trying to break it, kids find fun in most games that involve running, pushing, and dodging so this game had to come first.

The Broken Telephone Game

In this game, players have to sit in a circle with a little distance between players, so that the other participants cannot hear when two players are whispering.

One player starts with a word or a phrase to whisper it into the ear of the player next to them.

Then that player has to whisper the same thing to the next person sitting next to them and it keeps going until the word or phrase reaches the end of the circle.

Usually what reaches the last player is completely different from what was whispered originally and this is what makes the game funny and enjoyable, it’s when that last player says the word out loud.

Teach this game to your kids and gather them to play it, especially if you have company, the game is even more fun when more people decide to join.

Word Scramble

This one is very old fashioned, but still enjoyable for all ages. This game will teach your children how to form meaningful sentences out of scrambled letters.

The letters to each word are scrambled and the player has to re-arrange them to form the words in a bigger phrase or sentence.

These games can be quite hard to solve, but even if you, as an adult, find it a little too challenging, you can use the anagram solver at UnscrambleX.com to get the right combinations of letters and win the game.

Many times you will find more talent in your kids than you think when they solve such puzzles and beat you at finding the correct phrases.

So make sure you keep their brains active by teaching them these kinds of games that require more thinking than moving.



This game has been around since people believed in the Greek gods. It is so old that most people know how to play it, but probably not your kids.

It also used to be called knucklebones because back then, children played it with sheep bones instead of jacks.

It’s played through throwing a bouncing ball and then collecting as many jacks as possible while the ball is still in the air, then doing the same thing again until all the Jacks have been collected.

Your children are bound to love this game, this is why you always see kids playing it in the street and school playgrounds.

Double Dutch

You will need a lot of coordination to play this game.

Most of the time, older kids are better at this than adults because it requires more physical engagement than other games.

At least three players need to take part to play, in which two players grab the ends of two jumping ropes and shuffle them for the third player. The third player has to jump both ropes or switch feet to keep up with the pace.


Marble games are more old school than you think.

Historically they were found in some Egyptian tombs.

You have a wide variety of entertaining games to play with your children if you have some glass marbles to spare.

Be careful if you have kids under the age of five playing with marbles, you only want to introduce these kinds of games to your children if they are at least five years old.

There are many ways you can play with these little glass balls, for example, you can play a game called Ringers.

To play this game, start by drawing a circle around a middle point marked X

. Draw the ring on the floor, then marbles should be placed around to encircle the X for the players to take turns and try to shoot their marbles at other marbles on the circle to throw them out.

You already know kids will find this fun, so go get some marbles and teach your older children how to shoot glass balls in aimed directions.

The next time you find your kids bored or complaining about not finding anything fun to do at home, you will be prepared with fun ideas for the whole family.

We all want our kids off their phones and a little more involved with the family at home, so playing indoor games with them that do not involve any technology is a great idea to spend more time with them.

Nothing says no to technology more than old school games that originated from times before phones were invented.

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